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Stuff to Do with Cityview Magazine

December 4, 2020

About the time the weekend rolls around it's time to lay aside the heavy news and focus on some hyper-local events in "Stuff to DO" with Cityview Magazine. With me is the managing editor, Jeff Pitts. Join us as we talk about Disney on Ice, drinking coffee, Brian Regan at the Funnybone, Mainframe Studios and the lovely and talented Kelsi Ziemann (name dropper!), The Holiday Market at the Iowa Events Center, football and Iowa State. What else? The streets of West Des Moines (he got me started....) Des Moines Performing Arts, Polk City and the American Legion, the ARL Tree of Life, the Bucs take on some third rate team out of Sioux Falls...(we hate 'em).  And so much more...have some fun already!