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Stuff to DO with Cityview Magazine

October 16, 2020

Each Friday I'm joined by Jeff Pitts who is the managing editor for Cityview Magazine and he has a list of Stuff to DO in the Greater Des Moines Metro. Do not expect much seriousness here...we end the business week on the lighter side and we often go off the rails. Today we're talking about

  • The Des Moines Art Center and Death;
  • Bingo and Food in Polk City;
  • Kids Stuff at the Fairgrounds;
  • Learn to Ice Skate;
  • The Botanical Gardens are open;
  • The Great Iowa Pet Expo...WOOF!!
  • The Haunted Barn in Ankeny;
  • Critters at Jester Park
  • Night Eyes at Blank Park Zoo

Those things and more just a click away.  Have some FUN deserve it.