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Stuff to DO with Cityview and Jeff Pitts 9 October 2020

October 9, 2020

By now you know what happens each Friday...some fun times with Jeff Pitts who is the managing editor for Cityview Magazine. Here we're talking about some cool stuff going down in the Metro this weekend into next week.  Stuff like:

  • Justin Jarrell at XKB Tonight!
  • Weekend Comedy at the Des Moines Playhouse;
  • What? A Victorian Funeral at Living History Farms;
  • Grandview has "Stripper";
  • Our friends at Sleepy Hollow gonna scare you;
  • Slaugherhouse ya know.
  • The DSM Public Library is OPEN!!
  • The Blank Park Zoo and Night Eyes...a bit different this year.

And, along the way we'll offer some commentary on stuff that may, or may not, have anything to do with what we're helping to promote.  It's what we do on Friday.

Thanks for listening!