Insight On Business the News Hour

Insight on Business with Michael Libbie 7 November 2013

November 7, 2013

This is Insight on Business the News Hour for Thursday, November 07, 2013.  My name is Michael Libbie and we broadcast live M-F at 5PM on 1350-KRNT, Des Moines.  But we know you can't always listen on our time so we've created this podcast page with our interview portions of the broadcast.  

In the first half hour we make welcome Amy Friedrich a vice president at The Principal to discuss the Principal Financial Well-Being Survey that took the economic pulse of 604 small to medium size business owners.  What do they have to say about the economy, their future expectations and hiring?  We’ll find out in an extended interview with Amy.  

Then, next half hour we’ll be visiting with Brian Buethe of the Grimes Chamber and Economic Development Office.  As communities in the Metro continue to expand we thought it might be a good time to reach out to Grimes and learn what’s going on in that growing community.  Brian Buethe, next half hour.  

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