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Insight on Business 29 October 2013

October 29, 2013

This is Insight on Business the News Hour with Michael Libbie heard Monday - Friday from 5PM to 6PM on 1350-KRNT, Des Moines. But, because we know you can't always listen on your time we offer you this podcast to catch the news-maker, business development interviews.

Today on the News Hour we visited about direct care givers with John Hale of the Hale Group.  Do you know that the largest working group in Iowa is direct care givers at over 73,000 and we still need about 20,000 more.  What must Iowa do to take this issue seriously?  That and more with John Hale.

Then we visit with Steve Wilkie-Shapiro of Renovate Des Moines who shares with us the economic and financial impact that rehabbing old homes and buildings has on the local economy.  Surprising information from Steve.

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