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Business News Headlines and More 30 October 2018

October 30, 2018

We open, once again, with the Wall Street Report. Why? Because it has been so crazy over the past several weeks and we'll shed some light on what might be coming tomorrow...from history that is.  In other news stories today:

  • The Costco "Black Friday Circular" was...ahem...leaked today and we'll share what's in it;
  • President Trump, in an interview, said he would end birthright status. The impact?
  • Business and Politics mingled today as a major corporation said "goodbye" to a congressman;
  • Jared Bernstein is the president of the Jewish Federation of Des Moines we asked him a couple of questions regarding antisemitism growth escalations in the nation and Des Moines.

Those stories and for The Interview we'll introduce you to Mom, Wife and now Candidate Heather Matson who is running for the Iowa House of Representatives District 38 made up of parts of Ankeny and northern Polk County, Iowa.  Heather Matson (Click for her website) for The Interview.

Thanks for listening!