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Business News Headlines 21 September 2018

September 21, 2018

The Business News Hour is in Lanesboro, MN this afternoon with some friends from Bike World...hey, it's sort of a vacation. But, we didn't forget about you.  Today in the business news:

  • The markets closed mixed today big issue...Canada;
  • The Feds have accused Walmart of discrimination to pregnant women;
  • The housing market took a hit today in the markets another sign;
  • Apple XS was out today and while the lines were not as long....
  • T-Mobile and Sprint are full of promises and cable TV is worried.

Those stories and the markets along with a conversation with Scott and Angie Taylor the owners of Pedal Pusher Cafe here in Lanesboro.

Then our friend Jeff Pitts joins us from Cityview with stuff to DO in the metro.  Stay with us...and click through.