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The Business News Headlines 1 April 2020

And...we started the second quarter of the year the same way as we ended the first quarter with the markets failing. It's Wednesday the 1st of April thanks for being here.  Today:

  • Day to day life is;
  • Hobby Lobby opening stores;
  • A toilet paper report;
  • Another day another Amazon walkout;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • Jobs are opening up but...

Those stories and our interview today is with Timm Mueller the Export Manager for Granit-Parts headquartered in Germany. If there is one sector of the economy that may be growing it is agriculture. We connected through for this conversation. A neat platform we've just discovered, thanks to Timm.  You can hear that conversation here. 

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The Business News Headlines 27 March 2020

Well, the rally lasted three days anyway.  It's the Friday Edition of the business news headlines for March 27. Just a click away you'll hear these stories:

  • Wall Street stalled today and why;
  • No Cheesecake for you;
  • Guns, let's talk...guns;
  • Ford pulls out all the stops;
  • GM gets in hot water with the president;
  • Grocery workers to go on strike Monday;
  • The Wall Street Report

Thanks for coming by and stay well, and safe!  BTW a programming note. Insight on Business the News Hour, Week in Review is moving to NOON CDT this Sunday on News/Talk 1540 KXEL. A full hour of the biggest business news stories of the week along with our interview segments. 

The Business News Headlines 24 March 2020

If there was any good business news today it came out of Wall Street as the markets shot up. Welcome to the business news headlines for Tuesday the 24th of March:

  • It was an historic one day rise on the Dow;
  • What will become of the U.S. Postal Service;
  • Ford says its plants will remain closed;
  • Boeing says no to the government having a equity share;
  • Denmark has a message for America;
  • The Wall Street Report
  • Back to work? The experts say no...the president?
  • Finally the "old folks need to sacrifice" story.

Those items and we've got Laura Kinnard with us today talking about remote work, technology, tips and productivity.  What will the other side of this look like?  She tells us.  To hear that...just click here. 

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The Business News Headlines 20 March 2020

From the business side this is a week to put in the rear-view mirror. Today here's what we've got for you for the Friday Edition:

  • It started out well but ended poorly;
  • Food and Food Workers - A sobering consideration;
  • Kraft Heinz working overtime;
  • Target boosts pay and benefits;
  • Peloton cancels deliveries;
  • Jobless numbers could be dreadful;
  • The Wall Street Report
  • GameStop...Essential?

Those stories plus a conversation about connecting with people and how important that is today...perhaps...more than ever. My guest is Ginger Johnson who is a professional connector. We'll talk about the importance of connecting, how to better connect with others and why all of that matters.  To hear that conversation click here.

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The Business News Headlines 17 March 2020

The markets rebounded today on the promise of putting more money into the hands of Americans. That story and several more are just a click away:

  • Stocks rallied and why;
  • 24 percent of businesses expect layoffs;
  • More retailers close their doors;
  • Wall Street Report;
  • The Restaurant Industry in a panic and why;
  • Phil K. James and what he's doing to save restaurant jobs.

Those stories and you'll meet Rikkia Lillard from R.C.L. Productions in our Small Business Spotlight. An artist, playwright and producer of great events this is exactly what you need to hear today...and every day. Enjoy.  To hear that conversation click here

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The Business News Headlines 16 March 2020

Today the Dow had its worst day in memory and it's just...Monday. Here are the business news stories we've gleaned for you today.  Let's go!

  • The Fed action on rates did nothing to calm the markets and why;
  • Toilet Paper, Water, Guns and Ammo: "We've got to be ready.";
  • New directives from the White House on crowds;
  • Lenders and re-finance troubles;
  • Oil and Gold take a beating;
  • Airlines seek billions in assistance;
  • Restaurant workers are on their own;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • The NFL deal is in.

Those stories plus Laura Kinnard from Drake, DMACC and The Runway Innovation Studio is in to chat about cancelled business events and more.  To hear that click here. 

The Business News Headlines 3 March 2020

If you thought that the Fed dropping interest rates might heal the markets...guess again. Here are the business news headlines from today:

  • The Fed didn't stop the bleeding on Wall Street;
  • A mall in Texas closed...think coronavirus;
  • Twitter says "Work from home";
  • Target sees "aggressive shopping";
  • The Wall Street Report
  • Remember the CEO who raised the minimum wage to $70,000 a year.  Did he go..broke?

Those stories plus: For over three decades the Des Moines Civil and Human Rights Commission has presented a symposium intended to both hear and educate the general public about issues that face us all. Here you'll meet Joshua Barr the Director of the commission and Ryan Arnold the Director of Community Engagement at Drake University. We'll start with an understanding of what the commission does, why Drake is supporting the event and then get into what the symposium is about and how the topics came to be.  Registration is OPEN until March 6th. You can get tickets to the event here. In addition to the symposium there is a kick-off event the evening of the 17th at 6PM with Vanessa Roberts "Afropuff Lederhosen: A Critically Comical Investigation of Race" which will also be at Drake. Tickets to that event are here. Click here to listen. 

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The Business News Headlines 24 February 2020

The big business news story today was the melt-down on Wall Street as investors grapple with the continued spread of the coronavirus.  In other news for this Monday:

  • Mortgage Rates and the coronavirus link;
  • A union at...Target;
  • Best city in the U.S. to live, find a job and a home...
  • This packaging product is making a comeback;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • In 2008 it was this that started ruining your work/life balance.

Those stories plus Laura Kinnard from talks up some business events in the Greater Des Moines Metro and a nod to Sioux Falls. Hey, it's what we do each Monday. Here you'll learn about a legal program for small businesses, One Million Cups of DSM, an update on the event last week at The Runway Innovation and Events Studio at Southridge and many more business events in the Metro. Go, learn and get connected.  Click here to listen. 

The Business News Headlines 17 February 2020

The lingering concern about the coronavirus now has Apple saying it will miss it's revenue forecast for the March quarter and we'll share why. It's the business news headlines for Monday the 17th of February, President's Day so the markets are closed. Today we've got these stories:

  • Apple and revenue;
  • GM leaving three countries;
  • Another retail company files Chapter 11;
  • We've got a milk story;
  • Global markets were up today;
  • Tesla told to stop construction in Germany;
  • China is, literally, laundering its money;
  • The high cost of a Tweet.

Those stories plus Laura Kinnard joins me to chat it up about business events in the Greater Des Moines Metro and she's got quite a list.  Laura has the business events blog and teaches at Drake University as well as the Des Moines Area Community College. PLUS she is the primary at The Runway Innovation and Events Studio at Southridge. Click here for that conversation. 

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The Business News Headlines 14 February 2020

Welcome to the Valentines Day Edition of the Business News Hour. Today we're showing some love to these stories:

  • Consumer Data....stalls and that's not good;
  • The low-tech way this scam works;
  • Delta Airlines says they will be carbon neutral by...March;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • The China trade numbers are in and ouch!
  • Save some love today for dating apps.

Those stories plus our Friday look at Stuff to DO in the Des Moines Metro this weekend into next week. With me to riff on everything from sports to arts and entertainment is Jeff Pitts the managing editor of Cityview Magazine. Here is that...ONLY FUN...conversation. 

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