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The Business News Headlines - 12 July 2019

All the signs point to a rate least that is what Wall Street is banking on. That's just one of the stories we've got for you today in the business news headlines:

  • Thank you Mr. Powell;
  • Another casualty in D.C.
  • The Big Mac Index says this about the dollar;
  • Getting engaged? Better buy that dimond now;
  • More sad retail stories;
  • Got a bad boss? Could impact your health;
  • Airlines and in-flight booze.

Those stories plus some time with Jeff Pitts and Trevor Babcock from Cityview Magazine with our Friday Fun section of Stuff to DO in the DSM Metro this weekend into next week. To listen to that segment just click here. 

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The Business News Headlines & More 2 July 2019

Just when you thought it was safe to come out...more tough tariff talk from the White House. Welcome to the business news headlines for Tuesday the 2nd day of July. On tap for you today:

  • An awkward moment for Nike;
  • Everything it would seem reeks of politics;
  • Low fuel prices means an increase in these vehicle sales;
  • Buying clothing? A surprising place to do so;
  • Americans are flocking to Canada to save their lives;
  • Heard of Job Ghosting? You will today.

Those stories and more along with a conversation about employee incentives and how they can quickly turn into a sense of entitlement. It's not that you should quit doing employee incentives but...Ro Crosbie from Tero International says you need to really think through the effort. Otherwise it can backfire on you. Here is that conversation. 

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The Business News Headlines 22 April 2019

It's a big week for earnings reports and we'll detail the data for you. Welcome to the Business News Hour here are the stories that are just a click away:

  • It's "wait & see" on Wall Street;
  • A sluggish start to the home buying season;
  • A Tesla Model S...explodes;
  • Apple Pay and JC Penny;
  • Two stories about the automobile market
  • ACLU of Iowa files suit against Ag-Gag 2.0
  • What happened and why on Wall Street

Those stories plus we'll introduce you to Debbie Sears of Sears Insurance but...we're not talking about insurance we're talking hunger in Iowa and the event she "cooked up" that brings some of the top chefs together to raise money for the Food Bank of Iowa. It's called Another Plate at the Table. Learn how she has turned tragedy to action. Click here for that story.

Also, because it's Monday, Laura Kinnard from Drake University and joins me to chat it up about business networking and education events in the DSMUSA Metro. Here is that conversation.

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The Business News Headlines 5 April 2019

We're coming to you from the New York Press Association Annual Conference and glad you clicked through. Here is what's inside:

  • The jobs report and Wall Street;
  • They are behind on their car payments...who and why;
  • Behind the job numbers lurks something not so shinny;
  • Where do you go to get paid the most?
  • Who trusts social media and who doesn't;
  • Gen Z is welcomed into the economy - What do they want?
  • What happened on Wall Street and why.

Those stories plus the role of print media in local communication. While many are saying print media is dead it's not...that is if you have the secret sauce. We talk with Walter Sanchez a board member for the New York Press Association and owner of BQE Media about that secret sauce, being hyper-local, advertisers, social media, community involvement and more about why Amazon left NYC.  Listen to that conversation here.

Thanks for coming by.

The Business News Headlines 28 March 2019

This is a first! Today we had quite the day gathering some interviews from not only AARP-Iowa but also the founder of Paul Allen who was in Iowa making a pitch for his new startup called SOAR. In addition we're now headed out to meet with the Washington D.C. "Shadow Senator" Paul Strauss at an event organized by Iowa for D.C. Statehood. Whew...  But, here are the business news headlines we've cooked up for you:

  • Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloan steps down; guess what happened to the company stock;
  • The largest auto dealership in the U.S. isn't really a dealership;
  • Amazon is headed to Austin, Texas with more jobs;
  • Here is a list of 7 cheap things you can do to your home that will increase it's value;
  • The Iowa Care Act passed the Iowa House today; we'll have reaction from AARP-Iowa;
  • What happened on Wall Street and why.

Back tomorrow with a stunning interview from the founder of about strengths...good stuff!

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The Business News Headlines 25 March 2019

Welcome to Monday and the Business News Headlines. Click through to hear these stories that made the cut today:

  • Hmmm...that Inverted Yield Curve...again;
  • Suit sellers scramble as more companies relax their dress code;
  • Apple wants you to know they do other stuff than make iPhones;
  • Boeing working at getting their fleet of 737's back in the air;
  • Coal - It's just a matter of time;
  • What happened today on Wall Street and why.

Also today we'll have you meet Ken Chester and Sasha J. Little from the transportation and technology podcast Roadworthy Drive. We met Ken and Sasha at the recent Podcast Iowa gathering and sat down with them to find out what it is they talk about. Ends up cars, trucks, technology and more. Click here to listen.

And, because it's Monday Laura Kinnard from Drake University and is with us talking up business networking and educational events happening in the Metro...and we've got a full plate. To listen to that list, click here

Thanks for listening! 

The Business News Headlines 28 February 2019

In spite of some positive economic news today the failed trip to Hanoi regarding the talks between the U.S. and North Korea had investors upset. That story along with:

  • Employees walk out of three Sonic locations in Ohio;
  • It seems that Millennials have "buyers remorse" about their new home;
  • The GAP is spinning off Old Navy;
  • The tip I was given last week about the University of Iowa Community Credit Union was spot on;
  • The Des Moines Blank Park Zoo owes about $5 million in water bills...yikes!
  • What happened and why on Wall Street.

Those stories plus a conversation with Kirk Miller from Casey's General Store, an Iowa based convenience store chain, about a new fuel card for businesses. We talk about this new offering, how it works and how it is different than others and who can get it. Also we talk about pizza (you KNEW that was coming) and how a unsuccessful hostile takeover bid helped the company focus. To hear that conversation click here. 

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The Business News Headlines 26 February 2019

Oh the headwinds of investing in volatile times. We'll kick it off with a look at what Wall Street took in today and what in the world happened to Home Depot and housing starts plus:

  • AT&T wins and the government loses;
  • No love loss between Elon Musk and the SEC;
  • Fiat Chrysler cutting jobs or are they really;
  • Arlington, Virginia is showing some backlash against the Amazon deal;
  • What happened on Wall Street and why.

Those stories plus in for The Interview is Karen Albritton from the Newport Board Group. We're going to be talking about change; what makes it so difficult, what are the dangers of sticking to a path that is running out of space, how does disruption figure in? Oh and that business of marketing and research/development of new ideas. Good stuff here and it's just a click away. To hear that conversation click here

The Business News Headlines 16 January 2019

Welcome to the Business News Hour coming to you today from beautiful, and warm, Mobile, Alabama.  In the news headlines today:

  • Big Banks Big Profits;
  • Sears will remain open...for now;
  • Netflix boosted their prices but know will happen again;
  • The number is 29 and it has to do with women;
  • Ford sees some dark days ahead;
  • The housing market hit a wall in December;
  • Those stories the real retirement of a DSM CEO and Wall Street.

Also today we'll shine our Small Business Spotlight on the Quill & Nib located in the Historic Valley Junction of West Des Moines. It's all high quality and owner Rob Beers also makes pens for discerning individuals. Oh, and the reason he started the business years ago?  It was on a...dare.  To hear that conversation click here.

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The Business News Headlines 3 January 2019

Give us eleven minutes and we'll serve up the top business news stories along with the markets here on The Business News Hour.  Click through today for:

  • Ouch...Wall Street got spanked;
  • Mark Zuckerberg stopped selling Facebook Stock like he promised in 2017;
  • Apple stock tanked today and we'll share why;
  • Reach for your wallet. Today Big Pharma raised prices on hundreds of drugs;
  • If the economy is surging how come....
  • What happened and why on Wall Street.

Those stories and Joey Beech is back with us to chat about the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Project that is now at home in Iowa. That's right and because the clock is ticking on registration we thought we'd share the story again.  To hear that segment, click here!

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