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The Business News Headlines 19 May 2020

It looked, for awhile, that technology stocks might save the Nasdaq...but in the end, that was not to be the case. It's the business news headlines for Tuesday the 19th of's what we have coming up:

  • Pier 1 will be closing all its stores...another retail hit;
  • Mortgage relief changes from the government;
  • Another tax cut could be on the way;
  • A new crop of jobs are emerging related to COVID19;
  • The next stimulus package...a political football;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • Memorial Day...Summer may already be over for many;

Those stories and Yogesh Shah, M.D. joins me to separate fact from fiction regarding testing, masks and more. Dr. Shah is the Medical Director for Broadlawns Medical Center and what he says is critical.  No politics...just science. To hear that, click here. 

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The Business News Headlines 12 March 2020

Not long after the markets opened this morning the sell-off tripped the "circuit breaker" that Wall Street uses to regroup. When trading resumed fifteen minutes was still bad. Here are the stories from today:

  • We hit the skids again today;
  • Retailers doing "crowd control";
  • More sports events cancelled;
  • Ohio public schools...closed;
  • Toilet Paper...we don't know either;
  • Cruise lines and phony information;
  • The surprise Trump Travel Ban;
  • The Fed pumps more money;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • New developments at Amazon, Twitter and Carnival Cruise Lines.

Those stories plus a visit with Roger Stalheim from The Alternative Board. Every business has "issues" what if there were a way to look at them through the eyes of other owners who...already figured them out. That and more with Roger. You can hear that conversation here. 

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Business News Headlines 11 March 2020

Today, on Wall Street, it was a complete reversal of yesterday's gains. Today was the day the markets moved from bulls to bears.  Here are the stories we've got for you today:

  • Now a pandemic business notices;
  • Amazon tackles "Fake Stuff" and price gouging;
  • Cruise ships and folks over 70 years old;
  • Customer Service & Panicked Customers;
  • THe Wall Street Report;
  • LinkedIn trending stories is proof.

Those stories and a conversation about Bridges of Iowa with Executive Director Patrick Coughlin. It is a story of passion, families, drugs and dependency...a story too few know about...until today. Click here to listen.

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The Business News Headlines 7 February 2020

Somebody on Wall Street seemed to wake up today. Investors have been in La-La Land as they have ignored the coronavirus outbreak. Today, that changed.  It's the Friday Edition of the Business News Headlines:

  • They got the memo...finally;
  • Burberry says the virus is hurting business big time;
  • Heard of "Flight Shaming"?
  • Ford shakes up it's leadership team and why;
  • The American Affordability Crisis;
  • Google Maps makes changes.

Those stories PLUS it is FRIDAY and we've got Jeff Pitts from Cityview Magazine in to chat it up about Stuff to DO in the Greater Des Moines Metro this weekend into next week.  Let the weekend begin! Here is that conversation. 

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THe business News Headlines 30 January 2020

It was quite the day on Wall Street as investors continued to pay attention to the deadly coronavirus but then...a break through:

  • Facebook stock lost $50 billion;
  • President Trump and job promises;
  • Retail takes yet another hit;
  • Levi Strauss closes stores in China;
  • Amazon and holiday sales numbers;
  • The Wall Street Report
  • Work from home a bigger deal;
  • Fast food labor shortages...fix it by....

Those stories plus some thoughts on business and being truthful.What a timely topic from our friends at Tero International: Here Deborah Rinner the Chief Learning Officer at Tero dives into honesty, reputation management, business transparency and much more. And how timely is this?  Just this week CNN issued a story about a major study about honesty in business and in our personal lives. Click through to listen.

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The Business News Headlines 3 January 2020's the weekend...again? Thanks for coming by on this Friday afternoon. In the news today:

  • Southwest Airlines - Dead last in safety;
  • Tesla is rockin' production;
  • More bad news for newspapers;
  • Oil and the Strait of Hormuz;
  • Nine states that see their economy contracting;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • What if your clothing made you...sick.

Those stories plus Jeff Pitts the Managing Editor for Cityview Magazine in back riffing about Stuff to DO in the Greater Des Moines Metro this weekend into next week. Have some FUN already.  You deserve it! Here is that link. 

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The Business News Headlines 23 December 2019

It's Christmas Eve...Eve and we've not only got the business news headlines but also a look at some fun stuff for business events in the Greater Des Moines, Iowa Metro and a look at some friends in Detroit. On tap:

  • Super Saturday was really...SUPER for Retail;
  • China trying to boost it's economy cuts tariffs;
  • Boeing CEO out and the stock...up;
  • The slow railway in Europe that is winning;
  • Retail took a big hit this year. More to come?
  • The Wall Street Report
  • The U.S. sides with Germany about Roundup.

Also today, because of the holiday Laura Kinnard is in to chat it up about some things going on in the Des Moines Metro tonight and into later in the week. Think...Festivus and more. To hear here.

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The Business News Headlines & More 25 September 2019

Remember yesterday? You know when the talk of impeachment sent the markets down?  Well, forget about it. Today the president said there would soon be a deal with China and guess what happened!  That story and these:

  • White Working-Class Americans...dwindle;
  • Health Care Insurance - Unsustainable?
  • You love convenience and how we know;
  • New housing news;
  • Jimmy John's gets eaten;
  • Meatless Meat News;
  • Juul in big trouble.

Those stories plus a conversation with two time Olympian and Gold Medalist Kerri Strug. We talk business, family, and of course the Olympics. You can hear our conversation right here

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The Business News & More 23 September 2019

The markets struggled all day over concern about recent financial issues in Europe and in the end the major markets were up only slightly. In other business news on this Monday:

  • A travel agency goes under and strands thousands of people;
  • Where are American's on a national health care program;
  • Apple to return to Austin for manufacturing at least one computer;
  • More layoffs for General Motors workers;
  • Music, the law and "Stairway to Heaven".

Also today Laura Kinnard joins us to talk it up about business events in the Greater Des Moines Metro this week. You can hear all of that right here.

And we're talking mental health with Peggy Huppert from NAMI-Iowa. If everything is being blamed on mental health issues why aren't we paying more attention to funding  program that  And, that's just the first question. Click here to listen

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The Business News Headlines 7 August 2019

The early morning futures indicated that Wall Street was going to open down and it did. What's up? Trade issues the global's starting to get serious.  In the news today:

  • If it seems like there was a Walgreens on every corner...that's about to change;
  • The Disney Company, streaming and financial losses;
  • Where is the trade war with China headed? Some thoughts;
  • Hear about the McDonald's drink cup in Japan?
  • NPR to cut some newsroom jobs;
  • The National Rifle Association in the news...again;
  • Vacations and your reluctance to take one.

Click through for those stories and more! 

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