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The Business News Headlines 17 May 2019

It's the day before we head off on assignment in Florida so we're early with the business news headlines. Just a click away:

  • Consumers seem to be rocking the economy;
  • John Deere stock skids think trade war;
  • Walmart to get a new headquarters...take THAT Amazon;
  • And, the sad news that Grumpy Cat has died...

Those stories plus Jeff Pitts with Stuff to Do in the Greater Des Moines Metro. Jeff is from Cityview Magazine so you know he knows...what to do. Listen to Jeff here.

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The Business News Headlines 30 April 2019

It is the final day of April 2019 and we've got several very interesting business news stories on tap. Let's dig in...and feel free to click through:

  • Farmers getting out of farming at an alarming rate;
  • Markets end mixed;
  • What if they are just "pretending";
  • Meat prices on the way up;
  • Facebook and a facelift;
  • What happened on Wall Street and why.

Plus today for The Interview it's the Iowa Division Director for the Small Business Administration, Jayne Armstrong. We'll be talking about National Small Business Week, the SBA disaster recovery and lift up some great Iowa small businesses. Click here to listen. 

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The Business News Headlines 29 April 2019

Welcome to the Monday Edition of the Business News Hour and we've got lots to share with you this afternoon. Get started with:

  • The Ford Motor Company reclaims the number two spot for automakers;
  • Move over AirBnB a big chain is after you;
  • Google parent company struggled today;
  • Did you hear somebody has hacked the McDonald's's a mess;
  • What happened on Wall Street and what to look for this week.

Also today was the Annual Workers' Memorial Day. A day set aside by the AFL/CIO to remember workers who died on the job over the past year. We were there at the emotional event and have a report with Mark Cooper from the South-Central Iowa AFL/CIO and Holly Sagar with a personal reflection on the day. Click here to listen.

And, because it's Monday we've got Laura Kinnard from Drake University and DMBizMixer in to chat about some upcoming networking and business education events happening this week. Click here for that!

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The Business News Headlines 25 April 2019

Thank you for coming by again today...we've got plenty to unpack on this edition of the Business News Hour starting out with:

  • Vacation Plans? Many Americans are skipping it this year;
  • 3M played a major role in what happened to the Dow;
  • GM is (sort of) adding 400 jobs;
  • The "Store of the Future" lasted six months;
  • Amazon reported earnings today after the bell;
  • So too did Starbucks;
  • The big next job isn't "plastics" but in another hot job market;
  • What happened and why on Wall Street.

Then we get to go Out to Lunch with Ro Crosbie the founder, President and CEO of Tero International. But, before we order lunch we've got to do Quick Bites, three questions we ask each of our Out to Lunch guests. Listen here

We wrap up the day talking business over lunch with Ro and you get to listen in. We're at the Range Grill + Golf for some great business stories, a peek at the future of Tero International and a couple of laughs. Click through and go Out to Lunch with can hear that segment here. 

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The Business News Headlines 16 April 2019

Today the markets were up...a bit...but they were up. That story and more today in the Tuesday, April 16th Edition of the Business News Hour:

  • The Health Care Industry slams Medicare for All;
  • We know where you can get a great paying job;
  • Netflix grows even with rising rates;
  • This week yet another Facebook scandal;
  • Then there were twenty-one - A convenience store story;
  • Iowa ice cream headed to New York;
  • What happened today on Wall Street and why.

2020 presidential hopeful Secretary Julian Castro was in Iowa and we caught up with him in what we're calling Ten Minutes with Julian Castro. Click here to listen.

What happens when you get a Mom who really wants to do something for education? You start something really different. Meet Kristyn Arnold from ANAWIM Housing who has partnered with the Des Moines Public Schools for a very different kind of fund raiser. Imagine a fund raiser where you don't have to spend any money but up! Click here to listen

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The Business News Headlines 28 March 2019

This is a first! Today we had quite the day gathering some interviews from not only AARP-Iowa but also the founder of Paul Allen who was in Iowa making a pitch for his new startup called SOAR. In addition we're now headed out to meet with the Washington D.C. "Shadow Senator" Paul Strauss at an event organized by Iowa for D.C. Statehood. Whew...  But, here are the business news headlines we've cooked up for you:

  • Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloan steps down; guess what happened to the company stock;
  • The largest auto dealership in the U.S. isn't really a dealership;
  • Amazon is headed to Austin, Texas with more jobs;
  • Here is a list of 7 cheap things you can do to your home that will increase it's value;
  • The Iowa Care Act passed the Iowa House today; we'll have reaction from AARP-Iowa;
  • What happened on Wall Street and why.

Back tomorrow with a stunning interview from the founder of about strengths...good stuff!

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The Business News Headlines 25 March 2019

Welcome to Monday and the Business News Headlines. Click through to hear these stories that made the cut today:

  • Hmmm...that Inverted Yield Curve...again;
  • Suit sellers scramble as more companies relax their dress code;
  • Apple wants you to know they do other stuff than make iPhones;
  • Boeing working at getting their fleet of 737's back in the air;
  • Coal - It's just a matter of time;
  • What happened today on Wall Street and why.

Also today we'll have you meet Ken Chester and Sasha J. Little from the transportation and technology podcast Roadworthy Drive. We met Ken and Sasha at the recent Podcast Iowa gathering and sat down with them to find out what it is they talk about. Ends up cars, trucks, technology and more. Click here to listen.

And, because it's Monday Laura Kinnard from Drake University and is with us talking up business networking and educational events happening in the Metro...and we've got a full plate. To listen to that list, click here

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Roadworthy Drive with Ken and Sasha

What's hot and what's not when it comes to transportation? Meet Ken Chester and Sasha J. Little from the podcast, Roadworthy Drive. Each week Ken and Sasha let loose with their review of cars, trucks, trikes, technology...if it has to do with getting you from "Point A" to "Point B" it's likely that they've talked about it. Roadworthy Drive is...on it!

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The Business News Headlines 22 March 2019

It's the Business News Headlines for Friday the 22nd day of March...thanks for clicking through today. Inside:

  • Stocks struggle as fears of a global economic slowdown rise;
  • More troubles for Boeing;
  • GM says they are not moved to open any plan in Ohio but an investment in Michigan;
  • Forget about "beer brackets" we've got a full scale beer war going on;
  • What happened and why on Wall Street.

Those stories plus Marti Hupp and Greg Patterson join us to talk about Pedal Off the Pounds a program from the Des Moines Cycle will be amazed at what it has done for people and the world of cycling in the Des Moines Metro. Listen to Marti and Greg here

Also today Jeff Pitts from Cityview with Stuff to DO in the Metro this weekend into next week. Always fun...nothing too serious.  You can catch that conversation here

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