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Business News Headlines 15 January 2021

Thanks for coming by again today. It's Friday so, along with the business news headlines, we've got Jeff Pitts from Cityview Magazine in to chat it up about some hyper-local events. But, before we go there here are the news stories we've got for you today:

  • Retail Sales for December disappoint;
  • Markets react;
  • Amazon workers to vote on a union;
  • Heard of Playtika? You will today;
  • More Apple Stores closing;
  • Wells Fargo still bleeding cash;
  • Grocery shopping during a pandemic;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • Feeling paranoid working from home? You are not alone.

Those stories PLUS, to lighten the mood, Jeff Pitts is in to chat it up about some hyper local things to DO in the Greater Des Moines Metro this weekend into next week. To hear that...just CLICK HERE.

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Stuff to DO with Cityview

We're back with Jeff Pitts the managing editor for Cityview Magazine and his list of "Stuff to DO" in the Greater Des Moines Metro. We've got basketball and a theater event at the Des Moines Playhouse. The NFL Playoffs and a bit of trivia from Jeff. The Winter World of Bags happening at Captain Roy's. Snowmobiling at Big Creek some Trivia at The Hall, fun at Tee Hees and more. Meanwhile Jeff had to get back to work as he's writing 20,000 words for the Cityview Best Of,  Yikes! 

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The Business News Headlines 9 January 2021

Well, THAT was a week! Today we had even more excitement following a case of a U.S. Senator who said he "miss-spoke" about continued stimulus dollars and a President Elect who set the record straight. Here's what we've got:

  • The Markets tumbled early in the day and why;
  • The job numbers came in and they were not pretty;
  • Dominion did what they warned they would do;
  • Semi-Conductors and...vehicles.  It's a story;
  • General Motors shows off a new logo;
  • Deutsche Bank to pay a fine;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • Business leaders backing Biden in several ways.

Those stories and Jeff Pitts from Cityview Magazine with his lists of Stuff to DO in the Greater Des Moines Metro tonight into next week. To listen to here. 


Stuff to DO with Cityview

Each week we sit down with Jeff Pitts the Managing Editor for Cityview Magazine and chat it up about "Stuff to DO" in the Greater Des Moines, Iowa Metro. Even if you don't live anywhere close it's always a fun adventure. You'll hear about a host of things going on including the chance to get my hands on a bazooka. Well, maybe not.  Have some fun've earned it. 

The Business News Headlines31 December 2020

It's the final day of 2020...who's ready?  Here's what business news we've got cooked up for you on this the New Years Eve Edition.  A programing note, we're off tomorrow but watch our Twitter Stream @IOB_NewsHour for some great interviews from the past year.

  • Wall Street has a record year;
  • Meanwhile investors are ignoring several issues;
  • The best of times, the worst of times;
  • Mortgage rates fall yet again, but...
  • Vaccine delivery a word...awful;
  • Target issues children's clothing recall;
  • There is also a massive pet food recall;
  • The JC Penny CEO is...out;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • Jillian Michaels says we're going to be working out at...home.

Those stories plus Jeff Pitts from Cityview with his New Years Eve look at stuff to do in the Greater Des Moines Metro.  To hear here! 

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Stuff to Do with Cityview!

Usually we do this on Friday afternoon BUT because it was New Years Eve Jeff Pitts the managing editor for Cityview Magazine is in to chat about some picks for this weekend and things to do into next week. Inside we'll chat about dancing on the pool table at a holiday party long ago (And, I said "News Girl"..ouch) Apples and ARL, Brenton Skating, football and basketball this weekend. Also the Des Moines Bucs face off against the Omaha Lancers (hate 'em) the Science Center and Sue, Living History Farm Dinners and snowmobiling at Big Creek. Have some fun already...  Have some fun already.

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The Business News Headlines 18 December 2020

We made it to the Weekend kids....Follow us on Twitter @IOB_NewsHour.  What a busy day and there is plenty of business news ahead.  Here's what we've got for you this evening:

  • Ford and GM take a pass on the vaccine;
  • Tesla, Money & Monday;
  • Stocks fall but oil shoots up...again;
  • The Fed and Banks and Stock Buybacks;
  • The "wealth divide" gets...wider by the day;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • Coca-Cola announces job cuts.

Those stories plus some Hyper Local Fun activities this weekend into next week with Jeff Pitts the Managing Editor for Cityview Magazine. We've got a host of things we're talking about from sports to music to "SantaSaurus" at the Science Center. To listen in and have a laugh or three...just click here!

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Stuff to DO with Cityview Magazine!

Each Friday afternoon we sit down with the managing editor of Cityview Magazine, Jeff Pitts and chat it up about some hyper-local "Stuff to DO" in the Greater Des Moines Metro. And, yes we often take a detour with commentary. So, what are some of the things we're talking about:  The Des Moines Bucs play Friday and Saturday. The Hawks are playing basketball on Saturday morning. Drake basketball is off to a great season. Gena Gedler is going to be at Noce and, nope, not Jewish. Hey...I tried. Mainframe is having a deal on Saturday. Blood drive in Polk City. The East Village is holding the Twelve Days of Promenade. Carols and Coco with the folks from Central Presbyterian Church. "SantaSaurus" is at the Science Center. Jolly Holliday Lights in Altoona and do not forget about Jingle in the Junction in Historic Valley Junction.  Have a listen and a laugh or two.

The Business News Headlines 11 December 2020

It's the end of another rocky week and we've got some of the biggest news stories for you from today.  Also, know that you can follow us on Twitter @IOB_NewsHour.

  • California wants in on the DOJ suit against Google;
  • Remember Clorox Wipes?  Remember?
  • AMC running out of cash...quickly;
  • The economic outlook for next year - Part One;
  • The economic outlook for next year - Part Two'
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • The outsize IPO world...real or...hyped up?

Those stories PLUS we get hyper-local each Friday with Stuff to DO in the Greater Des Moines Metro with Jeff Pitts from Cityview Magazine.  Sports, music, comedy and more are just a click away.  Have some fun...and listen in. 

The Business News Headlines 4 December 2020

We're back to Friday and thanks for clicking in. It was a record day on Wall Street and you'll not believe why.  Also, follow us on Twitter @IOB_NewsHour. Here's what we've got for you today:

  • What are investors thinking anyway;
  • McDonald's franchisees are not happy and why;
  • The Cheesecake Factory has to pay up;
  • The restaurant industry suffering yet again;
  • Working after retirement age? You are not alone;
  • Here's where the jobs are;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • Movie theaters just got dumped on...big time.

Those stories plus, because it's Friday, Jeff Pitts is in from Cityview as we riff about a host of things going on in the Greater Des Moines Metro...and have some fun at the same time. From comedy at the Funnybone to drinking coffee, Irish whisky and what the heck is the matter with the West Des Moines a shout out to Polk City and Kelsi Ziemann...why not, right? Click here to listen and have some fun already.

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