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The Business News Headlines 9 December 2020

It was one of those days on Wall Street that started with concerns about the pandemic and ended with concerns about the next round of stimulus. Here's what we've got for you today:

  • Wall Street - The Las Vegas of America?
  • Tech stocks took a beating...think Facebook;
  • Happy Meals about to become less...happy;
  • Losing our appetite for eating out;
  • California and Washington State and brake pads;
  • Backyard tiny offices are a thing;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • Elon want to keep more of his billions it would seem.

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The Business News Headlines 4 December 2020

We're back to Friday and thanks for clicking in. It was a record day on Wall Street and you'll not believe why.  Also, follow us on Twitter @IOB_NewsHour. Here's what we've got for you today:

  • What are investors thinking anyway;
  • McDonald's franchisees are not happy and why;
  • The Cheesecake Factory has to pay up;
  • The restaurant industry suffering yet again;
  • Working after retirement age? You are not alone;
  • Here's where the jobs are;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • Movie theaters just got dumped on...big time.

Those stories plus, because it's Friday, Jeff Pitts is in from Cityview as we riff about a host of things going on in the Greater Des Moines Metro...and have some fun at the same time. From comedy at the Funnybone to drinking coffee, Irish whisky and what the heck is the matter with the West Des Moines a shout out to Polk City and Kelsi Ziemann...why not, right? Click here to listen and have some fun already.

Stuff to Do with Cityview Magazine

About the time the weekend rolls around it's time to lay aside the heavy news and focus on some hyper-local events in "Stuff to DO" with Cityview Magazine. With me is the managing editor, Jeff Pitts. Join us as we talk about Disney on Ice, drinking coffee, Brian Regan at the Funnybone, Mainframe Studios and the lovely and talented Kelsi Ziemann (name dropper!), The Holiday Market at the Iowa Events Center, football and Iowa State. What else? The streets of West Des Moines (he got me started....) Des Moines Performing Arts, Polk City and the American Legion, the ARL Tree of Life, the Bucs take on some third rate team out of Sioux Falls...(we hate 'em).  And so much more...have some fun already! 

The Business News Headlines 27 November 2020

It was a Black Friday early close on Wall Street and we lead off with some concerns about Black Friday in this the Friday Edition of the business news headlines.  Today:

  • COVID dealing a blow to Black Friday;
  • Yet another retail closing to report;
  • A prediction about Wall Street and 2021;
  • Google is tracking mental health...their own;
  • Two car makers hit with millions in fines;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • This company is adding 2,800 employees a day.

Those stories PLUS Jeff Pitts the managing editor from Cityview Magazine is in to riff about a host of things from guns to Disney. To listen to that hyper-local bit of of information just click here.

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Stuff to DO with Cityview Magazine

We're back with more Hyper-Local "Stuff to DO" in the Greater Des Moines Metro with Jeff Pitts the managing editor of Cityview Magazine. You're just a click away from listening to us riff about a host of things from a Gun Show (hoping for a bazooka for the holidays?), Small Business Saturday, Theater Midwest and "The Thanksgiving Play". We talk about the "big fight", the East Village Promenade (and a shout out to Ray Gun) a little Disney on Ice the ARL donation drive and the Salvation Army virtual kettle program. Oh...and don't forget Thursday and Jingle in the Junction. Have a listen...and some fun. 

The Business News Headlines 20 November 2020

Hey, it's Friday so why not start out the business news headlines talking Seems like the right thing to do.  Welcome to this edition and here is what we've got for you today:

  • Beer for a Billion;
  • Pfizer seeks an emergency authorization;
  • Young people fleeing the cities;
  • The Fed and Treasury are...well...sparing;
  • Bill Gates on COVID19 and the U.S. response;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • A housing boom is happening.

Those stories plus our hyper-local look at Stuff to Do in the Greater Des Moines Metro with Jeff Pitts from Cityview Magazine. We're talking hockey, ice rinks, movies, a play reading and Dirt, really.  You can hear all of 

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Stuff to DO with Cityview Magazine

Each Friday we get HYPER-LOCAL and chat it up with Jeff Pitts the managing editor of Cityview Magazine about "Stuff to DO" in the greater Des Moines metro. We're talking about Bucs Hockey, an online move created by Central College, The Hall in West Des Moines, football, Theater Midwest, the East Village event each Wednesday and Sunday, Dirt Burger, the Des Moines get the idea.  Enjoy...and expect NOTHING serious here. 

The Business News Headlines 13 November 2020

A quick look at some of the top business news stories for Friday the 13th Day of November. Here's what we've got for you:

  • Prices are going up in 2021...we have a list;
  • Wall Street back into Blue Chips;
  • GM announces a recall;
  • McDonald's and COVID inspections;
  • Oil & Gas prices dropped again;
  • It ain't over...over at Wells Fargo;
  • Some DoorDash IPO news;
  • The Wall Street numbers;
  • Amazon wants in your garage.

Those stories plus we get hyper-local with Jeff Pitts from Cityview Magazine and Stuff to DO in the Greater Des Moines Metro. From sports to The Nutcracker and some side stories too.  To listen, click right here!

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Stuff to DO with Cityview Magazine

Each week Jeff Pitts the Managing Editor for Cityview Magazine drops in to chat it up about "Stuff to DO" in the Greater Des Moines Metro and he never disappoints. Now, if you are looking for some "serious stuff" nota gonna be here. We're talking Iowa High School Football, Hot Tubs at a "Blowout Expo" a comic/art and cosplay event at the Merle Hay Mall, Iowa vs. Minnesota on Saturday with a cool tailgate at The Hall.  The East Village Holiday Promenade, Jingle in the Junction next week in Valley Junction and some Nutcracker to end the week.  So...yeah.  

The Business News Headlines 6 November 2020

We made it to Friday...that one fact should be something to celebrate.  It's the Friday Edition of the Business News Headlines and here's what we've got for you:

  • Wall Street ended the day mixed;
  • The U.S. added more jobs but, yes, there is a but;
  • The price of oil fell again today and why;
  • Some chain restaurant news;
  • The states are seeing dollars in pot;
  • The Clorox/Lysol Scam;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • Wait...what was that in California?

Those stories PLUS, because it is Friday, Jeff Pitts, the managing editor of Cityview Magazine is in to chat it up about "Stuff to Do" in the Greater Des Moines Metro. Some things cancelled but music, the laughs and honky tonk dancing cowboys made the list. To listen just click here.

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