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Hi and welcome back to the business news headlines. We're trying something different today. Along with the business news headlines we're also including Jeff Pitts the managing editor of Cityview Magazine and his "Stuff to DO" segment. If you're into just the news that's up first but if you want to stick around for the fun...keep on listening.  Today in the news:

  • That $600 a week...did it keep people out of work?
  • Unexpected - John Deere on a roll;
  • Existing home sales are too the price;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • Airbnb says the party is over;
  • Jeff Pitts and I riff about "Stuff to DO". Enjoy!

The Business News Headlines 5 August 2020

Welcome back to the business news headlines for Wednesday the 5th day of August. Here is what we've got for you today:

  • It was all smiles on Wall Street;
  • Mortgage rates dive once again but...;
  • The Dakota Access Pipeline is a zombie;
  • Exxon is having "issues" with reserves;
  • Young people and the ain't pretty;
  • Bad news for movie theaters;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • Tesla has a new rival and investors dig it.

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The Business News Headlines 28 July 2020

Welcome to the Tuesday Edition of the Business News Headlines plus an interview with a father and son about...yep, business. Here's what we've got for you today.

  • Ford and GM report earnings this week;
  • Paul Krugman says there is a mania on Wall Street;
  • Free Food for Coins!
  • Did the $600 a week keep people from working?
  • Restaurant sales...
  • Consumer confidence falls;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • Fleeing the city is the new trend.

Also today you'll meet Carlos Alvarez and his son Christopher. Since he was a little boy Christopher has heard about the work his father does at Tero International but, until he signed up to work there as an intern didn't really appreciate the business world. It's a neat story. To listen just click here! 


The Business News Headlines 7 July 2020

What goes up, must come down and that's what happened today on Wall Street as the Dow fell by 280 points in the final hour of trading.  That and these stories for you today:

  • Denim maker Levi Strauss saw sales tank;
  • COVID19 and falling home prices in some cities;
  • You really, really like Disney+ it seems;
  • He took a knee now he's working with Disney;
  • Gold prices are going up;
  • In New Jersey you can pray but not see movies;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • ICE says they will deport foreign, really.

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The Business News & More 2 July 2020

Welcome to the Day Before a Holiday! It's the business news headlines for July the 2nd and we've got plenty waiting and just a click away:

  • The Jobs Report, The Jobs Report! But...;
  • This housing story doesn't make sense butl;
  • Markets boom but small businesses worry;
  • Tips for small to mid-size businesses to "Stay in the Game";
  • Hiring and Construction;
  • The Wall Street Report

Those stories plus a conversation with John Vuong the principal at Local SEO Search. We're going to talk about your website, your customers, finding you, and ramping up your efforts to constantly build your business and see results with in comes to your ROI.  To listen, just click this link.

Thanks for coming by and for those of you in the U.S. who are celebrating...may you have a meaningful Independence Day. 

The Business News Headlines 20 May 2020

Midweek and it feels like a roller coaster on Wall Street.  Welcome to this edition of the business news headlines. Give us ten minutes and you'll get the top business news stories of the day:

  • Billions of dollars and banks are...worried;
  • Trouble at McDonald's;
  • We've got buyers but no inventory;
  • Stimulus dollars and prepaid debit cards;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • Facebook gets into online shopping.

Those stories PLUS a fun conversation with professional voice artist Sharon Feingold. How she got into the business, who she does work for and much more in this interview that talks about the business of being a voice professional.  Click here to listen. 

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The Business News Headlines 4 May 2020

Things on Wall Street started out badly when Oracle of Omaha said his group sold it's stake in airlines. It's the business news headlines for Monday the 4th of May.  Here's what we've got for you today:

  • The Tech Industry saved the day;
  • GE to cut 13,000 jobs;
  • Costco rules about...meat;
  • Trump, the China Deal and big troubles;
  • Gold's Gym files for Chapter 11;
  • J Crew files and can other retailers be far benind;
  • Wall Street Report
  • Lowe's to give out stimulus cash.

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Business News Headlines 5 March 2020

It was yet another volatile session on Wall Street as investors gave back nearly all the gains from yesterday. That story and more is what we've got on tap for you today:.

  • Retail/Health Care Workers are...scared;
  • OPEC has an oil problem;
  • Airline industry says the hit will be $113 billion;
  • Amazon tells folks to "stay home";
  • Mortgage rates tumble to an all time low;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • Right to Repair vs. John Deere;
  • Customers may see slower delivery times;
  • Partly Personal - Happy 100th Birthday Neal Smith!

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The Business News 17 December 2019

It's a Tuesday and it's the business news headlines and we kick it off with an interesting story about the increase in car loan rejections. Odd in the face of what is supposed to be a booming economy. Also:

  • Dumpster Diving goes high-tech;
  • CVS Pharmacy is trouble with...the Feds;
  • The Boeing 737 Max and the trickle down effect;
  • Some surprising Netflix news;
  • Home building numbers rebound and why;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • Looking for a gig? Think U.S. Census;
  • Two reasons to forgo the Ugly Christmas Sweater Event.

Those stories plus Tyler Granger from the National Wildlife Federation is our guest and talking about climate change, business and more. You can hear that conversation here.

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The Business News Headlines 4 November 2019

It would seem Wall Street likes the "promise" of a possible trade deal with China...the question is...will it happen. It's the Business News Headlines for Monday the 4th of November. In the news today:

  • Wall Street seems happy today;
  • Rising home prices have millennials worried;
  • Apple to donate billions to stave off housing cost;
  • More Baby Boomers not moving;
  • Energy storage and Sweden;
  • Easterbrook is out at McDonald's - Investors not happy;
  • Japan: A 4 Day Work Week = 40% rise in productivity. 

Those stories plus Laura Kinnard is in with business events in the Greater Des Moines Metro. Use #DMBizEvents to get your listed so we can talk about them. You can hear that conversation here

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