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The Business News Headlines & More 30 July 2019

Wall Street struggled all day because a number of headwinds from China to the Democratic Debate happening tonight. That story and these coming your way today:

  • That much touted Costco digital app...oops;
  • Capital One and lawsuits...already;
  • How about a savings rate 30 times that of other banks;
  • Apple and earnings;
  • The high cost of housing moves inland;
  • A personal air-conditioner?  Yep.

Those stories and more along with our business interview with Carol Hunter the Executive Editor of the Des Moines Register. Recently parent company Gannett rolled out a new payment plan for content. We talk about that, the business of newspapers, the work being done and the costs incurred...lots inside and it's just a click away. Like right here!   

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The Business News Headlines 22 April 2019

It's a big week for earnings reports and we'll detail the data for you. Welcome to the Business News Hour here are the stories that are just a click away:

  • It's "wait & see" on Wall Street;
  • A sluggish start to the home buying season;
  • A Tesla Model S...explodes;
  • Apple Pay and JC Penny;
  • Two stories about the automobile market
  • ACLU of Iowa files suit against Ag-Gag 2.0
  • What happened and why on Wall Street

Those stories plus we'll introduce you to Debbie Sears of Sears Insurance but...we're not talking about insurance we're talking hunger in Iowa and the event she "cooked up" that brings some of the top chefs together to raise money for the Food Bank of Iowa. It's called Another Plate at the Table. Learn how she has turned tragedy to action. Click here for that story.

Also, because it's Monday, Laura Kinnard from Drake University and joins me to chat it up about business networking and education events in the DSMUSA Metro. Here is that conversation.

Thanks for listening! 

The Business News Headlines 4 April 2019

We're in New York for the New York Press Association Spring Convention...but, we're still workin'.  Today:

  • Wall Street stutters as we wait for a U.S./China trade deal;
  • The Bezos divorce is done..who got..what...we'll tell;
  • The median price of a U.S. home hit a record today;
  • Tesla stock tanked;
  • Motel 6 settled a lawsuit and at it's core was immigration;
  • Target employees to get a raise;
  • What happened and why on Wall Street.

Those stories and our guest for The Interview is Paul Allen. Paul was one of the original founders of and now is the founder of something called We'll be talking about strengths...did you know there are 34 of them? How knowing what your strengths are or better yet the strengths of your fellow workers or employees can give you a leg up in business. Strap in it's a great conversation. You can hear that here!

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The Business News Headlines 28 March 2019

This is a first! Today we had quite the day gathering some interviews from not only AARP-Iowa but also the founder of Paul Allen who was in Iowa making a pitch for his new startup called SOAR. In addition we're now headed out to meet with the Washington D.C. "Shadow Senator" Paul Strauss at an event organized by Iowa for D.C. Statehood. Whew...  But, here are the business news headlines we've cooked up for you:

  • Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloan steps down; guess what happened to the company stock;
  • The largest auto dealership in the U.S. isn't really a dealership;
  • Amazon is headed to Austin, Texas with more jobs;
  • Here is a list of 7 cheap things you can do to your home that will increase it's value;
  • The Iowa Care Act passed the Iowa House today; we'll have reaction from AARP-Iowa;
  • What happened on Wall Street and why.

Back tomorrow with a stunning interview from the founder of about strengths...good stuff!

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The Business News Headlines 26 March 2019

It's the business news headlines for Tuesday the 26th of March...thanks, everybody, for being with us again today. Inside you'll hear about;

  • Investors still eyeing the global economy;
  • New car sales slump and it's not design issues;
  • More retail store closings;
  • Walmart seems to be winning at the curb and gaining new customers;
  • Ya know that iPhone update?  Better get to it;
  • Housing numbers are hurting;
  • What happened and why on Wall Street.

Also today you are in for a major treat. His name is Mike Curtin and he's the CEO of something called the D.C. Central Kitchen a program that has served the Washington D.C. area for thirty years.'s not about just feeding people...that seems to be secondary. This is about delivering hope and purpose and a way out of poverty. Plan on listening to the's a great story. To hear that story, click here

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The Business News Headlines 21 February 2019

A busy day in the world of business news and we start out by checking what happened on Wall Street and then we'll share these stories:

  • Door Dash is worth a ton of money...who would have thought;
  • The housing sector is showing some weak signs;
  • It's good to be;
  • Overstated gas mileage? This time it's Ford;
  • Banks are getting tighter on farm loans and at a time when the rural economy is hurting;
  • Wells Fargo is leaving The Financial Center in downtown Des Moines. Opportunity?
  • What happened and why on Wall Street

Those stories and a conversation with our friend Maureen Burger from Tero International. To hear that conversation click here. 

The Business News Headlines 7 February 2019

The business news headlines of the day deals with what happened and why on Wall Street, notes about the economy and stories of basic interest for people who are interested in what business is or is not doing. On tap today:

  • The meeting between President Trump and President Xi Jinping off;
  • That sent shock waves through Wall Street;
  • Twitter, for the first time, tells us how many daily users they have;
  • Wells Fargo customers not happy, for the second time in a week;
  • A growing slug of renter are....
  • Sears has been sold which could save 45,000 jobs;
  • What happened today on Wall Street and why.

Those stories plus today we're talking with Dr. Mark Finkelstein the director of the Jewish Community Relations Commission of Iowa about the troubling rise in hate groups and in particular anti-semitic groups. What is the cause and what can you do about it. To hear that conversation click here

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The Business News Headlines 16 January 2019

Welcome to the Business News Hour coming to you today from beautiful, and warm, Mobile, Alabama.  In the news headlines today:

  • Big Banks Big Profits;
  • Sears will remain open...for now;
  • Netflix boosted their prices but know will happen again;
  • The number is 29 and it has to do with women;
  • Ford sees some dark days ahead;
  • The housing market hit a wall in December;
  • Those stories the real retirement of a DSM CEO and Wall Street.

Also today we'll shine our Small Business Spotlight on the Quill & Nib located in the Historic Valley Junction of West Des Moines. It's all high quality and owner Rob Beers also makes pens for discerning individuals. Oh, and the reason he started the business years ago?  It was on a...dare.  To hear that conversation click here.

Thanks for listening!

The Business News Headlines 2 January 2019

Welcome to the first broadcast/podcast since the New's also the first day the markets were in session and we start out with a look at what the heck happened on Wall Street. Then:

  • Home sales it getting to be a buyers market?
  • General Motors has sold 200,000 electric vehicles and that means...
  • You will never guess what market Amazon might disrupt next;
  • The story is gasoline prices are headed up;
  • Some changes coming to Roku users;
  • What happened and why on Wall Street today.

Those stories and then a trip into our Way-Back Machine for a conversation we had five years ago with Bryan and Jeff McGinness the owners of Wine Styles. Back then there was only one location in the Greater Des Moines Market, now there are three. Plus a string of stores across the nation. We're talking wine and business in a Way Back Edition of the Business News Hour. To listen to that conversation click here. 


The Business News Headlines 28 December 2018

It's the final Friday for 2018 and welcome to the Business News Hour Headlines. Another wild ride on Wall Street starts our broadcast today. In other news:

  • Wells Fargo must cough up $575 million and send it to the states;
  • Some scary numbers coming out of the housing market and your ability to buy a home;
  • The $1.5 trillion tax law is a year old. So what has happened? It might surprise you;
  • Sears announces another round of store closings;
  • What happened today on Wall Street and why.

Those stories and while we usually bring you Jeff Pitts and Stuff to DO in the Metro from Cityview Magazine not today. Jeff has the week off...lucky guy.  So, better that we learn something about goals and goal setting. Lots of people are taking stock of the new year and we've got Deborah Rinner from Tero International with us talking about tools to make sure your goals get realized.  To listen click here!