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It’s Stuff to DO with Cityview and Jeff Pitts

Each Friday as we slide into the weekend Jeff Pitts the managing editor of Cityview Magazine stops in to chat it up about "Stuff to DO" in the Greater Des Moines Metro. And it's sort of an anniversary for us. In March Jeff celebrated four years doing this gig with me.  Pretty neat.  Here, along with some side-chatter, is what we've got for you:

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Stuff to Do with Cityview!

Usually we do this on Friday afternoon BUT because it was New Years Eve Jeff Pitts the managing editor for Cityview Magazine is in to chat about some picks for this weekend and things to do into next week. Inside we'll chat about dancing on the pool table at a holiday party long ago (And, I said "News Girl"..ouch) Apples and ARL, Brenton Skating, football and basketball this weekend. Also the Des Moines Bucs face off against the Omaha Lancers (hate 'em) the Science Center and Sue, Living History Farm Dinners and snowmobiling at Big Creek. Have some fun already...  Have some fun already.

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The Business News Headlines 23 December 2020

We talked about how this year, from the news side, is so different from past years. Usually by now we're relegated to doing "The Best Of" because the news cycle is so...calm. Not this year and he're what we've got for you today:

  • Too much ethanol and too much corn;
  • The Chairman of the SEC just quit;
  • American families to spend $1,000 on...
  • The Wall Street Report
  • While other retailers shutter this company is expanding.

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Stuff to DO with Cityview Magazine!

Each Friday afternoon we sit down with the managing editor of Cityview Magazine, Jeff Pitts and chat it up about some hyper-local "Stuff to DO" in the Greater Des Moines Metro. And, yes we often take a detour with commentary. So, what are some of the things we're talking about:  The Des Moines Bucs play Friday and Saturday. The Hawks are playing basketball on Saturday morning. Drake basketball is off to a great season. Gena Gedler is going to be at Noce and, nope, not Jewish. Hey...I tried. Mainframe is having a deal on Saturday. Blood drive in Polk City. The East Village is holding the Twelve Days of Promenade. Carols and Coco with the folks from Central Presbyterian Church. "SantaSaurus" is at the Science Center. Jolly Holliday Lights in Altoona and do not forget about Jingle in the Junction in Historic Valley Junction.  Have a listen and a laugh or two.

Stuff to DO with Cityview Magazine!

It's Friday!  We made it to the weekend kids!  And, that means we've got Jeff Pitts the managing editor of Cityview Magazine in to chat it up about a host of things from Chanukah to football to ice skating to comedy and music and more. Have some fun already, you deserve it.

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The Business News Headlines 20 October 2020

Thanks again for coming by for the business news headlines for Tuesday the 20th day of October. Here's what we've got for you and remember to join us on Twitter @IOB_NewsHour:

  • The Census Bureau and Business Startups?
  • The Justice Department and Google;
  • GM to spend $2 billion on a plant;
  • Playing the lottery? Hang on....
  • Halloween and American Spending;
  • Dairy Free Milk?  Just what producers don't want to hear;
  • Wall Street Report;
  • Oil gets bigger to survive.

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Christkindle Market of Des Moines

It's back and it's a bit everything else in 2020, right?  Here Suzanne Hull from the Christkindle Market DSM is back to share with you what this 5th year looks like and where the idea came from. The virtual event takes place between November 9th and the 22nd and then the curbside pick up in December. We'll also chat a bit about her business that spawned the Christkindle Market DSM, Contemporary Business Solutions and how she helps her clients in many ways. Meet Suzanne:

The Business News Week in Review

We treasure the fact that you tune in each weekday for the business news headlines and our long-form business interviews. That's why we created this special edition for Monday the 28th of September. Because of the Jewish Holiday of Yom Kippur our offices are closed however, here are some of the business news stories you may have missed. We look forward to being back with you tomorrow the 29th.  Thank you for understanding! 

Stuff to DO with Cityview!

He's back!  After a scare (you'll hear about it) Jeff Pitts the managing editor for Cityview Magazine is back with Stuff to DO in the DSM Metro.  We riff on a bunch of stuff from movies, to music, yoga, rodeo, cycling, a renaissance event at Sleepy Hollow, closed bars (with a great idea on how to skirt the, really!) and much more. Have some fun've earned it! 

The Business News Headlines 18 August 2020

It's the business news headlines for Tuesday the 18th day of August and 76 days until the November election.  Here's what we've got for you today:

  • Catch a movie and the ticket is just 15 cents;
  • 100 years ago today women won the right to vote;
  • COVID19 and College;
  • You and your passion for buying's growing;
  • Social Security and Joe Biden;
  • CEO pay up a whopping 1,167%;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • Halloween 2020...yikes!

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