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The Business News Headlines 3 November 2020

Yep, we's Election Day in the United States and no doubt that is where your mind is at. But, just in case you want something different check out these business stories from today:

  • He just lost $3 billion in net worth. Ouch;
  • It has been a U.S. Territory for 122 years;
  • We've got some oil news;
  • We've got some gun news;
  • The Wall Street Report
  • Investment banks are banking on the election;
  • Tech workers headed to the, really.

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The Surprising Growth of Duplication Media

Several years ago Jason Olson was a guest and talked about his business Duplication Media. Not long ago I was on LinkedIn mentioning that I'd like to visit with business owners about their experiences during COVID19. How was business, going up or down or what impact has the pandemic had on operations. Jason shot us a note and we scheduled this conversation. What we learned is amazing. While his company is based in Iowa he is doing work for clients all over the world.  Have a listen! 

Sequel Architecture in The Small Business Spotlight

We love telling the stories of entrepreneurs and when they launch a new business in the middle of a really becomes special. Meet Steve Wilke-Shapiro who recently launched Sequel Architecture a full service design firm doing business across Iowa. Listen to the thoughtful way Steve approaches each project, some tips on hiring an architect, the story of a 173 year-old building and more.  Meet our Small Business Spotlight

Stuff to DO with Cityview and Jeff Pitts 9 October 2020

By now you know what happens each Friday...some fun times with Jeff Pitts who is the managing editor for Cityview Magazine. Here we're talking about some cool stuff going down in the Metro this weekend into next week.  Stuff like:

  • Justin Jarrell at XKB Tonight!
  • Weekend Comedy at the Des Moines Playhouse;
  • What? A Victorian Funeral at Living History Farms;
  • Grandview has "Stripper";
  • Our friends at Sleepy Hollow gonna scare you;
  • Slaugherhouse ya know.
  • The DSM Public Library is OPEN!!
  • The Blank Park Zoo and Night Eyes...a bit different this year.

And, along the way we'll offer some commentary on stuff that may, or may not, have anything to do with what we're helping to promote.  It's what we do on Friday.

Thanks for listening! 

The Business News Headlines 8 October 2020

Thanks for clicking in for the business news headlines for this the 8th day of October. Here's what we've got for you today:

  • The price of oil spiked today...thank the hurricane;
  • Is Wall Street warming up to a Biden win;
  • The jobless numbers are in and they are troubling;
  • Startups, Venture Capital and...Race;
  • Consumer Debt and a surprise;
  • Some housing data to chew on;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • COVID19 be damned, we're going out to eat!

Those stories plus a conversation about The 21 Day Equity Challenge with Elisabeth Buck the president of the United Way of Central Iowa. But, make no mistake, this isn't only for Iowans but for anybody who wants to gain knowledge about diversity, equity, inclusion and how to discuss those issues with clarity.  To listen, click here.

Christkindle Market of Des Moines

It's back and it's a bit everything else in 2020, right?  Here Suzanne Hull from the Christkindle Market DSM is back to share with you what this 5th year looks like and where the idea came from. The virtual event takes place between November 9th and the 22nd and then the curbside pick up in December. We'll also chat a bit about her business that spawned the Christkindle Market DSM, Contemporary Business Solutions and how she helps her clients in many ways. Meet Suzanne:

The Business News Headlines 29 September 2020

Back...and grateful to be here.  Welcome to the Tuesday Edition of the Business News Headlines and here's what we've got for you today:

  • The markets took a dive today and we'll share why;
  • Apartment construction is on the ropes;
  • Restaurants face an uncertain future;
  • Yet, consumer confidence is up;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • Over 40 and looking for a job?  Good luck.

Those stories and a conversation with Dr. Ainissa Ramirez a scientist and a story-teller. You will plotz when you hear about her new book The Alchemy of Us. The way she weaves the discovery of things we use every day along with the history of the creators is...amazing. We were grateful to welcome her back.  CLICK HERE to listen. 

The Alchemy of Us with Dr. Ainissa Ramirez

When her book came out a couple of months ago I wrote down that we must have her back and here we are. Dr. Ainissa Ramirez is first a scientist and yet she is also an effective story-teller. The book is The Alchemy of Us - How Humans and Matter Transformed One Another but FULL STOPP...if you are thinking, "Great a book about science...pass." don't! This is both science and history and stories about people you have heard about and others that have passed into oblivion. But each has left a mark on how you and I go about our daily life...  Meet Dr. Ramirez: 

The Business News Headlines & More 8 September 2020

Welcome back and we hope you in Canada and the U.S. had a good Labor Day Holiday. By the way, you want to follow us on Twitter it's @IOB_NewsHour.  On the newscast today:

  • Tesla stock tumbles big time;
  • Airline stocks and summer driving;
  • Consumers and their credit;
  • Demand for oil dries up...again;
  • Apple and their big event is coming;
  • The Wall Street Report
  • Feeling "socially awkward"?

Those stories PLUS I'll visit with Brent Roske, a noted filmmaker, who is bringing back Roske on Politics. We'll talk about his love for film, the films he's done with some cast members from West Wing and then get into what Roske on Politics is, where you can see it and also about the power Iowa has when it comes to national elections. Oh...and he has an amazing bit of trivia about Congress and Iowa...that shocked me.  To listen, just click here.

Thanks for coming by! 

The Business News Headlines 18 August 2020

It's the business news headlines for Tuesday the 18th day of August and 76 days until the November election.  Here's what we've got for you today:

  • Catch a movie and the ticket is just 15 cents;
  • 100 years ago today women won the right to vote;
  • COVID19 and College;
  • You and your passion for buying's growing;
  • Social Security and Joe Biden;
  • CEO pay up a whopping 1,167%;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • Halloween 2020...yikes!

Thanks for listening!

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