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Stuff to DO with Cityview & Jeff Pitts

Pack up all your cares and get into Stuff to DO with Cityview and its managing editor, Jeff Pitts. Here we'll talk about Eat Week going on in West Des Moines. The Nadas and their show. Next month in Cityview it's the "70 Wonders of Des Moines". There is a Wedding Show going on this weekend a big play in Pella and oldtime baseball at Living History Farms.  So much to do...enjoy! 

The Business News Headlines 18 September 2020

It was another down day on Wall Street and we'll share why.  Welcome to the Friday Edition of the Business News Headlines here's what we've got for you today:

  • More job cuts and why;
  • Hurry download Tik now;
  • The CDC changed testing recommendations...again;
  • Watch out for that car!  Driverless taxis in California;
  • Vote by mail in OK...sorta;
  • Coffee sales are being impacted because...
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • They used to be "safe" jobs...but.

Those stories PLUS Jeff Pitts from Cityview Magazine and Stuff to DO in the Des Moines Metro this weekend into next week.  Have some FUN already.

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Stuff to DO with Cityview!

It's Friday and the day Jeff Pitts the managing editor of Cityview Magazine comes by to share his top of mind events happening in the greater Des Moines Metro this weekend and into next week.  Today we riff about a host of things from Iowa State Football to "Walk for the Animals" at the Blank Park Zoo to bull riding, Food Truck Thursday, The Sheet and some movies that are on the screen. If you are into serious...don't stop. 'Cause it's Friday and you deserve to have a little fun! 

Stuff to DO with Citiview Magazine

Here's Jeff Pitts the managing editor for Cityview Magazine with his weekly review of Stuff to DO in the Greater Des Moines Metro. Sort of a short list from football to dogs to music to a cancelled event and more.  Click through and have some fun've earned it!

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The Business News & More 4 September 2020

It's the Friday before a long Labor Day holiday weekend. Two words for this weekend..."Stay Safe"!  Here's what we've got for you today and a reminder, follow along, everyday on Twitter @IOB_NewsHour. 

  • A troubling new report out of New Jersey;
  • Might the wage gap be...narrowing;
  • COVID19 Mortgage Bailouts;
  • Low interest rates could be with us for a long time;
  • The jobs report;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • Skill sets are being altered and celebrated;
  • More Americans going...hungry.

Those stories PLUS it's Friday and you need a break.  Join me and Jeff Pitts as we riff about a host of things. Jeff is from Cityview Magazine and we just have fun chatting it up about all sorts of things while TRYING to stay on task. You can listen here

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Stuff to DO with Cityview!

He's back!  After a scare (you'll hear about it) Jeff Pitts the managing editor for Cityview Magazine is back with Stuff to DO in the DSM Metro.  We riff on a bunch of stuff from movies, to music, yoga, rodeo, cycling, a renaissance event at Sleepy Hollow, closed bars (with a great idea on how to skirt the, really!) and much more. Have some fun've earned it! 

BusinessNews Headlines and Stuff to DO with Cityview

Hi and welcome back to the business news headlines. We're trying something different today. Along with the business news headlines we're also including Jeff Pitts the managing editor of Cityview Magazine and his "Stuff to DO" segment. If you're into just the news that's up first but if you want to stick around for the fun...keep on listening.  Today in the news:

  • That $600 a week...did it keep people out of work?
  • Unexpected - John Deere on a roll;
  • Existing home sales are too the price;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • Airbnb says the party is over;
  • Jeff Pitts and I riff about "Stuff to DO". Enjoy!

Stuff to DO with Cityview!

Each week Jeff Pitts the managing editor for Cityview Magazine joins me to chat it up about "Stuff to DO" in the greater Des Moines, Iowa Metro. This week we'll talk about a sidewalk sale in the Historic Valley Junction, stuff going on in Cumming, we've got goats and yoga, the Summer Concert at Adventureland, art in Ames and a bunch more.  Don't expect much here to be serious.  Have some fun's been a week.

The Business News Headlines 18 August 2020

It's the business news headlines for Tuesday the 18th day of August and 76 days until the November election.  Here's what we've got for you today:

  • Catch a movie and the ticket is just 15 cents;
  • 100 years ago today women won the right to vote;
  • COVID19 and College;
  • You and your passion for buying's growing;
  • Social Security and Joe Biden;
  • CEO pay up a whopping 1,167%;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • Halloween 2020...yikes!

Thanks for listening!

The Business News Headlines 17 August 2020

While we're back in full...much of Iowa continues to lag due to the major storm that raced through the state last Monday.  Calls for help in Eastern Iowa continue. Here's what we've got for you today:

  • Mortgage delinquency numbers are shocking;
  • Fast Food and Fast Casual seeking thousands of workers;
  • What was that about oil prices today;
  • Are small businesses beating the odds;
  • She says the pandemic is in the "rear view mirror";
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • Working Moms and Dads at a "breaking point".

Those stories and a segment about the upcoming Hawkeye on Safety program that is open for everybody and...FREE to attend. To listen to Bill Gerhard and Tammi Goerdt click this link. 

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