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The Business News Headlines 16 May 2019

Hey, thanks everybody for clicking through today for the business news headlines. On tap today:

  • Another positive day on Wall Street;
  • Walmart, Prices & Tariffs;
  • Supermarket bill going up...ahh...yep;
  • Pinterest Stock slipped big time after the bell;
  • Vermeer is looking for about $6 million is state assistance
  • 5G is here but only in limited areas.

Those stories and our friend Beau Fodor from Panache is back with us to announce the third season of his amazing Field to Table Dinners. The first dinner is scheduled for Wednesday the 22nd and in this conversation you'll learn more about Beau, his business and these amazing dinners. Click here for that interview

The Business News Headlines 14 May 2019

What a difference a day makes...twenty-four little hours.  It's the business news headlines and today this is what we've got cooked up for you:

  • 24 hours ago the sky was falling. Today? "Dead cat bounce";
  • While UBER was bleeding cash big banks raked in the loot;
  • How long will the trade war last? Some say a long time;
  • Hungry and stuck in traffic? Burger King has an app for that;
  • Heard about the class action suit against Turbo-Tax?
  • What happened and why on Wall Street

Also today we're going to deliver to you Quick Bites part of our Out to Lunch segment where I get to ask our guest three questions. Today it's John Norris, partner with the State Public Policy Group who is going to share with us his favorite book, movie and if he wasn't doing what he is doing now...what might he like to be doing. John Norris and Quick Bites at Trostel's Dish. Here is that conversation

The Business News Headlines 1 May 2019

Welcome to the first day of May! We've got the business news headlines for you starting out with a rough day on Wall Street.... 

  • It's all about the money and the Fed Chair;
  • Retired state workers see their benefits cut;
  • Troubling data from the USDA on food insecurity;
  • Banks, Bad Debt and Credit Cards;
  • We've got a story about fertilizer and pot;
  • What happened and why on Wall Street.

Those stories and we get to go Out to Lunch with Dave Price the Political Director/Anchor and Managing Editor of WHO-TV 13 at the Range Grill + Golf. But, before we settle in to order and talk business we get to ask Dave three questions...we call this Quick Bites and Dave surprised us with his answers. To listen, click here.

Our Out to Lunch segment spans many, many things from his new book Caucus Chaos - Trump to a conversation on how people are digesting their news, how local news is selected, how changes in technology impact news departments and we'll talk about some interesting conversations he's had over his 18 years in Central Iowa. We're Out to Lunch with Dave Price and you get to listen in. Click here for that conversation. 

The Business News Headlines 23 April 2019

It's the Tuesday Edition of the Business News Hour and thanks for coming by. Today in the newscast you'll hear about:

  • A record day on Wall Street and why;
  • A pharma company will pay $20 million;
  • Two day Amazon shipping...hold that thought;
  • More trouble for Harley Davidson;
  • Walgreens and tobacco;
  • Google retaliation, say it ain't so;
  • What happened and why on Wall Street

In for The Interview is Michael Keever. While I was in New York I passed by a vendor table and there was a copy of TV Guide.  "WHAT? That thing is still around?" Little did I know what changes are coming, and some already here, that will alter how you find what to watch. No, really, this technology is amazing. Michael Keever from NTVB Media for The Interview you can

You Will Never Watch TV Like You Have…Again

While I was in New York for the New York Press Association I passed a vendor table and saw a cover of TV Guide. "What? that thing still around?" Oh, what I learned when I sat down with Michael Keever of NTVB Media. Join us as we talk about taking the frustration out of finding stuff on television. About how you can be reminded of what to watch and when. Along with a new TV Guide NTVB Media also has Hopper, View and Remind. Like TV but confused by way too many channels? Listen to this conversation about the new generation of TV Guide. . Meet Michael Keever, SVP/CMO for NTVB Media. 

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The Business News Headlines 17 April 2019

It looks like the pressure of Medicare for All is catching on and that had an impact on the markets. Welcome to the Wednesday, April 17th edition of the business news hour.

  • The health care insurance scare;
  • Banks getting out of the mortgage business;
  • Yet another hit on retail and we'll share who;
  • Big business giving up on opposing $15 an hour;
  • Insurance and Notre Dame....uhm...
  • How workplace wellness is working out;
  • What happened today on Wall Street.

Those stories plus we bring back Jason Feifer the Editor in Chief for Entrepreneur Magazine back for Jason Feifer 2.0. This time we're talking about how businesses must...MUST start to think like an entrepreneur every single day or... To hear that fast moving conversation click here

Thanks for listening!


The Business News Headlines 15 April 2019

Yep, we's Tax Day in America and yes, we've got a story about that. Also in the business news headlines:

  • Stocks stall on big bank numbers;
  • Shopping Malls are emptying at a frantic pace;
  • Boeing? Still grounded;
  • Soybean exports to China? In the tank;
  • Tax Day and the real impact of the tax cuts;
  • What happened on Wall Street and why.

Those stories plus we'll introduce you to Victoria Schneps-Yunis who oversees a vast empire of newspapers, magazines, websites and now two  podcasts from her home base in Brooklyn. It's a great story that keeps creating. I know you will enjoy getting to know more about Schneps Media and its matriarch Victoria. To listen to that conversation click here. 

Because it's Monday Laura Kinnard from is with me to highlight various networking and business education events happening in the DSMUSA Metro. Go...and here is that link

Thanks for listening! 


The Business News Headlines 10 April 2019

We've got a packed newscast for you with plenty of business news and our Out to Lunch feature. On the docket today:

  • The markets were up but not by much;
  • CBS has a look at the new crisis in Rural America;
  • Boeing shareholders are suing Boeing;
  • Bankers got a frosty reception on Capital Hill;
  • YouTube TV just raised their prices;
  • What happened and why on Wall Street

Plus we go Out to Lunch with Heidi Soliday the first female names as a sports director in America. We launch into lunch at Range Grill + Golf by asking Heidi three questions it's the same three questions we ask all our Out to Lunch guests. Here is that segment.

Then we'll talk sports, the business of television news, women in TV broadcasting, she'll drop some names, talk about her near chance to go and compete in the Olympics (no...really) and we'll talk about her new passion of cycling and raising awareness of climate change. It's a packed hour and you can hear that segment here. 

Thanks for coming by

The Business News 8 April 2019

We're kicking off the second quarter and corporate earnings were on the minds of investors. Inside you'll learn about that and...

  • Stocks ended the day mixes;
  • Climate change to CRUSH the real estate market?
  • Best state to find a job;
  • Worst 10 states to find a job;
  • GE hits a wall;
  • Boeing stock tanks;
  • Bank CEO's headed to congress...pop the popcorn;
  • Jack Dorsey of Twitter gets....paid!
  • What happened today on Wall Street

Those stories plus Val Hoeppner a media strategist talks about consumers. How to reach them why newspapers should start podcasting, why businesses might want to ramp up their blogging efforts, what social media sites seem like a win and more. You can hear Val right here.

Also, because it is Monday, Laura Kinnard is in talking about business events where you can go to learn, be seen and see new ideas from finance to social media to starting a business. Laura Kinnard from is in the house. Listen to Laura here

Thanks for coming by!