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The Business News Headlines & More 28 October 2019

Wall Street had a good day based on earnings that beat estimates and we'll share some of the stories on that today. Also:

  • Meatless Meat is a BIG thing for Burger King;
  • Homeowners NOT getting home equity loans;
  • Google to buy Fitbit?
  • JP Morgan said to be cutting NYC workforce;
  • Is your job already obsolete?
  • The gig economy and a new...gig.

Those stories and our regular feature with Laura Kinnard of Curated Growth, Drake University and DMACC where she teaches entrepreneurship. She's in at the start of each week to share with you business events happening in the Greater Des Moines Metro. Places to learn and places to be seen. You can hear that conversation right here

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The Business News and More 16 October 2019

Yesterday everybody was excited about earnings so much. We've got a full boat for you let's get started:

  • Yesterday was a memory as retail sales numbers sank Wall Street;
  • The United Auto Workers and General Motors...a settlement?
  • Need new tires before winter? We've got a tip;
  • Airlines are fretting over the return of the Boeing Max 737;
  • The ghost of 2016 comes back to haunt Wells Fargo;
  • Big meat is falling in love meat.

Those stories plus my two-part interview with Des Moines mayoral candidate former Sen. Jack Hatch. In Part One we'll review who Jack is and why he is running. He'll talk about water, Des Moines, education and "forgotten neighborhoods". Here is Part One

Then in Part Two we'll talk about something nobody seems to want to discuss and that is the crushing poverty just outside of downtown. He's got some ideas and we were eager to listen. Plus, and yes, we'll talk about potholes.  Here is Part Two with Jack Hatch.

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The Business News Headlines & More 15 October 2019

Yesterday investors weren't so sure about the future of trade talks with China. Today they threw all of that out the window... Welcome to the business news headlines for Tuesday the 15th of October. Just a click away:

  • What drove Wall Street today;
  • The Turkish economic sanctions? Yawn;
  • Could the GM strike be nearing an end;
  • Two words for used car buyers: Buyer Beware;
  • Companies that are cool but not making a dime;
  • The AMC cinema chain to, really;
  • In case you've run out of stuff to worry about....

Those stories plus a conversation with Brent Roske the Iowa State Director for 2020 Democratic hopeful John Delaney. A press release from that campaign caught our eye so we sit down with Brent to chat about the Heartland Startup Tour. Mixing politics Click here to listen. 

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The Business News Headlines & More 26 September 2019

We went from worrying about the economy in Europe to the trade war with China to...impeachment and all of it had an impact on the markets. It's the Business News Headlines for Thursday the 26th of September, thanks for being with us.  Here's what we've got on tap:

  • The markets, for the second time this week are hit by impeachment talk;
  • General Motors does a turn-a-round on heath care;
  • Mobile, Alabama is...worried;
  • That Social Security raise...may not be much...if any;
  • An IPO that went south...really south today;
  • Women are starting businesses at a fast clip and the town that boasts the most?

Those stories along with a conversation with Jim De Kruif from First Point Wealth Management part of First National Bank.  Jim took me up on my offer for anybody from the Johnston, Iowa Chamber to join me for an interview and we had a great conversation. Click here to listen! 

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Meet Jim De Kruif - First Point Wealth Management

I was asked to present to the Johnston, Iowa Chamber of Commerce a community of roughly 18,000 people just north of Des Moines. Following my presentation I offered my microphone to anybody who would like to chat a bit about business. Jim De Kruif from First Point Wealth Management which is part of First National Bank took me up on my offer. Here is that conversation AND here is the link to his upcoming free seminar, "Income for What's Next".

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The Business News Headlines & More 24 September 2019

If it's not China it's consumers, if it's not consumers it's impeachment. The markets whipsawed today by worries that President Trump may not survive a congressional inquiry. The Dow lost 142 points to 26,807 the Nasdaq was off by 118 points and the S&P 500 down by 25 points. Wall Street had issues today.  Also in the news:

  • Consumers are not as jolly about the economy;
  • The thing you don't know about is called the REPO Market;
  • The new "Wealth Tax" from Sen. Bernie Sanders;
  • Big Pharma fights against lower prices;
  • A beer IPO may be a really, really big deal.

Those stories and our guest for The Interview is Matt Kiernan from CLE Productions. We'll talk about the magic they make for events plus you'll be invited to a CLE Production Talks featuring international planned events thought leader Professor Joe Goldblatt. You can listen in to all of that here

The Business News Headlines 17 September 2019

Nearly as fast as oil prices went up yesterday they headed back down today.  But, all of that didn't much help Wall Street as investors wonder what's next when it comes to the Fed.  Here for you today we're looking at these stories:

  • Oil, Gas and Consumers;
  • GM hits back at the UAW;
  • She is paid $22 million and why;
  • The strike and the local economy;
  • Fed and Rates;
  • Your job will be...mostly gone says Brian Solis.

Those stories and more along with Marketing for Business with Phil K. James of Good Milkshake Digital. We're talking about how to get your existing customers to buy more of what they want from you...and it works across nearly every vertical. Restaurants, grocery stores, hardware stores, coffee shops even lawyers. Here is that conversation. 

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The Business News Headlines & More 13 September 2019

We can share with you that the Dow closed up today...the 8th day in a row. It's the business news headlines for Friday the 13th...I know..right?

  • The markets opened higher and closed mixed;
  • You, yes YOU, are responsible for the economy;
  • Whole Foods is kicking about 1,900 off health care coverage;
  • Mortgage rates are back in the news;
  • Freddie and Fannie and our new love affair with them;
  • Remember the "Foxfire Books" dust them off for the Millenials in your life.

Those stories PLUS we've got Jeff Pitts the managing editor for Cityview Magazine in to share with you "Stuff to DO in the Greater Des Moines Metro. That's right here! 

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The Business News Headlines 12 September 2019

Among other things administration officials say there are no plans in the works to relax the trade war with China...oh and the deficit.  Those stories and more today...

  • Major business leaders tell the U.S. Senate to "Do something!";
  • China and the U.S. sure we've got a story;
  • The deficit and taxes...yep, that too;
  • Meanwhile subprime lending is...back;
  • The internet fells another retail giant;
  • Health Care and Insurance now resulting in high inflation.

Those stories and more along with this conversation with J.D. Scholten who is running, again, for congress in Iowa's 4th Congressional District. We caught up with him at the opening of The Forge a tech center in Jefferson last week. It's a conversation that deals with the size of that district, his motor home and Kevin, really. Listen to that here. 

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The Business News Headlines & More 9 September 2019

Wall Street opened slightly higher this morning before the markets turn south at mid-day. It's the business news headlines for Monday the 9th of September. Today, along with the headlines, we'll take you to Jefferson, Iowa and the new Pillar Technology facility there called The Forge. It's quite the experiment and you'll meet Mayor Craig Berry, student Safura Khan and we'll visit with California Congressman Ro Khanna about his vision for not only Jefferson but many other parts of America.  Also today:

  • Looking for a new gig? Amazon is hiring 30,000;
  • The Popeye Chicken Sandwich story;
  • There is a new darling of retail;
  • Oil spill in the Bahamas;
  • British Airways cancels nearly 100% of their flights;
  • Food waste and technology;
  • Our report out of Jefferson, Iowa.

Also, today is Monday and that means Laura Kinnard joins us from for a conversation about business events in the Greater Des Moines, Iowa Metro. You can hear that wide ranging conversation here.

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