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The Business News Headlines 30 June 2020

The major Wall Street markets posted quite the second quarter but will the party continue?  That story and more today on the final day of June 2020:

  • IRS says no more up;
  • What a national mask mandate might do;
  • Your favorite home improvement store ain't who you think;
  • UAW asks GM to close a Texas plant;
  • U.S. families spending less on just about everything;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • 1, 2, 3 strike outs today. It's a "trifecta" of closings.

Also today, for the interview you'll hear how Tero International had to completely change their business model from holding in person skills training to virtual events. How they did it, why they did it and how it's working out. My guest is Deborah Rinner the Chief Learning Officer of the company. To hear here.

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The Business News Headlines 11 May 2020

Welcome back to a brand new business week. Today, if you were watching the markets it was like a roller coaster and we'll share details. And, we've got these stories ready for you on your time:

  • Plenty of buyers but sellers sitting it out;
  • Toyota slashing U.S. production;
  • Coal takes another hit;
  • California stands to loose millions;
  • Another retailer files Chapter 11;
  • AMC saw its stock soar by 56%;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • You...yes you...have been busy cutting your cable TV.

Those stories plus a conversation about debit and credit card payment charges. My guest is Steve Casteel the founder of Payteva who not only helps businesses save but also educates his clients and others about the myriad of credit card charges out there.  Stunning...  To listen click here. 

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The Business News Headlines 17 March 2020

The markets rebounded today on the promise of putting more money into the hands of Americans. That story and several more are just a click away:

  • Stocks rallied and why;
  • 24 percent of businesses expect layoffs;
  • More retailers close their doors;
  • Wall Street Report;
  • The Restaurant Industry in a panic and why;
  • Phil K. James and what he's doing to save restaurant jobs.

Those stories and you'll meet Rikkia Lillard from R.C.L. Productions in our Small Business Spotlight. An artist, playwright and producer of great events this is exactly what you need to hear today...and every day. Enjoy.  To hear that conversation click here

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The Business News Headlines 23 January 2020

At the opening bell today it was all about a virus and China...but as the day wore on worried investors seemed to move on and we'll share why.  It is the business news headlines for the 23rd day of January.

  • Former Wells Fargo CEO gets some bad news;
  • Planters Peanuts kills off Mr. Peanut and...why;
  • FedEx is alerting folks about a scam;
  • The White House wants more tax cuts;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • Working Women and the 1970's.

Those stories plus this: Over the past several months we've reported on the number of trucking companies who have shut their doors. At the same time there is a lack of drivers.  Add to those issues new demands regarding packaging of freight, electronic logs, new technology and something called "density rating". With me is Brian Bartz from DLS Worldwide as we talk about the many changes in the industry and the "State of Freight". You can listen here. 

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The Business News Headlines 21 January 2020

It wasn't poor earnings and it wasn't the Impeachment Trial but a virus that turned the markets south. It's the business news headlines for Tuesday the 21st of January...thanks for being here:

  • China strikes again only this time with a disease;
  • Boeing stops production of the 737 Max;
  • Rural hospitals are in trouble and why;
  • A Target shopper tries to shame a clerk but it all backfires;
  • A burger chain files for Chapter 11 protection;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • Want to live the "American Dream"? Head to Canada.

Those stories and a return visit from attorney George Isaacson who was with us by phone several months ago. I caught up with him in Maricopa Arizona during a speaking engagement to the National Tractor Parts Dealer Association on the impact of sales tax collection by states, counties, cities and others and what that is doing to online retailers and what should be done about the issue.  I think you'll also find the history behind the Constitution very interesting. Listen here.

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The Business News Headlines 8 January 2020

The day after the ICBM attack on U.S. bases in Iraq gave some pause. But then...well, not so much. It's the business news headlines for Wednesday the 8th of January:

  • How much money you make impacts the likelihood of an IRS audit;
  • The employee idea that doubled business for Amazon;
  • General Motors starting to make good on its contract with the UAW;
  • Robots on the loose;
  • We've got a couple of reports on jobs;
  • And, the Wall Street Report.

Those stories plus for the interview it's Ruth Hardin from Crossroads of Iowa. Think women, jail and treatment. It's not only a calling but also a way to save taxpayer dollars.  To hear that conversation, click here.

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The Business News 18 December 2019

It's the Mid-Week Edition of the Business News Headlines, thanks for coming by. You want to reach us on Twitter you can do that @IOB_NewsHour. In the news today:

  • Retailers are getting ready for Super Saturday;
  • Amazon is updating their return policy;
  • Oh, the pain of the "sloping toilet";
  • Lots of job creation people and why;
  • Chances of being audited next year...are up;
  • The Wall Street Report in a word: "Sluggish";
  • Fast Food Workers get a gut punch.

Those stories plus a conversation with Brian Waller of the Technology Association of Iowa as we talk about that groups legislative priorities going into the 2020 legislative session. Technology is a big, very big, deal in Iowa and we'll talk about that here.

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The Business News Headlines 16 December 2019

The markets rose yet again today on the hope the U.S. China deal is really a deal and we'll have some details. That story and more:

  • A basic income idea from Senators Bennett and Romney;
  • The 91 U.S. companies that didn't pay any federal taxes;
  • Amazon and FedEx continue their fight;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • The Hallmark Channel trying to fix things.

Those stories plus Laura Kinnard is in to talk about business events in the Greater Des Moines Metro from Social Media Education to working with government contracts. You can hear that conversation here. 

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Online Taxation with George Isaacson

My guest is George Isaacson a partner with Brann-Isaacson of Lewiston, Maine and a constitutional law professor who has argued before the Supreme Court. Mr. Isaacson will talk about the nightmare of calculating taxes for more than 11,000 different tax entities in the United States along with what is taxed, what isn't and the risks in not getting it right.  Plus, he has a solution to the problem. It's an interesting conversation for both buyers and sellers and you can hear that here. 

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The Business News & More 18 November 2019

We've got plenty in store for you this afternoon as we wonder, out loud, what in the world is going on with the U.S. China trade deal....Here we go:

  • Deal? No Deal? Sounds like a TV Game Show;
  • Chick fil-A is changing their giving;
  • WeWork said to be laying off thousands;
  • FedEx and the New York Times in a brawl;
  • Markets closed higher but oh the agony;
  • Dunkin to get rid of their classic foam cups;
  • Women leaving banking and why.

Those stories and Laura Kinnard from Drake University and DMACC and author of DMBizMixer joins me to chat it up about Entrepreneur Month, some business events a social event in Urbandale and more. To listen to that all you need to do is click here