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Business News Headlines 8 October 2018

Coming to you from Boone, Iowa it's the Business News Hour for Monday the 8th of October. In the news today you'll learn why we're here plus:

  • Folks what to know what is in;
  • Bond funds are in trouble but there is a silver lining;
  • A rising tide lifts all boats...but, what if you don't have a boat;
  • More bad news today from Tesla;
  • What happened, and why, on Wall Street.

Those stories and more about why we took a road trip today.  Also we've got Jay Byers from the Greater Des Moines Partnership in to talk a bit about the upcoming Annual Dinner and the speaker who will join so many on 17 January.

We're also going to visit with Ro Crosbie the founder, president and CEO of Tero International. Her company recently was recognized as The Best the Des Moines Business Record. What do awards men to the company, staff and (more important) the customers and clients. We'll chat about that and more.

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Business News Headlines 3 October 2018

Busy news day today with lots of information and a couple of stunning interviews. Today we'll share stories about:

  • The economy is roaring. Everybody is doing just dandy...or are they;
  • Amazon won't be giving its workers bonuses or stock shares, we'll tell why;
  • And the most wealthy person on the planet is...;
  • Barnes and Noble stock was up, big time, today. Why? Yeah, we'll tell you;
  • Wi-Fi gets numbers rather than gibberish;
  • The markets? We'll check the numbers.

For our first interview it's the CEO of the Greater Des Moines Partnership, Jay Byers who is in to talk about tariffs and more to the point trade with...(wait for it)...Cuba. Jay Byers on trade and more.

Also today, you've heard the stories about how Amazon is playing all of us for fools and that the U.S. Post Office is taking a big hit. Not true says Vic McCuen the president of the National Association of Letter Carriers - Central Iowa Merged Branch. We'll also talk about the effort to take the post office...private and what that would do for Rural America. The price of stamps, retirement costs oh...and the eyes and ears of your neighborhood.  Vic McCuen a click away.


The Business News Headlines 2 October 2018

So much going on today and we've got the hottest business news stories just a click away. Today we'll talk about:

  • Amazon and $15 an hour - What was the push and who is next?
  • The resurrection of Toys R Us? 
  • Making a good product too...good?
  • A ruling for pot that went against employeers;
  • It is "The Best in the World" - What? 
  • Parents spending more on adult children than planning for retirement;
  • Mixed close on Wall Street but the Dow did hit a new record.

Those stories and a conversation with Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR) about a host of items. We're talking wages, health care, working families, international trade, the Supreme Court and much more. Sen. Merkley for the interview.

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The Business News Headlines 28 September 2018

Welcome to the Friday Edition of the Business News Hour...we've got some of the big business news stories waiting for you with just a click of the mouse...or phone. On tap today:

  • It's not nice to mislead investors, ask Walgreens;
  • More Elon Musk and Tesla stuff today;
  • Hard to imagine but Sears stock hit a milestone today;
  • Facebook says 50 million users may have been compromised;
  • The GOP voted to make some tax cuts permanent;
  • But even that didn't help the markets.

Those stories and just a bit of commentary along with a chance to meet Neil Blanchard the founder of Profit Pros. What dies he do? He finds money. No, really he finds cash that you and your business are leaving on the table. Good stuff.

Also, today is FRIDAY and that means our friends from Cityview Magazine drop in to share with us a little fun and Stuff to DO in the Metro this weekend into next week. Click through for Jeff Pitts and Parker Reed. Enjoy!

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The Business News Headlines 26 September 2018

It was a wild day for not only business but the news cycle. Aren't you glad we don't do politics? Today we're taking a look at several big news stories from cars to the Fed. Here you go:

  • Good News is Bad News? Don't worry, we'll explain;
  • Ford to cut costs but will that cost jobs?
  • In more car news GM says goodbye to the Big Apple and hellow to Motown;
  • The Fed bumped interest rates again but what might that mean to you?
  • Wanna buy Papa John's? We know of somebody looking for partners;
  • Oh yeah...then there was Wall Street.

Those stories and today we took a trip to the Central Iowa Business Conference. Couldn't go? Not to worry we've got a taste for you here today. First up is Les McKeown who spoke about Predictable Success. How to follow a very clear road map to your ultimate goal...which is success.

Also speaking today was Curt Steinhorst the author of Can I Have Your Attention. Look we are so very time starved and so full of distraction that we've got to find systems to get away from all the noise. Here Curt gives us that formula and more. Enjoy.

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The Business News Headlines 25 September 2018

Welcome to Tuesday and the Business News Hour. Lot's of things going on today from international trade to America First to ketchup. No, really!  Here are some of the stories that are just a click away:

  • Dunkin' Donuts changes their name and we'll share why;
  • More disruption from Amazon this time it's in housing;
  • Canada and ketchup, we are not making this up;
  • What credit cards might some retailers stop taking;
  • Stocks were down again today and we'll share why.

Those stories and then a conversation with Bruce Schmiedlin, CPA. You know that jobs and tax bill that was signed into law after just a few weeks of work. Well, now we're finding stuff out and for small business, "It ain't what you think.".

Then we travel back to Lanesboro, MN and have a conversation about the arts, agriculture and bicycles. How this tiny town took what they already had and created a thriving economy. Our guest is David Hennessey and for any rural community struggling...this is a must listen.

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Small Business Tax Reform - It Ain’t What You Think

The Tax and Jobs Bill that was signed into law following only weeks in the making was massive and today we're still learning about the impact. In this segment we sit down with Bruce Schniedlin, CPA to discuss the impact the new law has on small business. The information you'll hear about is much different then what you may have been hearing from the political front. Learn more by clicking through and, for reference here is the link to  

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Business News Headlines 20 September 2018

We've got the business news headlines on YOUR time. No waiting, just a click away for the business news and comment. What is waiting for you?

  • Investors scoff at the trade war;
  • You, the consumer, are about the feel what the trade war is about;
  • Wells Fargo plans to cut up to 10% of their we guess;
  • The price of used cars is going up...why?  We'll tell you what we know;
  • Universal Life Insurance...opps;
  • The Wall Street Report is...well...good it would seem

Those stories and a conversation with Shelby Bobbett and Jolene Goodman from Big Green Umbrella Media about print, events and more.

Also we'll chat with Leisa Fox and Tiffany Menke about the Central Iowa Business Conference coming to Des Moines next week...and we here there are still seats available. 


The Business News Headlines 17 September 2018

Checking out the business news headlines along with two great business interviews. Here is what we have on tap for you this afternoon:

  • Shorter work week? How about a shorter work day?
  • Whatcha going to do with that extra time off? How about a movie?
  • IBM is being sued - Age Discrimination;
  • We told you, budget cut are coming says the White House;
  • China and U.S. Trade - What happened today on Wall Street.

Those stories plus we welcome back Laura Kinnard from DMBizMixer and Drake University with networking and business education events this week. Get your event published with #DMBizEvents on Twitter. 

Also today, we're talking about the Des Moines River Project with Mat Swift. Mat is from Columbus, GA where they, five years ago, opened the nation's largest river adventure park and the result has been, in his words, "amazing". What does that have to do with Des Moines? Plenty and Mat says the Iowa capital is even better suited than his home town. You've got to hear this...

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Business News Headlines 6 September 2018

It's the Business News Hour, thanks for coming by! Here are the top business news stories from today as well as two business interviews as we broadcast from the Hotel Grinnell in Grinnell, Iowa: 

  • More Americans are food insecure now than before the Great Recession;
  • While Americans are shopping they are not shopping at JC Penny;
  • More bad news for Wells Fargo...hey, it is a day that ends in a "Y";
  • We've got a Nike update for you;
  • What happened today on Wall Street and why.

Those stories and a conversation about the Iowa Small Business Summit that was held today in Grinnell. Our guests are Tim Baker and Lindsey Starrett,

Then we'll chat with Melissa Vine about her three, wait...maybe four. She too wouldn't have it any other way but the divergance in the businesses is amazing.