Insight On Business the News Hour

Insight on Business 25 September 2013

September 25, 2013

Insight on Business the News Hour with Michael Libbie is heard Monday - Friday live at 5PM on 1350-KRNT, Des Moines...or right here on your time.  Along with the business news of the day we offer interviews with news-makers and business people, telling the back-story of their efforts.  We've paired down the podcast to include only the interviews and not the news stories.

On this broadcast of the News Hour we visited with Bob Oliver of Bob Oliver Heating and Air Conditioning about marketing, the world of HVAC and carbon monoxide.  Great tips for any business or home owner.  Then we had Ron Haugen of Westside Auto Pros in to talk about converting your vehicle from gasoline to natural gas and the savings you can see at the pump.

In the third interview of the day we had start up VenueFox founders Andrea Hanson and Jerod Mollenhaur tell us what VenueFox is, how it works and what niche are they filling with their new business. We love bringing in start-ups to share their back-story.