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The Business News Headlines 29 November 2019

It's the "late edition" of the business news headlines for the final trading day of November. We're blaming it on left-over turkey. In the news today:

  • A global automaker says they will cut 10,000 jobs;
  • Black Friday just ain't what it used to be;
  • A shocking development for the UAW;
  • Five years ago Target was in it's different;
  • The markets had a lousy day but a good month;
  • Career hunting? Try being a "Life Coach" it...pays.

Those stories plus Jeff Pitts the managing editor of Cityview Magazine is in to share his list of "Stuff to DO" in the Greater Des Moines Metro and we have some fun doing it.  We also blame the turkey...and pie for that. To listen in just click here.

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The Business News & More 21 October 2019

Welcome back to a busy week!  In the newscast today we'll share several stories that will interest you plus you'll hear from four entrepreneurs who are working it at The Runway a new co-working site in the nearly empty Southridge Mall. Then Laura Kinnard is in to chat about that project and some events.  Today:

  • Amazon shipping out of date and spoiled food?
  • Ford Motor Company and the botched Explorer rollout;
  • Will they or won't they ratify the GM/UAW agreement;
  • Boeing stock in free fall;
  • GrubHub disappoints;
  • Bottled water takes a hit.

Also today you'll meet four entrepreneurs who are part of The Runway. You can hear their stories here.

And, because it's Monday...Laura Kinnard joins me to talk about The Runway as well as share some upcoming business events. Listen to that here.

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The Business News and More 16 October 2019

Yesterday everybody was excited about earnings so much. We've got a full boat for you let's get started:

  • Yesterday was a memory as retail sales numbers sank Wall Street;
  • The United Auto Workers and General Motors...a settlement?
  • Need new tires before winter? We've got a tip;
  • Airlines are fretting over the return of the Boeing Max 737;
  • The ghost of 2016 comes back to haunt Wells Fargo;
  • Big meat is falling in love meat.

Those stories plus my two-part interview with Des Moines mayoral candidate former Sen. Jack Hatch. In Part One we'll review who Jack is and why he is running. He'll talk about water, Des Moines, education and "forgotten neighborhoods". Here is Part One

Then in Part Two we'll talk about something nobody seems to want to discuss and that is the crushing poverty just outside of downtown. He's got some ideas and we were eager to listen. Plus, and yes, we'll talk about potholes.  Here is Part Two with Jack Hatch.

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The Business News Headlines & More 14 October 2019

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian listeners as you celebrate the harvest as well as your freedoms. We're with you on that.  In the business news today:

  • Markets slump, as we suggested they would, and why;
  • Amazon just launched something new that has Target worried;
  • Day 29 of the UAW strike against General update;
  • American manufacturing is hurting for a number of reasons;
  • It's Mac & Cheesegate;
  • Restaurants and tipping could be a problem say critics;
  • The paper beer bottle is a thing...or so it would seem.

We'll also be joined by Laura Kinnard from Drake University, DMACC and DMBizMixer to chat it up about business events in the DSMUSA Metro this week. To hear that conversation, click here

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The Business News Headlines and More 11 Oct 2019

Wall Street had a party today as President Trump said the first step in a trade agreement with China is about to be drafted....that caused the Dow to climb by over 319 points. Today:

  • A trade deal but few details as of now;
  • Older model used cars are rising in price;
  • Americans are behind on car payments;
  • Tesla and it's autopilot...good or bad?

Those stories plus Jeff Pitts from Cityview Magazine is with us riffing about "Stuff to DO in the Des Moines Metro" this weekend into next week. To listen to that, just click here.

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The Business News Headlines & More 1 October 2019

Wall Street closed yesterday up on the hope of renewed talks between the U.S. and China and came a report on U.S. manufacturing. That story and what happened on Wall Street opens up our first newscast of a new month:

  • Manufacturing data weak...very;
  • President Trump calls the Fed "pathetic";
  • Facebook to sue the United States if Warren is elected;
  • The "Wealth Tax" is back in the news;
  • GM lays off thousands more;
  • Amazon and NEW grocery stores;
  • Amazon 3rd party sellers pay thousands to talk to a person.

Those stories and a look at what the top 23 employers in Iowa have to say about the economy moving forward. You might say it's a "mixed bag" in this interview with Georgia Van Gundy the Executive Director of the Iowa Business Council done for us by Jeff Stein the News & Program Director of News/Talk 1540 KXEL. Here is that story

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The Business News Headlines & More 27 September 2019

Wall Street was set adrift today due to several factors from more impeachment talk to a new plan on China to some disappointing economic news. That store plus...

  • The "Wealth Gap" is getting wider and by state;
  • The ongoing GM/UAW strike could be...ongoing;
  • Elon Musk says he can deliver;
  • Dicks Sporting Goods says their new customers are women.

Also today Jeff Pitts from Cityview Magazine joins me to chat it up about Stuff to DO in the Metro this weekend into next week. Let's GO!

PLUS! You get an extra!  Laura Kinnard and Patricia Grote join me for a conversation about repurposing a nearly vacant mall on the Southside of Des Moines. Southridge could soon be home to an Immigrant Welcome Center full of opportunities. That conversation is here

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The Business News Headlines 18 September 2019

They said it was going to be a good day on Wall Street. Heck, record low unemployment, housing starts are up and the Fed was set to cut interest rates...what could go wrong?  It's the business news headlines for Wednesday the 18th of September...thanks for being here.  Today:

  • A bunch of news about housing and mortgage rates;
  • The Fed Rate Cut - What does it mean to you?
  • President Trump is not happy;
  • Pay your utility bills on time..think Equifax & credit;
  • GM to cut Canada;
  • Young workers demand new office rules.

Those stories  plus a story about pets in Iowa. What is is about the Hawkeye State that tells us you don't care about dogs and know those pets?  With me is Haley Anderson from the Iowa Pet Alliance and we'll talk about the sad reality of pets in Iowa.  It's pretty shocking. Here is that report. 

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The Business News Headlines 17 September 2019

Nearly as fast as oil prices went up yesterday they headed back down today.  But, all of that didn't much help Wall Street as investors wonder what's next when it comes to the Fed.  Here for you today we're looking at these stories:

  • Oil, Gas and Consumers;
  • GM hits back at the UAW;
  • She is paid $22 million and why;
  • The strike and the local economy;
  • Fed and Rates;
  • Your job will be...mostly gone says Brian Solis.

Those stories and more along with Marketing for Business with Phil K. James of Good Milkshake Digital. We're talking about how to get your existing customers to buy more of what they want from you...and it works across nearly every vertical. Restaurants, grocery stores, hardware stores, coffee shops even lawyers. Here is that conversation. 

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The Business News Headlines & More 11 September 2019

This is a bit late in getting out. We were, often, distracted by the images of eighteen years ago and 9/11 and our own memories of where we were at the time...never forget. In the business news headlines today:

  • The Dow breaks above 27,000 thank you Apple;
  • President Trump lobbies hard for a rate cut to zero;
  • Purdue Pharma is said to be close to a settlement;
  • UAW leaders to huddle in Detroit...will they strike GM?
  • Victoria's Secret rethinking the the "super model";
  • How about a Progressive Pizza Pie?

Those stories and we've got a rare extended interview. Today sitting down with Elizabeth Buck the President of The United Way of Central Iowa and Seth Johnson the program director for OpportUNITY and talking about poverty in Des Moines, Iowa. In a city that boasts a fantastic quality of life there are still large pockets of poverty and families dealing with housing, transportation, child care and wages. Here is Part One.

In Part Two of our conversation we start to look at ways to reduce the stress on working families and how the United Way of Central Iowa is working to that end. We also cover several bright spots including the high school graduation rate. Here is Part Two.

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