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The Business News Headlines 22 May 2019

It's the "Vacation Edition" of the Business News Headlines. Today as stocks struggle with trade concerns we've got these stories:

  • Department stores struggle and their stocks fade;
  • While some retailers sink Target gets a bump up;
  • Lowe's disappoints but Home Depot...nope;
  • Good news for Apple computer fans;
  • Want a Tesla? New pricing;
  • Just in case you've run out of stuff to worry about we've got a looming story;
  • Want extra time to do the SAT? Move to a more affluent school.

Those stories plus an amazing conversation with author and 2020 presidential hopeful Marianne Williamson. We talk about economics, families, working folks, the system and so much more. And, at no time did it seem like she had to talk...politically. Very interesting and to hear right here

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The Business News Headlines 13 May 2019

Last week we said today was going to be a mess when it came to the markets and yep...that's exactly what happened. Welcome to the Monday Edition of the Business News Hour. Coming up today:

  • It was all downhill on Wall Street as the trade war intensifies;
  • That UBER IPO...don't ask;
  • Big shake up at Bed, Bath & Beyond;
  • Two investigations at Amazon reveil the company destroys thousands of products;
  • Drug makers in the hot seat for collusion on pricing;
  • The Supreme Court says folks can sue Apple;
  • What happened today on Wall Street...and why.

Those stories and our own Laura Kinnard from Drake University and DMBizMixer is in to talk about business networking, education and funding events here in the Metro as well as across the state. To hear that conversation just click here.

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The Business News Headlines 30 April 2019

It is the final day of April 2019 and we've got several very interesting business news stories on tap. Let's dig in...and feel free to click through:

  • Farmers getting out of farming at an alarming rate;
  • Markets end mixed;
  • What if they are just "pretending";
  • Meat prices on the way up;
  • Facebook and a facelift;
  • What happened on Wall Street and why.

Plus today for The Interview it's the Iowa Division Director for the Small Business Administration, Jayne Armstrong. We'll be talking about National Small Business Week, the SBA disaster recovery and lift up some great Iowa small businesses. Click here to listen. 

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The Business News Headlines 22 April 2019

It's a big week for earnings reports and we'll detail the data for you. Welcome to the Business News Hour here are the stories that are just a click away:

  • It's "wait & see" on Wall Street;
  • A sluggish start to the home buying season;
  • A Tesla Model S...explodes;
  • Apple Pay and JC Penny;
  • Two stories about the automobile market
  • ACLU of Iowa files suit against Ag-Gag 2.0
  • What happened and why on Wall Street

Those stories plus we'll introduce you to Debbie Sears of Sears Insurance but...we're not talking about insurance we're talking hunger in Iowa and the event she "cooked up" that brings some of the top chefs together to raise money for the Food Bank of Iowa. It's called Another Plate at the Table. Learn how she has turned tragedy to action. Click here for that story.

Also, because it's Monday, Laura Kinnard from Drake University and joins me to chat it up about business networking and education events in the DSMUSA Metro. Here is that conversation.

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The Business News Headlines 18 April 2019

Due to Good Friday today is the final trading day on Wall Street and we've got the numbers and why coming up on this Thursday edition of the Business News Hour:

  • Positive earnings push the markets;
  • Former Sears CEO is being sued;
  • A beer story;
  • A "smokes" story;
  • Trailer park owners in Iowa about to get sent a notice;
  • What happened on Wall Street & Why.

Those stories and a hyper-local piece about affordable housing. This is something we stumbled onto early this week and it has to do with the Merle Hale Mall and that re-imagine effort, Anawim Housing an affordable housing non-profit and the City of Urbandale. To hear that...just click here

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The Business News Headlines 16 April 2019

Today the markets were up...a bit...but they were up. That story and more today in the Tuesday, April 16th Edition of the Business News Hour:

  • The Health Care Industry slams Medicare for All;
  • We know where you can get a great paying job;
  • Netflix grows even with rising rates;
  • This week yet another Facebook scandal;
  • Then there were twenty-one - A convenience store story;
  • Iowa ice cream headed to New York;
  • What happened today on Wall Street and why.

2020 presidential hopeful Secretary Julian Castro was in Iowa and we caught up with him in what we're calling Ten Minutes with Julian Castro. Click here to listen.

What happens when you get a Mom who really wants to do something for education? You start something really different. Meet Kristyn Arnold from ANAWIM Housing who has partnered with the Des Moines Public Schools for a very different kind of fund raiser. Imagine a fund raiser where you don't have to spend any money but up! Click here to listen

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The Business News Headlines 12 April 2019

It's the business news headlines for Friday the 12th day of April, thanks for coming by. On the newscast today:

  • Markets move up on financials and entertainment;
  • Another retail chain in trouble;
  • Despite "fake news" and privacy issues social media still strong;
  • A company that knows if you are going to quit...before you say anything;
  • While Uber goes public drivers struggle to make a living;
  • GE pays a big fine;
  • 2020 hopeful Andrew Yang and the hologram story;
  • What happened on Wall Street and why.

Those stories an we'll introduce you to two young podcasters from Iowa City, Iowa. Michele Guild does "Welcome to My Podcast" podcast and Justin Comer does "I Hear I C" featuring artists from the Iowa City area. Both can be found on the new Iowa Podcast Network. Here is Michele and Justin...

And, because it's Friday we've got the managing editor of Cityview Magazine, Jeff Pitts with his list of "Stuff to DO" in the Greater Des Moines Metro. Listen here

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The Business News Headlines 11 April 2019

The markets stalled out today as investors play a "wait and see" sort of day. It's the business news headlines for Thursday the 11th of April. Here is what's inside:

  • Millennials are falling out of the Middle Class;
  • The Uber IPO is a thing;
  • Grocery War, Trade War now Tax War;
  • The National Pork Expo gets shut down;
  • The Des Moines International Airport has growing pains;
  • What happened on Wall Street and why.

Those stories plus our Restaurant of the Week is Range Grill + Golf located in Urbandale, Iowa. This place has three really cool things going for it: An amazing restaurant with interesting menu items, a great state of the art golf simulator and signature cocktails that will lift your spirits. I'll chat with owner Steve Garrels about the work that went into creating this beautiful and functional place and talk a bit about the future. To hear that click here

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The Business News Headlines 10 April 2019

We've got a packed newscast for you with plenty of business news and our Out to Lunch feature. On the docket today:

  • The markets were up but not by much;
  • CBS has a look at the new crisis in Rural America;
  • Boeing shareholders are suing Boeing;
  • Bankers got a frosty reception on Capital Hill;
  • YouTube TV just raised their prices;
  • What happened and why on Wall Street

Plus we go Out to Lunch with Heidi Soliday the first female names as a sports director in America. We launch into lunch at Range Grill + Golf by asking Heidi three questions it's the same three questions we ask all our Out to Lunch guests. Here is that segment.

Then we'll talk sports, the business of television news, women in TV broadcasting, she'll drop some names, talk about her near chance to go and compete in the Olympics (no...really) and we'll talk about her new passion of cycling and raising awareness of climate change. It's a packed hour and you can hear that segment here. 

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The Business News Headlines 9 April 2019

You might say that investors get...well, nervous. It's the business news hour for Tuesday the 9th day of April. Inside:

  • No, not nerves of steel;
  • Job cuts in the oil industry and why;
  • Robots coming to Walmart in a big way;
  • Motel 6 owes millions to former guests but finding them may be difficult;
  • Thing Uber and your local mall;
  • Levi Strauss made a move that is paying off;
  • What happened on Wall Street and why.

Also today we'll visit with Katherine Haine from about the business of digital reputation. What? No, really, her company will scrub the internet to discover how your website and your social media look to consumers and then...if it needs fixing they can do that too. What is cool is the "health check" Click here to hear that conversation.

Then from a very different world meet Andy Ward and the Hey Buddy Podcast. Andy is a police officer from a small town in Eastern Iowa and when he puts down the badge he gets with friends and riffs about stuff they think is cool. We think it's worth a you knowing more. Listen in here

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