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The Business News Headlines 17 January 2019

Coming to you from Mobile, Alabama we're checking out the business news headlines from the day.  Coming up we'll share details on these stories:

  • The U.S. China trade war? Somebody may have blinked;
  • The 2017 Tax Cut and Jobs Act is hurting big banks;
  • Another bombshell from New York that impacts Washington D.C.;
  • Federal workers impacted by the shutdown can apply for unemployment but...there is a catch;
  • Retail experts say it's just a matter of time before these 4 famous retail giants...go away;
  • Wall Street - What happened and why.

Those stories plus a quick conversation with Mobile resident and first author Margie Odom. It just happened and we think it's a touching story. To hear that story, click here.

Also today Stephen Haas from DLS Worldwide is in the house talking about fright and fright delivery, driver-less semi's and the National Tractor Parts Dealer Association...think agriculture and the parts that keep equipment running. To hear that conversation click here.

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The Business News Headlines 16 January 2019

Welcome to the Business News Hour coming to you today from beautiful, and warm, Mobile, Alabama.  In the news headlines today:

  • Big Banks Big Profits;
  • Sears will remain open...for now;
  • Netflix boosted their prices but know will happen again;
  • The number is 29 and it has to do with women;
  • Ford sees some dark days ahead;
  • The housing market hit a wall in December;
  • Those stories the real retirement of a DSM CEO and Wall Street.

Also today we'll shine our Small Business Spotlight on the Quill & Nib located in the Historic Valley Junction of West Des Moines. It's all high quality and owner Rob Beers also makes pens for discerning individuals. Oh, and the reason he started the business years ago?  It was on a...dare.  To hear that conversation click here.

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Business News Headlines 15 January 2019

Busy business day and here are the business news headlines with a taste of Iowa smattered in:

  • Wall Street looked at Brexit and went....
  • That economic impact of the shutdown just got...worse;
  • CVS and Walmart feuding and that means...
  • Papa John's Board can't keep records from its founder;
  • Pizza, hey it's that sort of day, delivery and Dominos;
  • Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds and her Condition of the State (see told you...)
  • What happened and why on Wall Street.

Those stories along with a conversation with the Joe Murphy the Vice President of Governmental Affairs for the Greater Des Moines Partnership. The Iowa Legislature gaveled to order so we thought it timely to find out what is on the wishlist for Central Iowa and the entire state. You can hear that by

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The Business News Headlines 14 January 2019

Hope you had a great weekend! Back at it for another Monday and we've got the following business news headlines for you...just a click away:

  • Wall Street falters today and we'll share why;
  • Thousands of teachers are out on strike in Los Angeles and we'll share those demands;
  • CVS Health will spend $100 million on community health programs...why? We have an idea;
  • A hedge fund wants to buy Gannett and Gannett is listening;
  • The shutdown claims another victim;
  • Sen. Bernie Sanders is back with a $15 an hour proposal;
  • Former congressman John K. Delaney was in Iowa and we chatted with him;
  • Wall Street did what?

Those stories plus Laura Kinnard from joins us to talk about business networking and education events this week. Plus we look at the status of female owned businesses in Iowa and a recent American Express finding. To hear that conversation click here

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Business News Headlines 10 January 2019

Wall Street had another decent day...imagine what might have been without all the other distractions. Here are the business news headlines that are just a click away:

  • Day five and the markets won again;
  • Federal workers start to sue the federal government over the shutdown and they could win;
  • Meanwhile thousands of federal workers file for unemployment;
  • Retail stocks took a beating today led by Macy's;
  • The future of Amazon could be altered by a divorce;
  • A look at the numbers in our Wall Street Report.

In for The Interview is Kyle Hopkins a trainer from Tero International. We'll be talking about self awareness, bias, culture and more. So, what's the business angle? He says that by paying attention to differences and recognizing them helps build relationships the end...sales. An interesting topic. To hear that conversation, click here

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The Business News Headlines 4 January 2019

The Labor Department report today busted loose Wall Street...oh, and there was that Fed statement that kicked stuff into high gear. It's the Business News Hour Headlines for our first Friday of 2019. A click away you'll find:

  • Saks is closing a store in Manhattan..we thought you should know;
  • A billion dollar lawsuit gets the green light and what it's about will shock you;
  • 800,000 federal workers are not getting paid but some in the White House may get a raise;
  • Marriott says the hack was not as bad as first reported but, it's still big;
  • Leaders in the German government got hacked;
  • Get your wallet open...cable prices are going up, again.
  • What happened on Wall Street and why.

Those stories PLUS we've got Jeff Pitts back from Cityview Magazine with Stuff to DO in the Des Moines Metro this weekend into next week. And to prove to you that we fail to take ourselves too seriously we even left in the bloopers at the end.  Enjoy! To hear all of that just click here

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The Business News Headlines 3 January 2019

Give us eleven minutes and we'll serve up the top business news stories along with the markets here on The Business News Hour.  Click through today for:

  • Ouch...Wall Street got spanked;
  • Mark Zuckerberg stopped selling Facebook Stock like he promised in 2017;
  • Apple stock tanked today and we'll share why;
  • Reach for your wallet. Today Big Pharma raised prices on hundreds of drugs;
  • If the economy is surging how come....
  • What happened and why on Wall Street.

Those stories and Joey Beech is back with us to chat about the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Project that is now at home in Iowa. That's right and because the clock is ticking on registration we thought we'd share the story again.  To hear that segment, click here!

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The Business News Headlines 2 January 2019

Welcome to the first broadcast/podcast since the New's also the first day the markets were in session and we start out with a look at what the heck happened on Wall Street. Then:

  • Home sales it getting to be a buyers market?
  • General Motors has sold 200,000 electric vehicles and that means...
  • You will never guess what market Amazon might disrupt next;
  • The story is gasoline prices are headed up;
  • Some changes coming to Roku users;
  • What happened and why on Wall Street today.

Those stories and then a trip into our Way-Back Machine for a conversation we had five years ago with Bryan and Jeff McGinness the owners of Wine Styles. Back then there was only one location in the Greater Des Moines Market, now there are three. Plus a string of stores across the nation. We're talking wine and business in a Way Back Edition of the Business News Hour. To listen to that conversation click here. 



The Business News Headlines 31 December 2018

Stick a fork in it...and none too soon.  It's the Business News Hour Headlines for the final day of 2018. Inside, and just a click away, you'll hear about:

  • What the markets did today and why that matters;
  • What happened to Wall Street in 2018 and who started what;
  • Tesla has a surplus of vehicles, that were supposed to be delivered by today;
  • Will Sears survive? We'll know more in a couple of days but it doesn't look good;
  • A look at the numbers from the markets.

Those stories and Laura Kinnard is back with us. Last week, if you remember we started talking about the reimagining of shopping malls. Today we'll dig a little deeper into that subject and also a couple of upcoming business networking events happening after the New Year. To listen to that conversation you can click here. 


The Business News Headlines 26 December 2018

OK, OK...we took yesterday off, sort of. It's the business news headlines from today and today we've got some great stories lined up for this Boxing Day:

  • The Dow has it's best single day...ever;
  • Amazon also had its best holiday season...ever;
  • Consumer spending up big time;
  • The GAP set to close its huge NYC store. Guess what the rent is per square foot;
  • Report the U.S. and China will hold trade talks next month;
  • Dollar Stores continue to surge across the United States...why?
  • Interest rates and the national debt. Some chiling numbers;
  • The Wall Street Report and it is...well...amazing.

Those stories plus we go Out to Lunch with Jonnnie Wright from the Buyosphere and Buyosphere University. We're talking first about three questions, the same three questions each of our guests get asked: Book, Movie and Job..we call it Quick Bites. To listen in to our three questions click here

Then we launch into a wide ranging conversation about business, consumers, marketing and so much more. Promise you will learn a great deal from this business lunch at Gilroy's Kitchen - Pub - Patio in West Des Moines, Iowa. To listen to us talk business over lunch click here

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