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The Business News Headlines 3 December 2019

U.S. Trade's sort of like playing a game of "Wack-a-Mole" you never know what is coming up from where. Welcome to the Tuesday edition of the business news headlines. Today:

  • Trade Deal with China: On, Off, On, Off...yikes;
  • Sprint "over counts" and rakes in millions;
  • Google is in some legal troubles from employees;
  • See the Peloton ad this weekend? Company stock down 7%;
  • Wall Street had a rough day, we've got the numbers;
  • You may not get "fries with that" a potato story.

We have all experienced "Death by Power Point". Today Maureen Berger a trainer from Tero International is in to give you tips on how to make sure your next presentation is not only remembered but that you also drive home your objective all with out the dreaded death by Power Point. You can listen to that here.

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The Business News Headlines 2 December 2019

It's a brand new month and welcome! The first trading day of December was rough on Wall Street and we'll share what happened and why.  In other business news:

  • Black Friday was big and Cyber Monday could be to;
  • Amazon and Auschwitz it's a story;
  • Is America's Shale Oil Boom...over;
  • How many hours a week do you need to work to live...comfortably;
  • Markets headed down today and we'll share why;
  • There is a new report out about jobs Stunning.

Those stories plus Laura Kinnard is with us chatting it up about business events happening in the Greater Des Moines Metro this weekend into next week. To hear us talk about that, just click here

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The Business News Headlines 29 November 2019

It's the "late edition" of the business news headlines for the final trading day of November. We're blaming it on left-over turkey. In the news today:

  • A global automaker says they will cut 10,000 jobs;
  • Black Friday just ain't what it used to be;
  • A shocking development for the UAW;
  • Five years ago Target was in it's different;
  • The markets had a lousy day but a good month;
  • Career hunting? Try being a "Life Coach" it...pays.

Those stories plus Jeff Pitts the managing editor of Cityview Magazine is in to share his list of "Stuff to DO" in the Greater Des Moines Metro and we have some fun doing it.  We also blame the turkey...and pie for that. To listen in just click here.

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The Business News Headlines 25 November 2019

It was a big day on Wall Street as the Dow shot up by over 190 points to 28,066 and tech stocks saw the Nasdaq gain 112 to close at 8,632 the S&P 500 up by 23 points and change. Think...China.  In the news today:

  • Folks have a beef with beef and the industry is on alert;
  • The slow trucking industry means layoffs at Cummins;
  • Charles Schwab is in a buying mode;
  • U.S. jewelry company Tiffany...sold;
  • A glut of homes are coming on the market but...there is a but.

Those stories and Lauren Campbell is in our Small Business Spotlight as she highlights her working/meeting space called The Studio. It's a great place for small groups or business meetings and even a party. Plus she's got a Small Business Deal on the rental. Here is that conversation. 

Also today, Laura Kinnard is with us chatting it up about business events in the Des Moines Metro plus we'll offer some tips on how your small business can really shine this Saturday for Small Business Saturday. You can hear all of 

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The Business News 22 November 2019

It struck me, just as we were getting this ready for the newscast, that today is the 56th anniversary of the murder of President John Kennedy: November 22, 1963. In the business news today:

  • President Trump speaks "deal" and the markets go up;
  • That new Tesla truck...uhm....
  • Organized Retail Crime is a thing;
  • No tuna for you;
  • Bathrooms and Starbucks;
  • No "Angels" on the runway;
  • Let's all embrace...napping at work.

Those stories and the markets plus Jeff Pitts the Managing Editor for Cityview Magazine is in to chat it up about "Stuff to DO" in the Des Moines Metro. We're talking music, whiskey, Christmas, East Village, Farmers Market and who in sports we "hate" this week. To listen, just click.

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The Business News Headlines 20 November 2019

It was yet another troubling day for any deal with the U.S. and China. Some days it's like whiplash. In the news today:

  • The $1 billion deal in Texas is sorta sweet;
  • Amazon wants to get you your stuff...faster;
  • A lawsuit rocks Detroit;
  • Walmart is changing some things in their stores;
  • Markets closed lower again today and why;
  • Might you lose your "white-collar" job due to...

Those stories and a quick conversation with Leng Vong Reiff about the 12th Annual Immigrant Entrepreneur Summit slated for this Saturday in Ankeny, Iowa. Details about that event are right here.

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The Business News & More 15 November 2019

It was a record setting day on Wall Street as the Dow climbed over 28,000 for the first time..ever. Why? That's part of what we've got for you tonight.

  • Workplace violence is increasing against...nurses;
  • The FDA is worried about "unsafe" over the counter drugs;
  • Starbucks just got...huge in Chicago;
  • The most profitable company in the world set for an IPO;
  • More job skill worries;
  • Could restaurants go the way of taxi cabs.

Those stories and more along with Jeff Pitts from Cityview Magazine who lists out Stuff to DO in the Des Moines Metro this weekend into next week. To hear that "Friday Fun" just click here

The Business News & More 14 November 2019

Uncertainty over any U.S. and China trade deal kept the markets in check. Welcome to the Thursday edition of the business news headlines:

  • A Majority of Americans don't feel the economic love;
  • Sears is laying off more folks;
  • Walmart released their Black Friday sales;
  • Wall Street had another "Meh" sorta day;
  • Throwback Thursday - The Flip Phone is back.

Those stories plus Connie Ryan the Executive Director of the Interfaith Alliance of Iowa joins me to talk about faith, public policy and gun violence. No, not another vigil but action. You can hear that conversation here.

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The Business News and More 13 November 2019

It's the MId-Week Edition of the Business News Headlines and we've got some great stories for you today. Just an FYI the Dow did jump up today by 92 points on the strength of the Fed Chairman and closed at 27,783 while the Nasdaq was down fractionally and the S&P 500 picked up 2 points.  

  • Well, THAT was successful and Netflix suffers;
  • Yes, there is a Costco scam going on;
  • Google to offer...checking accounts;
  • Nike says "buh-buh" to Amazon;
  • How about "Instant Money" from your wages;
  • Facebook and the iPhone glitch;
  • Von Maur changes plans about Jordan Creek.

Those stories and you'll meet several of Cityview Magazine's Business Journal award winners from the recent "19 Businesses People Making a Difference in 2019". You can hear those stories right here.

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The Business News & More 11 November 2019

It's Veterans Day in the United States and Remembrance Day in Canada and the UK. Welcome to the Business News Headlines for the 11th day of November. Inside:

  • Wall Street struggles due to uncertainty;
  • Boeing says its 737 will go airborne in January;
  • Walgreens to go private?
  • Google is mining health data;
  • Subway is fighting franchise owner;
  • Amazon and a "real" grocery store;
  • Sen. Cory Booker talks small business;
  • You can NOW register for RAGBRAI.

Those stories plus Laura Kinnard from DMBizMixer is in to chat it up about business events in the Des Moines Metro. To hear that click here!

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