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The Economic Climate of Iowa with Georgia VanGundy

We welcome back Georgia VanGundy the CEO of the Iowa Business Council a group made up of the 23 largest employers in the state. Today the IBC released their Competitive Dashboard that measures how Iowa competes nationally in five areas of concern:

  • Economic Growth
  • Education & Workforce
  • Governance
  • Health & Wellness
  • Demographics & Diversity

We look at each area, discuss what is working and what needs work. How does Iowa rank when looking at the economic factors here?  Click through to learn more. 

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The Business News Headlines 19 December 2018

The markets were rolling right along and then...bam!  It's the Business News Hour for the 19th of December, thanks for coming by.  Tonight in the business news headlines:

  • The markets the interest rates and you;
  • J&J back in the news again today on baby powder and cancer;
  • Hurry up with that divorce, your taxes are counting on it;
  • What is accelerating the global economic slowdown? Dumb political decisions;
  • The bluest of blue chips is backing out of its long commitment to retirees;
  • More trouble for Facebook, real trouble;
  • Former Iowa Governor and Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack talks to us about Rural America.

Those stories plus a conversation with 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang about the economics of our nation and why people, regular people, don't seem to matter anymore. To hear that conversation click here.

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The Business News Headlines 13 December 2018

It's the Thursday, December 13th Edition of the Business News Hour...thanks for coming by. In the news today:

  • Wall Street? One word, mixed;
  • The lack of blue collar workers is getting serious as more folks retire and nobody wants the jobs;
  • Hear about the Canadian teen who took to the Walmart store loud speaker to quit;
  • Instacart says goodbye to Whole Foods;
  • Des Moines, Iowa gets funding for a "transload hub". We'll share;
  • Oh yes, the markets what happened and why.

Then we're going to step into our Way-Back Machine for our very first Out to Lunch Segment, something we totally ripped off of CBS News and Major Garrett and "Take Out" well sort of. He interviews political types we do business over lunch and you get to listen in. Our guest is speaker and author Callista Gould from the Culture and Manners Institute. Click here for Part One.

And then we continue our conversation at Table 128 Bistro & Bar with Callista you can hear that...right here.

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The Business News Headlines 6 December 2018

It's the Business News Hour and what a day today on Wall Street. The Dow opened 400+ points lower and then continued downhill until...and as if by magic the Fed made an announcement. Here are the stories we've gathered for you today:

  • The Fed and a policy shift;
  • The arrest of a Chinese national set folks off today. We've got the story;
  • A new assembly line is headed to Detroit the first in a decade;
  • Eddie Lambert really, really wants Sears;
  • You know the trillions of dollars supposed to come back to the U.S.? Uhm...;
  • We'll detail what happened today on Wall Street.

Those stories plus a walk through of the new MedPharm Iowa medical cannabis dispensary that opened last weekend. MedPharm Iowa grows the product, creates the items and now dispenses it in two Iowa locations one in Sioux City and the other in the Des Moines Metro. We'll take you on a tour with our friend Stephen Wilson. Click on his name to listen in.

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Business News Headlines 3 December 2018

Welcome back to a new week of business news. Today we've got plenty to share with you. Here is what you are about to hear...

  • The pause in the trade war went well on Wall Street;
  • GM CEO Mary Barra will, on Wednesday meet with two Ohio senators;
  • The "done deal" between CVS Health and Aetna got a bit murky today;
  • Glaxo wants to buy another drug maker for more than $5 billion;
  • Expect to pay more for fuel;
  • What? No more porn on Tumblr;
  • What happened and why on Wall Street.

And today we went "Out to Lunch" with Dr. Yogesh Shah, MD from Broadlawns Medical Center and talked aging, early onset dementia and the treatment and reversal of the disease. We also did Quick Bites - Three Questions that we ask each "Out to Lunch" guest.

Also today Laura Kinnard from Drake University and joins us to talk about business education and networking events in the Greater Des Moines, Iowa Metro. 

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Business News Headlines 27 November 2018

We're back with some of the top business news stories of the day and we bring them to you on YOUR time. Listen when you want and learn more about what's going on.  Today we're talking about:

  • President Trump warns GM that they will lose government dollars;
  • Papa John's can't find a buyer and it's stock sinks;
  • Will there be a deal with China?  Who knows;
  • Speaking of China Google employees don't want to throttle information;
  • So what went on in the world of retail sales on Cyber Monday? We've got details'
  • What happened today on Wall Street and why.

Plus, for The Interview, we picked up something we recorded last summer but failed to air. It's a conversation with Mat Greiner and Teva Dawson about their company, Group Creative. They work with communities and non-profits in a very unique way to garner attention and public relations all by It's a neat story so listen...OK?

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The Business News Headlines 26 October 2018

Hey, before you go "Full Weekend Mode" check out some of the big stories from the world of business. And the markets....don't ask! On tap with just a click you'll hear about:

  • If the economy is clipping along at 3.5% growth how come the markets are in the tank?
  • More troubles for Tesla this time it's not the SEC but the FBI;
  • Once the darling of teens Snap is losing users and today suffered a market setback;
  • Speaking of about Amazon today;
  • A stunning report about small businesses and are not going to believe it.

Those stories and we've got Jeff Pitts from Cityview Magazine in to talk about some fun stuff going on in the Des Moines, Iowa Metro this weekend into next week. Click HERE to listen!

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The Business News Headlines 17 October 2018

Yesterday's party on Wall Street ended today as investors took a look at the Fed Meeting Minutes...yeah that interest rate stuff. Here's what we shareing today:

  • We take a deep dive into the tax cuts...are they paying for themselves?
  • Last week it was Ford that announced layoffs today it's drug giant Pfizer;
  • In what nations do people retire younger...and older? We've got a list;
  • West Des Moines, Iowa is getting a major sports complex;
  • A North Central Iowa manufacturer produces some record revenue numbers;
  • And, yes, we'll check out what happened today on Wall Street.

Those stories plus in for The Interview is Ruth Ann Gaines (D-Des Moines) who is running for re-election in Iowa House District 32. Mrs. Gaines is a former educator who represents people just northeast of downtown Des Moines in an area she describes as economically challenged. Meet Ruth Ann Gaines:

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The Business News Headlines - 10 October 2018

Each weekday at about 5pm Central we offer up the business news headlines but, you don't have to be stuck in your vehicle or your can listen on YOUR time. In the business news today:

  • Is the party over as the Dow drops over 800 points;
  • Amazon made good today on their promise to adjust wages for long term employees;
  • Ford announces lay-offs...that could be as high as 24,000 workers. Why? We'll share;
  • Sears may be getting ready to say "good-bye";
  • Michael shuts down oil and gas production in the Gulf;
  • And, yep, the headwinds the markets are facing.

Those stories and a conversation with Matthew McIver the Artistic Director of the professional group the Iowa Stage Theatre Company that has roots going back generations. What does live theatre mean to the quality of life and recruitment/retention of top talent?  We asked that question and more...

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Business News Headlines 3 October 2018

Busy news day today with lots of information and a couple of stunning interviews. Today we'll share stories about:

  • The economy is roaring. Everybody is doing just dandy...or are they;
  • Amazon won't be giving its workers bonuses or stock shares, we'll tell why;
  • And the most wealthy person on the planet is...;
  • Barnes and Noble stock was up, big time, today. Why? Yeah, we'll tell you;
  • Wi-Fi gets numbers rather than gibberish;
  • The markets? We'll check the numbers.

For our first interview it's the CEO of the Greater Des Moines Partnership, Jay Byers who is in to talk about tariffs and more to the point trade with...(wait for it)...Cuba. Jay Byers on trade and more.

Also today, you've heard the stories about how Amazon is playing all of us for fools and that the U.S. Post Office is taking a big hit. Not true says Vic McCuen the president of the National Association of Letter Carriers - Central Iowa Merged Branch. We'll also talk about the effort to take the post office...private and what that would do for Rural America. The price of stamps, retirement costs oh...and the eyes and ears of your neighborhood.  Vic McCuen a click away.