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City of Johnston with Mayor Paula Dierenfeld

The City of Johnston has doubled it's population over the past ten years and now poised for more. This is our conversation with Mayor Paula Dierenfeld about economic development, the challenges of growth and the multi-million dollar Gateway Project.

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Insight on Business with Michael Libbie 20 November 2013

Insight on Business the News Hour with Michael Libbie is heard live Monday - Friday from 5P - 6P on 1350-KRNT, Des Moines, Iowa.  In this podcast we strip off most of the news ('cause who wants to hear yesterday's stuff?) and keep the interviews with news-makers.

Today we visit with Emily Price and Dave Wilwerding from the City of Johnston, Iowa about the new redevelopment program going on with the Merle Hay gateway to the city.  The Merle Hay Redevelopment Project is going to transform the entire area.  We talk...details.

Then Courtney Tompkins joins us to talk about DSM PopUp Parties.  Want to have an event but don't want the work in getting it done?  A new start-up hits Des Moines and we spend some time talking about it.

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