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Business News Headlines 18 September 2018

What happened while you were working? Here are some of the top business news headlines and a look at what happened on Wall Street and why! Today:

  • China worries? Not so much;
  • New TV ads for Papa John's but guess who is missing;
  • This pot company may soon have a market value of $1 billion;
  • Talking drugs...a drug maker sued in court for bribing physicians for the drug...;
  • What happened on Wall Street and why.

Those stories plus a conversation with AARP-Iowa volunteer Don Corrigan about Complete Streets a proposal set to be voted on by the Des Moines City Council. So...why in the heck is AARP-Iowa involved?  We asked.

Also today we talk with Maureen Berger about something called Outcome Driven Sales...we are all selling something but in this program from Tero International we make sure it's a "win-win" for buyer and seller.

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Business News Headlines - 12 September 2018

It's the Business News Headlines for Tuesday the 12th of September, thanks for clicking through. Today in the business news:

  • The biggest lie that will get you booted from a job offer;
  • Working too hard? Richard Branson says have more fun and a 3 day work week;
  • Speaking of jobs, FedEx and Macy's are hiring but where will they find...people;
  • Some McDonald's workers going on strike next week. Why? Sexual Harassment;
  • Hear about the drug company that raised the price of a medicine by 400%;
  • The new iPhones were introduced today and Apple stock went...down;
  • What happened and why on Wall Street.

Those stories plus a conversation with Ned Flynn and Tracy Gonsalez from Aureon about something that can have a major impact on employee retention and recruitment. We're talking workers compensation...and it's important.

Then, you know about The Wave right? Did you know it all started with one Facebook post? With us to talk about that and a special event from the Social Media Club of Des Moines is Jessie Brown. We're talking University of Iowa, The Wave and through! 


Business News Headlines 10 September 2018

The business news headlines for Monday the 10th of September. What's on tap? Click through for:

  • The New Tax Law may have you paying more, not less in taxes;
  • CBS to pay Moonves up to $120 million if...
  • Nike has more to worry about and it comes in the form of Amazon;
  • The next mobile technology is 5G who is doing what...we tell;
  • Tipping, who tips more, how much is correct and more;
  • What happened today and why on Wall Street.

Those stories and we'll also have a remix of a conversation with Melissa Vine who has not one but...four businesses she works at.

And here is a conversation with Angela Harrington about the amazing Hotel Grinnell. What did it take to create a first class hotel out of a school building built in 1921...and in a town of 10,000 people?  Have a listen!

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Business News Headlines 6 September 2018

It's the Business News Hour, thanks for coming by! Here are the top business news stories from today as well as two business interviews as we broadcast from the Hotel Grinnell in Grinnell, Iowa: 

  • More Americans are food insecure now than before the Great Recession;
  • While Americans are shopping they are not shopping at JC Penny;
  • More bad news for Wells Fargo...hey, it is a day that ends in a "Y";
  • We've got a Nike update for you;
  • What happened today on Wall Street and why.

Those stories and a conversation about the Iowa Small Business Summit that was held today in Grinnell. Our guests are Tim Baker and Lindsey Starrett,

Then we'll chat with Melissa Vine about her three, wait...maybe four. She too wouldn't have it any other way but the divergance in the businesses is amazing.


The Business News Headlines 5 September 2018

Join us for a quick look at the business news headlines from today along with the Wall Street Report. Today:

  • U.S. teachers paid 11.1% less than other professions and wages have gone down since 2009;
  • The one skill that predicts wealth...we'll share;
  • FBI and American Express;
  • Tesla stock continues to take a pounding;
  • Beer sales down so Miller Coors cuts 350 jobs;
  • United Way of Central Iowa and Unions;
  • Yesterday it was Nike today it's Levi Strauss taking on a hot button political issue;
  • What happened and why on Wall Street.

Those stories and our conversation with Margaret Buckton from Iowa School Finance Information Services a for-profit business working with school districts on budgets, board training and more.

Then it's Marketing for Business - Episode 27 with Phil K. James as we talk about Ichi Bikes and Yankee Doodle Dandy Tattoo..this is interesting...and our guest is Dan Koenig. 

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The Business News Headlines 31 August 2018

Each weekday at about 5pm Central we offer up the business news headlines. Items you many have seen or perhaps missed. We'll also tell you what happened on Wall Street and why.  Today: 

  • U.S. Canada struggle to complete a "deal" by the deadline today;
  • Got a DIY project this weekend? Home Depot and Lowes have deals;
  • Ford scraps a vehicle that would have been a niche in the U.S. We'll tell you why;
  • The 15 best cities in the nation and guess who is number 15...and then number 1;
  • Having a baby soon? We have a suggestion for a name that could score you $11K;
  • What happned on Wall Street and why?  

Those stories and we'll tell you about FlashDine DSM with my Georgie Libbie (yes, we know her) and today, because it is Friday we've got "Stuff to DO in the Metro" with Jeff Pitts and Parker Reed from Cityview Magazine. Let's get to it! 


Business News Headlines 30 August 2018

Each weekday at 5pm Central we offer up the business news headlines along with what happened and why on Wall Street. Today you can learn more about:

  • Trump Trade Tariff Talk - Back Again;
  • It's Going to Happen - Campbell's Soup to Sell Stuff;
  • Law Suit! - Papa John's (You knew this would happen);
  • Christmas is 117 Days Away - Who's Counting?
  • A Switch, Wells Fargo is Investigating...Wells Fargo;
  • Sears Closing More Stores and Sales Rage Today;
  • What Happened On Wall Street and Why. 

Those stories and we'll talk about becoming a more successful influencer (yes, it can be taught) with Deborah Rinner from Tero International and then it's Marketing for Businsss Episode 26 with Phil K. James of Good Milkshake Digital it's all about Facebook Groups.

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The Business News Headlines 27 August 2018

Here are some of the top businss news stories for today along with what happened on Wall Street and why:

  • It's a deal! But nobody knows much about it. We're talking trade and the U.S. and Mexico;
  • Warren Buffett is taking a steak in a business he's never been in before;
  • How would you like a 46% raise in pay? We've got a story about that;
  • We've got two car stories for you;
  • Kiss property tax dollars goodbye as the Feds will build a new courthouse downtown Des Moines.

Those stories plus a conversation with Beau Fodor from Panache about three upcoming farm to table events and you are invited to each. Always a great interview...Beau Fodor in the news. Then we'll hear from Laura Kinnard from Drake University about some business education opportunities and networking for business. We'v got a packed on through! 


The Business News Headlines 24 August 2018

Thanks for clicking through for Insight on Business News and Commentary. So much to share with you today:

  • Sen. Bernie Sanders shocks Walmart, Amazon and others;
  • L.L. Bean doing a good thing by putting their money "out there";
  • The most stressed out people live in California but the rest of us are not far behind;
  • The State of Iowa hands out a 7.5% not to people but for profit corporations;
  • The Markets shrugged off troubles and climbed.

Those stories and we'll head to Vino 209 which is playing our host for the next month as we take thought leaders "Out to Lunch". You can also click into Friday Fun with Jeff, Parker and Michael as they talk about "Stuff to DO in the Metro"


It's all part of Friday! 


The Business News Headlines 23 August 2018

Click through to learn more about these top business news stories and later two great interviews:

  • Markets hit a wall today and we'll share why;
  • So, is Tesla REALLY going private? We've got an update;
  • There is one job young people don't want even though it pays well;
  • Grocery store plastic bags on the way out;
  • No, Mr. President that is not the price of a Camero in China

Those stories the markets and our Restaurant of the Week is Central Standard. You've got to listen to our conversation with general manager Andy Crounse it's pretty clear why this new place was packed today at lunch.

Then you can click through to listen to Michael Lawrence the founder of something called BluJaket. He's pretty stoked about the mobile app and we were too once we heard what it can do for retail, restaurants and sporting/special events. 

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