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The Business News Headlines 15 November 2018

The markets snapped a five day losing streak today on the hope that there might be some headway in the trade talks between the United States and China.  In other business news:

  • A housing trend that we bet you knew nothing about but it is surging;
  • Sen. Bernie Sanders and his bill to force Walmart to pay $15 an hour;
  • Wells Fargo to cut 1,000 workers many in Des Moines, Iowa;
  • Tesla cuts the price of their home solar units;
  • What happened and why on Wall Street.

Those stories plus a conversation about the health of the rural economy and healthcare. Dr. Keith Mueller from the University of Iowa joins us for the ups and downs of the rural economy and why healthcare plays such an important part.

Then we're talking about another health care issue facing Iowa and many other states. Dr. Thomas Gruca joins us to talk about a new study about Physicians Assistants and their contribution to the current health care delivery model. He's from the University of Iowa Tippie School of Business and what he'll share may shock and surprise you.

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The Business News Headlines 14 November 2018

The business news headlines on your time...and today was another tough day on Wall Street we'll have those details...first.  Also today:

  • The oil industry has a junk product and you'll not guess what it is;
  • Consumer prices are up...but you knew that;
  • When a stock sinks more than 20% from its high we get bears...hello Apple;
  • J&J gets some relief from a California lawsuit;
  • Child care costs in Iowa are out of control, costing more than housing;
  • Markets?  Don't ask...

Also we're back with our Out to Lunch series. We'll introduce you to Karl Schaphorst from Sandler Training in our Quick Bites segment and then we'll launch into our conversation as we go Out to Lunch at Gilroy's in West Des Moines.

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The Business News Headlines 8 November 2018

Lots of interesting business stories for you today...just a click away this is what we've got waiting for you:

  • What goes up, must come down...a look at the markets;
  • Amazon HQ2 headed to the Queens in NYC?
  • Spoiler Alert: 11,000 UPS workers could be on strike as of Monday;
  • We are swimming in...oil;
  • Sears to close even more stores;
  • The Housing Market - Things ain't lookin' so good.

Those stories and a really meaningful conversation with Dr. Eddie Moore Jr. about race and race relations in business. Dr. Moore a noted author and speaker talks with us about what folks just don't get when it comes to working with, employing and interacting with people of color. To learn more about Dr. Moore here is his website.  Sobering stuff ahead here on the Business News Hour.

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The Business News Headlines - 5 November 2018

Jitters? It's the day before elections in the United States and while we're not doing politics seems like everybody else is. Welcome to the Business News Hour some of the stories you'll hear today are:

  • Amazon to build HQ2 in TWO different cities?
  • Teens are being replaced with...older workers. Why?
  • Google is going to war with "shady websites";
  • A Des Moines, Iowa mall may be looking to housing to fill spaces;
  • The markets closed mixed today and we'll share details.

Also up today we'll visit with Jolene Goodman from the Iowa Business Journals about what she is hearing from small to mid-size businesses.

Also Laura Kinnard from Drake University and is back to talk up some business education and networking events in the Metro.

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The Business News Headlines 24 October 2018

Lots of information on this Wednesday the 24th of October. Remember when we told you October is usually a lousy month for the markets.  Yep. We'll detail what happened today as the Dow lost any gains it had made so far this year.  In other business news today:

  • New home sales are lagging and it just may get worse;
  • Americans love to buy goods made in China...well, maybe not for long;
  • Walmart taking on Amazon in a big way;
  • Corporate America has a problem with...women;
  • Also the full numbers report from Wall Street.

In for The Interview today is Democratic Candidate for Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Tim Gannon. Tim, a farmer from Jasper County, says he has plans on how to better the rural economy while strengthening the state budget. We also talk about soil, water and what he is hearing as he travels the state. Meet Tim Gannon here. 

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Business News Headlines 23 October 2018

It was quite a day on Wall Street and we'll have all the numbers. Also on tap today a Small Business Spotlight and our continuing look at Iowa Legislative races this time House District 39 with Karin Derry. In the news:

  • Malls say "No!" to "Going Out of Business" signs for Sears;
  • Harley Davidson U.S. sales tank...but gain in Europe;
  • Yahoo to pay $50 million for that massive data breach;
  • Easter Lake to get "connected" to the DSMUSA Trail System;
  • The Markets?  Yikes, don't ask!

Our Small Business Spotlight features Peterson Painting a family owned company that started decades ago and has always made a deal with their customers, "We'll do what we say and what you expect". We like that. Meet Cary Peterson of Peterson Painting in our Small Business Spotlight.

Then we'll continue our look at various Iowa Legislative races. Today we'll spend some time with wife, mom and candidate Karin Derry who is running for the Iowa House in District 39 which is north of Des Moines in Johnston, Grimes and Jefferson Township. Meet Karin Derry.

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The Business News Headlines 17 October 2018

Yesterday's party on Wall Street ended today as investors took a look at the Fed Meeting Minutes...yeah that interest rate stuff. Here's what we shareing today:

  • We take a deep dive into the tax cuts...are they paying for themselves?
  • Last week it was Ford that announced layoffs today it's drug giant Pfizer;
  • In what nations do people retire younger...and older? We've got a list;
  • West Des Moines, Iowa is getting a major sports complex;
  • A North Central Iowa manufacturer produces some record revenue numbers;
  • And, yes, we'll check out what happened today on Wall Street.

Those stories plus in for The Interview is Ruth Ann Gaines (D-Des Moines) who is running for re-election in Iowa House District 32. Mrs. Gaines is a former educator who represents people just northeast of downtown Des Moines in an area she describes as economically challenged. Meet Ruth Ann Gaines:

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The Business News Headlines 12 October 2018

The final day of the week and what a week it has been. The markets today were like a yo-yo. We'll have that story plus a look at these national headlines:

  • Sources say that Sears is winding down...or are they?
  • Some say Sears has inked a deal to stay open until after Christmas;
  • High interest rates and the impact on home buyers;
  • If the new postal rates go through...
  • Obamacare rates to go...down?
  • Tough to fill job positions? We've give FIVE tips;
  • The markets and what the heck happened today.

Those stories plus a conversation with Kelly Riley from the Des Moines Botanical Garden about an upcoming seminar with some unique nationally known talent coming to talk...plants and more.

Then we close out the week with Jeff Pitts and Parker Reed with Stuff to DO in the Metro with our friends from Cityview Magazine...

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The Business News 9 October 2018

So much going on today but not to won't miss out. We've got some of the top business news stories plus a bit of public policy as we sit down with three people running for public office. But, first the news:

  • Housing intrest rates climb to 5% and that will have an impact on the housing market;
  • Considering retirement? Not until you can answer three questions;
  • New news about the Amazon pay raise and it's...mixed;
  • Papa John's stock is going up and we'll tell you why;
  • Sam and Gabe's closed their doors and the reason may not surprise you;
  • What happened today on Wall Street?  We'll share.

Also today we sit down with Rob Sand who is seeking the statewide office of Auditor. What does the State Auditor do? Why does it mater? What's the deal with the state budget? What's going on with your tax dollars and for-profit medicaid?  We asked and Rob Sand has an answers.

Also today we're going to spend some time in rural Iowa and visit with two Iowa House candidates. First up is David Weaver who is running in House District 47 which is much of Boone County. He's got a great story that we think you'll appreciate.  Meet David Weaver:

Then we'll introduce you to Tim Winter who is running for the Iowa House in District 48. It's a huge area made up of part of Webster, Story and Boone Counties and all of Hamilton County. Tim Winter gets lots of windshield time.

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Meet Tim Winter - Iowa House District 48

He has a sprawling district so he spends lots of time behind the wheel getting to voters in House District 48 which covers part of Webster County, Boone County, Story County and all of Hamilton County. Loads of "windshield time" meeting votres, doing forums and talking public policy. What is he hearing?  We asked. Meet Tim Winter candidate for Iowa House District 48.

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