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The Business News Headlines 31 March 2020

It's the final day of March and the end of the first quarter. Here are the top business news stories we've got for you today:

  • Hospitals firing doctors/nurses;
  • Amazon fires a person linked to the walkout;
  • The news business is struggling and that's a danger;
  • Walmart hiring 5,000 people a day;
  • Largest mall owner laying off staff;
  • The president and $2 trillion;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • Farmers, Food and Fear.

Those stories plus a conversation with Steven Haas from DLS Worldwide about trucking industry changes going on all across the country. Tips and some great advice as we move products around the nation. To listen to that conversation, click here. 

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The Business News Headlines 30 March 2020

A strong dose of reality came about today and Wall Street seemed to like it.  It's the business news headlines for Monday the 30th of March. On tap today:

  • Open for business? Not so fast;
  • Workers stage walkouts;
  • Big banks tell customers...don't borrow;
  • Oil futures crash;
  • Johnson & Johnson working on a vaccine;
  • Several companies ramping up new design ventilators;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • Isolation Issues? Astronauts have some advice.

Those stories plus a hyper-local interview about business events and some outstanding work being done remotely by several business centered organizations in the Greater Des Moines Metro. That's with Laura Kinnard and you can hear her...HERE.

The Business News Headlines 27 March 2020

Well, the rally lasted three days anyway.  It's the Friday Edition of the business news headlines for March 27. Just a click away you'll hear these stories:

  • Wall Street stalled today and why;
  • No Cheesecake for you;
  • Guns, let's talk...guns;
  • Ford pulls out all the stops;
  • GM gets in hot water with the president;
  • Grocery workers to go on strike Monday;
  • The Wall Street Report

Thanks for coming by and stay well, and safe!  BTW a programming note. Insight on Business the News Hour, Week in Review is moving to NOON CDT this Sunday on News/Talk 1540 KXEL. A full hour of the biggest business news stories of the week along with our interview segments. 

The Business News Headlines 26 Mach 2020

In normal times an unemployment report like we received this morning would have shut the markets down. But these are not normal times.  Click ahead for the business news headlines for Thursday the 26th of March:

  • No, these are not normal times;
  • Truck drivers get a reprieve;
  • Vacuums to Ventilators;
  • Panic buying is hurting employees;
  • UAW wary of opening up auto plants;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • Nurses on the front lines.

Those stories plus a wide ranging conversation with Janice Person who recently started her company JP Loves Cotton. We'll talk about consumers, branding, transparency, trust, agriculture and consumers. It was great to reconnect with my friend from St. Louis about her new adventure. Listen to that conversation here. 

The Business News Headlines 25 March 2020

Back to Back wins for the Dow today...the first since February. Welcome to the business news headlines for  Wednesday the 25th of March. Just a click away:

  • Why the festivities on Wall Street;
  • Some may not be able to get stimulus dollars;
  • Asian manufactures are closing plants because of the U.S.;
  • Automaker suppliers are getting worried;
  • Speaking of it's grocery stores;
  • Restaurants becoming liquor stores;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • A very dull stock is now a hot equity.

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The Business News Headlines 24 March 2020

If there was any good business news today it came out of Wall Street as the markets shot up. Welcome to the business news headlines for Tuesday the 24th of March:

  • It was an historic one day rise on the Dow;
  • What will become of the U.S. Postal Service;
  • Ford says its plants will remain closed;
  • Boeing says no to the government having a equity share;
  • Denmark has a message for America;
  • The Wall Street Report
  • Back to work? The experts say no...the president?
  • Finally the "old folks need to sacrifice" story.

Those items and we've got Laura Kinnard with us today talking about remote work, technology, tips and productivity.  What will the other side of this look like?  She tells us.  To hear that...just click here. 

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The Business News Headlines 18 March 2020

What goes up, must go...down and that's what happened today on Wall Street. It's Wednesday the 18th of March and here is what we have on tap for you today:

  • Investors are not too keen on the $1.5 trillion stimulus package it would seem;
  • Unemployment claims are skyrocketing and a warning they could reach 20%;
  • The "Big Three" automakers have closed assembly plants;
  • Walmart and it's position to handle harried shoppers;
  • Is there enough food in the pipeline...
  • The Wall Street Report
  • Just what is an "essential business"?

Those stories and a visit with Mike McCarthy a State President for the Alliance for Retired Americans. Who are they? Where did they come from?  Who do they represent and what are their...issues?  All asked and answered. To hear that conversation just click here.

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Alliance for Retired Americans with Mike McCarthy

I met the very outgoing Mike McCarthy a couple of weeks ago and heard him speak about the mission of the Alliance for Retired Americans (ARA) and asked him to join me for this conversation, Mike is the State President for the Iowa Branch and here you'll learn about the roots of ARA, who the members are and a discussion about the policy items he and others are working on for the benefit of all retired people. We recorded this on St. Patrick's Day...seems appropriate. 

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The Business News Headlines 17 March 2020

The markets rebounded today on the promise of putting more money into the hands of Americans. That story and several more are just a click away:

  • Stocks rallied and why;
  • 24 percent of businesses expect layoffs;
  • More retailers close their doors;
  • Wall Street Report;
  • The Restaurant Industry in a panic and why;
  • Phil K. James and what he's doing to save restaurant jobs.

Those stories and you'll meet Rikkia Lillard from R.C.L. Productions in our Small Business Spotlight. An artist, playwright and producer of great events this is exactly what you need to hear today...and every day. Enjoy.  To hear that conversation click here

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The Business News Headlines 16 March 2020

Today the Dow had its worst day in memory and it's just...Monday. Here are the business news stories we've gleaned for you today.  Let's go!

  • The Fed action on rates did nothing to calm the markets and why;
  • Toilet Paper, Water, Guns and Ammo: "We've got to be ready.";
  • New directives from the White House on crowds;
  • Lenders and re-finance troubles;
  • Oil and Gold take a beating;
  • Airlines seek billions in assistance;
  • Restaurant workers are on their own;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • The NFL deal is in.

Those stories plus Laura Kinnard from Drake, DMACC and The Runway Innovation Studio is in to chat about cancelled business events and more.  To hear that click here.