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The Business News & More 4 December 2019

It's the business news headlines for Wednesday the 4th day of December, thanks for being with us everybody. Today in the business news we've got:

  • Two words that move Wall Street;
  • Food Stamp rules and it's surprising impact;
  • The once mighty...Sears;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • Amazon and injuries; the numbers are not good.

Those stories plus rural development expert Bill Menner joins me to talk about rural health care, rural hospitals and care-givers. We also dive into medicaid payment plans and more. How many rural hospitals are on the verge of...closing?  That stat is right here. 

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The Business News Headlines 3 December 2019

U.S. Trade's sort of like playing a game of "Wack-a-Mole" you never know what is coming up from where. Welcome to the Tuesday edition of the business news headlines. Today:

  • Trade Deal with China: On, Off, On, Off...yikes;
  • Sprint "over counts" and rakes in millions;
  • Google is in some legal troubles from employees;
  • See the Peloton ad this weekend? Company stock down 7%;
  • Wall Street had a rough day, we've got the numbers;
  • You may not get "fries with that" a potato story.

We have all experienced "Death by Power Point". Today Maureen Berger a trainer from Tero International is in to give you tips on how to make sure your next presentation is not only remembered but that you also drive home your objective all with out the dreaded death by Power Point. You can listen to that here.

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The Business News Headlines 27 November 2019

The day before Thanksgiving and a program note: Insight on Business the News Hour will, just like Wall Street, have the day off tomorrow. We wish for you a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  In the news today:

  • Once the "Office Darling" Google is getting pushback by employees;
  • John Deere is worried about sinking sales;
  • Malls, The Cheesecake Factory and Promotions;
  • The U.S. economy grew more than expected;
  • What happened and why on Wall Street;
  • How to retain employees: Be flexible during the holidays.

Those stories plus a look at a piece we did last year on early onset dementia with Yogi Shah, M.D. Why? He is a memory expert and because many of you will be traveling to see family and friends the issue of dementia or memory loss may be something those close to you are worried about. Being armed with the information here may help you. 

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The Business News Headlines 25 November 2019

It was a big day on Wall Street as the Dow shot up by over 190 points to 28,066 and tech stocks saw the Nasdaq gain 112 to close at 8,632 the S&P 500 up by 23 points and change. Think...China.  In the news today:

  • Folks have a beef with beef and the industry is on alert;
  • The slow trucking industry means layoffs at Cummins;
  • Charles Schwab is in a buying mode;
  • U.S. jewelry company Tiffany...sold;
  • A glut of homes are coming on the market but...there is a but.

Those stories and Lauren Campbell is in our Small Business Spotlight as she highlights her working/meeting space called The Studio. It's a great place for small groups or business meetings and even a party. Plus she's got a Small Business Deal on the rental. Here is that conversation. 

Also today, Laura Kinnard is with us chatting it up about business events in the Des Moines Metro plus we'll offer some tips on how your small business can really shine this Saturday for Small Business Saturday. You can hear all of 

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The Business News Headlines 20 November 2019

It was yet another troubling day for any deal with the U.S. and China. Some days it's like whiplash. In the news today:

  • The $1 billion deal in Texas is sorta sweet;
  • Amazon wants to get you your stuff...faster;
  • A lawsuit rocks Detroit;
  • Walmart is changing some things in their stores;
  • Markets closed lower again today and why;
  • Might you lose your "white-collar" job due to...

Those stories and a quick conversation with Leng Vong Reiff about the 12th Annual Immigrant Entrepreneur Summit slated for this Saturday in Ankeny, Iowa. Details about that event are right here.

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The Business News Headlines 19 November 2019

Just as we started the news President Trump says that if there is no deal between the U.S. and China that he will increase tariffs well above the current rate. That should have business worried.  In other news today:

  • Older workers are hiding but their productivity is huge;
  • International Students and the Economy;
  • The cheapest car in America is...;
  • A lawsuit over "meatless meat";
  • Wages and Small Towns;
  • Wall Street struggled today and why;
  • DoorDash in legal trouble.

Also today we're chatting about the thousands of jobs that are unfilled and the thousands of workers who are looking. Kyle Horn from America's Job Honor Awards says there is a "win-win" for workers and employers if businesses will look at, often, sidelined people. It's a great story and idea. Here's Kyle

The Business News & More 11 November 2019

It's Veterans Day in the United States and Remembrance Day in Canada and the UK. Welcome to the Business News Headlines for the 11th day of November. Inside:

  • Wall Street struggles due to uncertainty;
  • Boeing says its 737 will go airborne in January;
  • Walgreens to go private?
  • Google is mining health data;
  • Subway is fighting franchise owner;
  • Amazon and a "real" grocery store;
  • Sen. Cory Booker talks small business;
  • You can NOW register for RAGBRAI.

Those stories plus Laura Kinnard from DMBizMixer is in to chat it up about business events in the Des Moines Metro. To hear that click here!

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The Business News Headlines & More 6 November 2019

The markets were supposed to...go up today. That's not exactly what happened as as you can see by the close. Ouch  Why and what else are in the news today:

  • What happened on Wall Street and why;
  • The U.S. has a problem with...productivity;
  • Why watching productivity matters;
  • Bank of American raises their minimum wage;
  • You, yes you, are spending way too much on your vehicle;
  • A grocery store story;
  • A big soccer deal is headed to Des Moines, Iowa.

Those stories plus the organization that is taking on the high cost of prescription drugs is serious and elected officials at the federal and state level need to pay attention because these Brad Anderson is our guest and we'll talk about that and  more. To listen, click here. 

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The Business News & More 31 October 2019

Welcome to the Halloween Edition of the Business News Headlines...and yes, it was scary today on Wall Street. Stories we've got for you today:

  • The comeback for J.C. Penny might mean less clothing and more yoga;
  • Ford is closing another plant according to the tentative UAW contract;
  • We've got a Halloween Candy story for you;
  • The "go to" store for low income shoppers is....
  • What happened and why on Wall Street.

Also today, Brad Anderson from AARP-Iowa joins me to chat it up about the Des Moines, Iowa City Council Forum they recently held. You'll learn about the top areas of concern for their membership, "complete streets", creating age friendly cities, new ideas for transportation...and more To listen to that conversation, click here

The Business News Headlines & More 28 October 2019

Wall Street had a good day based on earnings that beat estimates and we'll share some of the stories on that today. Also:

  • Meatless Meat is a BIG thing for Burger King;
  • Homeowners NOT getting home equity loans;
  • Google to buy Fitbit?
  • JP Morgan said to be cutting NYC workforce;
  • Is your job already obsolete?
  • The gig economy and a new...gig.

Those stories and our regular feature with Laura Kinnard of Curated Growth, Drake University and DMACC where she teaches entrepreneurship. She's in at the start of each week to share with you business events happening in the Greater Des Moines Metro. Places to learn and places to be seen. You can hear that conversation right here

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