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The Business News Headlines 26 December 2019

Back from the holiday and the stock market continued its winning ways today. That is part of what we've got to share with you. In other business news:

  • Consumers spent loads this holiday season;
  • Yet another reason to part with some of your cash;
  • Workers in half of U.S. states to get a raise;
  • Shoppers tell Target to ditch the plastic;
  • The Santa Session is happening on Wall Street;
  • Got sloppy co-workers? A researcher says there are two reasons for that.

Those stories plus a two part interview with Admiral Mike Franken who is running to represent the Democrats in the November 2020 election and become the new junior U.S. Senator from Iowa. Here is Part One of that conversation.

And, here is part two of my interview with Mike Franken.

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The Business News Headlines 20 December 2019

You can tell by the lack of phone calls and that we're getting close to a major holiday.  We were able to glean these stories for you:

  • Fiat Chrysler is offering deep discounts like from 2008;
  • The steel tariffs were supposed to protect U.S. Steel...ouch;
  • Knock off products on Amazon that are just...unsafe;
  • The Wall Street Report
  • You wouldn't think it would be but the "Gig Economy" continues to roll.

Those stories and Jeff Pitts from Cityview Magazine with Stuff to DO in the Des Moines Metro from sports to music to well just some silly stuff.  Here you go. 

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The Business News Headlines 16 December 2019

The markets rose yet again today on the hope the U.S. China deal is really a deal and we'll have some details. That story and more:

  • A basic income idea from Senators Bennett and Romney;
  • The 91 U.S. companies that didn't pay any federal taxes;
  • Amazon and FedEx continue their fight;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • The Hallmark Channel trying to fix things.

Those stories plus Laura Kinnard is in to talk about business events in the Greater Des Moines Metro from Social Media Education to working with government contracts. You can hear that conversation here. 

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The Business News Headlines 12 December 2019

It's the Late Edition of the Business News Headlines...don't ask. Today we got a glimmer of hope regarding the U.S. China trade war...but, we've been here before. That story and:

  • Saudi Aramco had another big day;
  • Boeing and the saga of the 737 Max;
  • Krispy Kreme & Nazis;
  • The people who are benefiting from the economy;
  • Hot real estate markets- not where you think;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • Make a great living by starting out here.

Those stories plus a review of a conversation about student loan debt with Steve McCullough of Iowa Student Loan. We're airing this tonight because we figure lots of families will be getting together and this could be a topic of conversation. You can listen to that conversation here. 

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The Business News Headlines 11 December 2019

The Business News Headlines for Wednesday the 11th of December, and thanks for coming by. Today we've got:

  • Apple WAS the world's largest public company but, no more;
  • Home Depot and...Opioids?
  • The Cocaine Santa Controversy;
  • Pay Up - Prices are headed up on...;
  • The Time Person of the Year;
  • The Word of the Year.

Those stories plus constitutional law professor and partner in the firm Brann & Isaacson of Lewiston, Maine, George Isaacson joins me to talk about online sales tax and how it impacts sellers, different product, the more than 11,000 tax jurisdictions and the risk sellers have in getting any of this...wrong. To hear that conversation, click here. 

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Rural Realities & Opportunities with Deb Brown

We've all heard the stories about how Rural America is imploding. How difficult it is to establish a business there, people moving away and the economies that were so vital just 25 years ago are now in ruin. Hold on, there is a side to rural revitalization that you may not know. Meet Deb Brown who, along with Becky McCray, are from SaveYour.Town who offers real solutions to rural communities not by telling them what to do but listening to what they want. We talk about that and a recent survey that may also open your eyes to the opportunities in rural places. 

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The Business News Headlines 19 November 2019

Just as we started the news President Trump says that if there is no deal between the U.S. and China that he will increase tariffs well above the current rate. That should have business worried.  In other news today:

  • Older workers are hiding but their productivity is huge;
  • International Students and the Economy;
  • The cheapest car in America is...;
  • A lawsuit over "meatless meat";
  • Wages and Small Towns;
  • Wall Street struggled today and why;
  • DoorDash in legal trouble.

Also today we're chatting about the thousands of jobs that are unfilled and the thousands of workers who are looking. Kyle Horn from America's Job Honor Awards says there is a "win-win" for workers and employers if businesses will look at, often, sidelined people. It's a great story and idea. Here's Kyle

The Business News & More 18 November 2019

We've got plenty in store for you this afternoon as we wonder, out loud, what in the world is going on with the U.S. China trade deal....Here we go:

  • Deal? No Deal? Sounds like a TV Game Show;
  • Chick fil-A is changing their giving;
  • WeWork said to be laying off thousands;
  • FedEx and the New York Times in a brawl;
  • Markets closed higher but oh the agony;
  • Dunkin to get rid of their classic foam cups;
  • Women leaving banking and why.

Those stories and Laura Kinnard from Drake University and DMACC and author of DMBizMixer joins me to chat it up about Entrepreneur Month, some business events a social event in Urbandale and more. To listen to that all you need to do is click here

The Business News Headlines & More 6 November 2019

The markets were supposed to...go up today. That's not exactly what happened as as you can see by the close. Ouch  Why and what else are in the news today:

  • What happened on Wall Street and why;
  • The U.S. has a problem with...productivity;
  • Why watching productivity matters;
  • Bank of American raises their minimum wage;
  • You, yes you, are spending way too much on your vehicle;
  • A grocery store story;
  • A big soccer deal is headed to Des Moines, Iowa.

Those stories plus the organization that is taking on the high cost of prescription drugs is serious and elected officials at the federal and state level need to pay attention because these Brad Anderson is our guest and we'll talk about that and  more. To listen, click here. 

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The Business News & More 31 October 2019

Welcome to the Halloween Edition of the Business News Headlines...and yes, it was scary today on Wall Street. Stories we've got for you today:

  • The comeback for J.C. Penny might mean less clothing and more yoga;
  • Ford is closing another plant according to the tentative UAW contract;
  • We've got a Halloween Candy story for you;
  • The "go to" store for low income shoppers is....
  • What happened and why on Wall Street.

Also today, Brad Anderson from AARP-Iowa joins me to chat it up about the Des Moines, Iowa City Council Forum they recently held. You'll learn about the top areas of concern for their membership, "complete streets", creating age friendly cities, new ideas for transportation...and more To listen to that conversation, click here