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The Business News Headlines 13 April 2021

Welcome to the Tuesday Edition of the Business News Headlines, thanks for being with us. Here is what we've got for you today:

  • The Coinbase IPO is about...
  • The Consumer Price Index and...inflation;
  • Now it's rubber automakers are worried about;
  • "The Woz" hits TV with Unicorn Hunters;
  • A gas tax to pay for the Biden infrastructure plan;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • Three-hundred movie theaters go...dark.

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The Business News Headlines 29 March 2021

If you had not yet heard that ship that was blocking the Suez Canal...well, the afloat.  Welcome to the Monday Edition of the business news headlines. Here is what we've got for you today:

  • Big news about how effective the vaccine is;
  • President Biden is asking for mask mandates;
  • Troubling signs of an increase in COVID19 infections;
  • A stimulus payment update;
  • A deadline for Medicare looms this week;
  • The eviction deadline is extended;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • Do these systems really "eat" resumes?

For the interview you'll meet professional videographer Nika Clark from Tero International. You'll learn more about this former broadcaster who now turns out very directed video work for Tero plus some solid tips for business as you consider using video in your marketing efforts. Click here to meet Nika! 

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The Business News Headlines 11 February 2021

Thanks for coming by again on a day that the Wall Street markets rose and fell in a very volatile session. Here's what we've got for you today for the business news headlines:

  • A family of 4 and $12,800. Details;
  • The Biden Stimulus Plan and the economy;
  • Words you should not say to employees;
  • Mortgage rates rise and more housing news;
  • Goodyear posts a loss of $1.3 billion but stock is up;
  • Disney says goodbye to Mandalorian star Gina Carano;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • New filings for unemployment are down...but;
  • Apartment deals and price hikes. Think remote workers.

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The Business News Headlines 19 January 2021

It is Inauguration Eve in the United States and some of the business news reflected that reality. Here is what we have for you and remember, you can join us all day on Twitter @IOB_NewsHour.

  • Treasury Nominee Janet Yellen spoke up today;
  • How about some lab created seafood;
  • AMC Theaters found some cash and...
  • Yes we have a story about "floating rocket launch pads";
  • The massive teacher shortage;
  • Some interesting FCC news from the SCOTUS;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • And, "relocation regrets" from some folks.

For the interview it's Julia McGuire with a review of the 1,000 Friends of Iowa Development Awards for 2020. Some amazing things going on in the Hawkeye State in big cities and tiny towns.  To listen in, just click here.

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The Business News Headlines 28 December 2020

We hope you had a safe and meaningful Christmas Weekend and it's good to be back with you for the business news headlines on your time. BTW you can reach out to us on Twitter @IOB_NewsHour and stay up to date all day long.  Here's what we've got for you today:

  • President Trump reverses course;
  • The House votes to increase stimulus dollars;
  • The Santa Claus Rally;
  • A nifty job benefit if you can get it;
  • Another vaccine trial is underway;
  • Trouble for business in China;
  • Wonder Woman 1984 hauls in the cash;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • The travel industry remake.

Those stories PLUS, for the interview it's Carrie Hansen and Jason Parkin from Clear Mortgage a company with not one but two goals.  To hear that, just click this link.

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The Amazing Talent of Musician Justin Jarrell

Justin Jarrell recently launched his album that was two years in the making. While we don't often feature musicians on the Business News Hour...being one really is...a business. So we dug in a bit to learn more about Justin and...WOW! Boundless energy and so talented on so many levels. If it sounds like we're immediate fans...yep.  Meet Justin Jarrell, his music and his stunning ability to do everything thing that he admits to.

The Business News Headlines 6 October 2020

Amid a backdrop of hope today what the president did and what Fed Chair Jerome Powell said was enough to sink the markets.  Here's what we've got for you on this 6th day of October:

  • Stop the stimulus talks and...
  • Fed Chair also talks stimulus and what happens if none;
  • How some movie theaters are luring back families;
  • Oh...the Trade Deficit...yep, there is that;
  • Ikea is launching a second hand store;
  • Some rough going for General Electric;
  • The Wall Street Report
  • And the Nobel Prize for Medicine goes to....

Those stories PLUS a conversation with Suzanne Hull the founder of the ChristKindle Market of Des Moines. I know, we're not yet over Halloween but, come on, we all could use a little Christmas right now...right.  Listen to that conversation here. 

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Stuff to DO with Cityview!

It's Friday and the day Jeff Pitts the managing editor of Cityview Magazine comes by to share his top of mind events happening in the greater Des Moines Metro this weekend and into next week.  Today we riff about a host of things from Iowa State Football to "Walk for the Animals" at the Blank Park Zoo to bull riding, Food Truck Thursday, The Sheet and some movies that are on the screen. If you are into serious...don't stop. 'Cause it's Friday and you deserve to have a little fun! 

Stuff to DO with Cityview!

He's back!  After a scare (you'll hear about it) Jeff Pitts the managing editor for Cityview Magazine is back with Stuff to DO in the DSM Metro.  We riff on a bunch of stuff from movies, to music, yoga, rodeo, cycling, a renaissance event at Sleepy Hollow, closed bars (with a great idea on how to skirt the, really!) and much more. Have some fun've earned it! 

The Business News Headlines 18 August 2020

It's the business news headlines for Tuesday the 18th day of August and 76 days until the November election.  Here's what we've got for you today:

  • Catch a movie and the ticket is just 15 cents;
  • 100 years ago today women won the right to vote;
  • COVID19 and College;
  • You and your passion for buying's growing;
  • Social Security and Joe Biden;
  • CEO pay up a whopping 1,167%;
  • The Wall Street Report;
  • Halloween 2020...yikes!

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