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The Business News Headlines 17 February 2020

The lingering concern about the coronavirus now has Apple saying it will miss it's revenue forecast for the March quarter and we'll share why. It's the business news headlines for Monday the 17th of February, President's Day so the markets are closed. Today we've got these stories:

  • Apple and revenue;
  • GM leaving three countries;
  • Another retail company files Chapter 11;
  • We've got a milk story;
  • Global markets were up today;
  • Tesla told to stop construction in Germany;
  • China is, literally, laundering its money;
  • The high cost of a Tweet.

Those stories plus Laura Kinnard joins me to chat it up about business events in the Greater Des Moines Metro and she's got quite a list.  Laura has the business events blog and teaches at Drake University as well as the Des Moines Area Community College. PLUS she is the primary at The Runway Innovation and Events Studio at Southridge. Click here for that conversation. 

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The Business News Headlines 11 February 2020

What goes up must come down and that's what happened today on Wall Street as investors still don't know what to make about the coronavirus. In the business news today:

  • Surging household debt and the economy;
  • Farmers vs. Trucking;
  • Pot may not be the "cash cow";
  • The Sprint/T-Mobile Deal;
  • What media tops consumers might surprise you.

Those stories PLUS a two-part interview with Cal Woods who is seeking the nomination to run for the U.S. Senate to represent the State of Iowa.

Here is Part One with Cal Woods

Here is Part Two with Cal.

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The Business News Headlines 10 February 2020

Wall Street rebounded from the sell off on Friday as investors looked beyond several key concerns. It's the Monday Edition of the business news headlines. Today:

  • The Trump Budget and pesky numbers;
  • Yes we're still concerned about the coronavirus;
  • Foam cups are fighting for their lives;
  • Wall Street came back with tech leading;
  • What? Amazon vs.'s a story;
  • The Oscars broke two records last night.

Those stories plus....Each Monday Laura Kinnard, the author of, and I chat it up about business events going on this week in the Des Moines, Iowa Metro and...there are plenty. From networking to publishing parties to branding talk to diversity to chamber talk, to celebrating advertising we've got a full week.  Pick one or two and then...GO! And, if you want us to chat it up about your event just use #DMBizEvents on Social Media and Laura will pick it up. Listen to this week's lineup here. 

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The Business News Headlines 27 January 2020

It's the final week of January 2020 and the volatile nature of business has lots of stories today.  On tap for you this Monday:

  • Kobe Bryant and his business empire;
  • GAP closed more stores yesterday;
  • Johnson & Johnson says they are working on a new vaccine;
  • The coronavirus and the stock market;
  • Boeing gets a lifeline;
  • Drug stores are running out of...facemasks. 

Those stories's Monday and Laura Kinnard from Drake University, DMACC, The Runway at Southridge and the blog, DMBizMixer joins me to chat it up about business events in the greater Des Moines, Iowa area. Today we're talking about the AMA Experience, finding your key customer with the Iowa Center, getting some startup help, coworking, the 2020 economic outlook and much more.  Oh...and the Iowa-Nebraska Equipment Dealer Association event this week. If you want us to highlight your business event it's #DMBizEvents on your social media and Laura will pick it up. Here is that conversation. 

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The Business News Headlines 26 December 2019

Back from the holiday and the stock market continued its winning ways today. That is part of what we've got to share with you. In other business news:

  • Consumers spent loads this holiday season;
  • Yet another reason to part with some of your cash;
  • Workers in half of U.S. states to get a raise;
  • Shoppers tell Target to ditch the plastic;
  • The Santa Session is happening on Wall Street;
  • Got sloppy co-workers? A researcher says there are two reasons for that.

Those stories plus a two part interview with Admiral Mike Franken who is running to represent the Democrats in the November 2020 election and become the new junior U.S. Senator from Iowa. Here is Part One of that conversation.

And, here is part two of my interview with Mike Franken.

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The Business News Headlines 24 December 2019

Christmas Eve and yep, we're working the business news stories of the day. A programming note we'll be absent tomorrow (markets are closed) however if you watch our Twitter Stream @IOB_NewsHour you'll get to hear some of our most requested interviews of the past year.  On tap for today:

  • Why do retail stores play music and who picks it out?
  • Boeing employees may have had worries about the Max 737;
  • Stocks closed mixed today;
  • A Nike shoe sells out, in North America, in two hours.

Those stories plus a conversation with Dr. Dan McGehee from the Public Policy Center of the University of Iowa. He oversees safety and vehicles. We'll be talking about automatic functions that are here and some that are coming and the difference between "automatic" and "autonomous".  Click here to listen! 

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The Business News Headlines 23 December 2019

It's Christmas Eve...Eve and we've not only got the business news headlines but also a look at some fun stuff for business events in the Greater Des Moines, Iowa Metro and a look at some friends in Detroit. On tap:

  • Super Saturday was really...SUPER for Retail;
  • China trying to boost it's economy cuts tariffs;
  • Boeing CEO out and the stock...up;
  • The slow railway in Europe that is winning;
  • Retail took a big hit this year. More to come?
  • The Wall Street Report
  • The U.S. sides with Germany about Roundup.

Also today, because of the holiday Laura Kinnard is in to chat it up about some things going on in the Des Moines Metro tonight and into later in the week. Think...Festivus and more. To hear here.

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The Business News and More 16 October 2019

Yesterday everybody was excited about earnings so much. We've got a full boat for you let's get started:

  • Yesterday was a memory as retail sales numbers sank Wall Street;
  • The United Auto Workers and General Motors...a settlement?
  • Need new tires before winter? We've got a tip;
  • Airlines are fretting over the return of the Boeing Max 737;
  • The ghost of 2016 comes back to haunt Wells Fargo;
  • Big meat is falling in love meat.

Those stories plus my two-part interview with Des Moines mayoral candidate former Sen. Jack Hatch. In Part One we'll review who Jack is and why he is running. He'll talk about water, Des Moines, education and "forgotten neighborhoods". Here is Part One

Then in Part Two we'll talk about something nobody seems to want to discuss and that is the crushing poverty just outside of downtown. He's got some ideas and we were eager to listen. Plus, and yes, we'll talk about potholes.  Here is Part Two with Jack Hatch.

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The Business News Headlines & More 2 October 2019

Yesterday it was manufacturing numbers that sent the markets the employment numbers did the same. Welcome to the business news headlines for Wednesday the 2nd of October.  Today:

  • The markets tanked and why;
  • The U.S. has a "hiring" problem;
  • High prices got you down? There is Zulily ya know;
  • What's new for cars? The 7 year loan;
  • Automakers see trouble ahead;
  • Why not spend $ on your current, really.

Those stories and more along with this conversation with Kari Carney and Julia McGuire from 1,000 Friends of Iowa. I know...right?  You'll hear about the work they do and why it's becoming even more important as we look to the future of climate change. Listen here. 

Meet 1,000 Friends of Iowa

You are forgiven if you're not familiar with 1,000 Friends of Iowa...after all they have only been around for a couple of decades.  I know...right? Originally formed as the Rural-Urban Stewardship Project the group changed their name and became a non-profit, tax-exempt organization in 1998. Here Kari Carney the groups Executive Director and Julia McGuire share with you...and me...the reason 1,000 Friends of Iowa is more important today than ever. We'll also talk about the 18th Annual Best Development Awards and how YOU can get involved and nominate a deserving project. Here is that conversation. 

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