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The Business News Headlines & More 26 June 2019

Every weekday we bring you the top business news stories and today we've got several that you may have missed. In addition we'll talk about Washington D.C. and the drive to bring statehood to that area and how Iowa figures in the mix. Here's what we've got:

  • The announcement that SHOULD have moved the markets;
  • Data says the economy is come Americans's don't think so;
  • Getting creative in finding workers...we've got examples;
  • Even Jamie Dimon says our student loan system is a mess;
  • Got $100,000 for a pickup truck;
  • Business and Politics - Two stories.

Also today Tamyra Harrison from Iowans for D.C. Statehood is with me as we talk about the 700,000 people who live with taxation but no representation. It's quite the story that many just don't know about. You will hear Click here for that conversation

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The Business News Headlines and More 25 June 2019

Each day we bring you news and information that makes our business news calendar. Today we've got these stories for you as well as a Small Business Spotlight featuring Gerald Young from Young G's BBQ Sauce....and's good stuff!

  • Trade, Trade, Trade and G-20;
  • Companies finding work-arounds to tariffs;
  • Oh Oh...the Insta-Pot;
  • Big drug deal to talk about and why it matters;
  • Home prices rebound and that is good and bad;
  • A scary story about the cost of long term care and why it matters.

Those stories plus our conversation with Gerald Young a veteran who says he wants to give back to a nation that has given him opportunities with his Young G's BBQ SauceTo hear that conversation click here. 

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The Business News Headlines 21 June 2019

Welcome to the Friday Edition of the Business News Hour and thanks for coming by. Today we're not only checking some of the top business stories we're also having fun with friends from Cityview Magazine. Let's go!

  • Even the GOP says the tariffs are hurting Americans;
  • The worlds biggest retailer pays a hefty fine;
  • The economy...what's bugging us;
  • Don't like a law - Find a work-around;
  • They say it's almost ready you foldable phone fans;
  • Thoughts on dogs and the office.

Those stories and some time for Friday Fun with Jeff Pitts and Trevor Babcock from Cityview Magazine. Each week we get a hefty dose of Stuff to DO in the Metro and if you wanna listen please do. Here is that piece...enjoy! 

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The Business News Headlines 19 June 2019

It's the early edition of the Business News Hour and we lead off with clues...we're looking for clues on this the 19th day of June...and thanks for listening!

  • Clues, looking for clues;
  • Oh, Oh...this won't make President Trump happy;
  • Apple said to be moving suppliers away from China;
  • Amazon to FedEx, "Take that!";
  • Twitter says you ain't using it's gone;
  • A phone launch coming;
  • The world of shrinking bonuses, but you knew that...right?

Those stories plus a conversation we had some time ago with Mike Curtin the CEO of the DC Central Kitchen where it's much more than food. Click here for that story.

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The Business News Headlines and More 14 June 2019

You would think that a strong retail report would move Wall Street into the green would...think. It's the business news headlines for Flag Day here in the U.S. and here are the stories inside:

  • Retail Sales vs. Global Tension - And the winner is;
  • Bayer buys trouble with Roundup now spending plenty;
  • Just how much do we love our pets?
  • 600 companies say, "Enough already!";
  • Foldable phones...just don't get it;
  • Dad taking time off? Don't bet on it;
  • Big meat goes...meatless.

Those stories plus our Friday Fun Day exchange with Jeff Pitts the managing editor for Cityview Magazine and Stuff to DO in the DSMUSA Metro this weekend into next week. Join us as we riff about a bunch of things from movies to sports to music and more... To listen to that, click here. 

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The Business News Headlines & More 13 June 2019

It's the early edition of Insight on Business the News Hour with stories you may have missed and some that are really top of mind. Let's go:

  • The Working Lunch a bad habit gets worse;
  • Import prices fell last month...and the Fed?
  • The plastic grocery sack that will shock you;
  • The word business hates is with us every day;
  • News from the "Speedy Delivery War";
  • Chain restaurants believe you want MORE;
  • Spies are lurking on LinkedIn.

Those stories plus a Throwback Thursday conversation with Dr. Chris Draper about Velocity Economics.  What is it? How does it work? Will it work?  He says it already has.  Click here for that conversation.

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The Business News Headlines and More 12 June 2019

We've got the business news headlines for you and they are just a click away. Today you'll learn more about these stories and we go Out to Lunch with political organizer Pete D'Alessandro. Here's what's on tap today: 

  • The stuff you buy isn't going up in price;
  • Good news for drivers;
  • Two retail stories (Walmart & Kohls);
  • Why a company is scraping the launch of it's new laptop;
  • Wait! Amazon DIDN'T succeed at something?
  • How about a "submarine car";
  • Reverse mortagages are coming back to haunt;
  • The employees that don't want a raise.

Those stories and Quick Bites with our Out to Lunch Guest Pete D'Alessandro. Three questions we ask each of our guests. It will help you get to know our thought leader and political organizer. To hear Quick Bites click here. 

Then we go Out to Lunch at Trostel's Dish with Pete and talk politics. Chicago politics, Illinois politics, unions, Iowa politics, and something called "Democratic Socialism" that Pete says scares the hell out of folks until they realize how many things are already working for them that comes from Democratic Socialism. To hear that conversation, over lunch, click here.. 

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Quick Bites with Pete D’Alessandro - Three Questions

Each week, as I take a thought leader Out to Lunch we start off with three questions. We call this Quick Bites. Here our guest talks about the impact of books and movies plus...if Pete D'Alessandro was not a political organizer what in the heck would he love to be doing. I think you'll find this interesting and enlightening. Quick Bites with Pete! 

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The Business News Headlines and More 10 June 2019

Each weekday we bring you some interesting business news stories about everything from mergers, deals, food and marketing. Here's what we have for you today...the 10th Day of June, 2019.

  • Robots are breaking out of their cages;
  • Signs of deep economic troubles for the south;
  • Fiat Chrysler makes a play for autonomous cars;
  • Two multi-billion dollar deals;
  • Tattoos OK says Air New Zealand;
  • The "mood lighting" says for another year;
  • Power lunches going the way of the three martini lunch;
  • Beyond Meat is beyond successful.

Those stories and Laura Kinnard from and Drake University pops in for a conversation about money, starting a business at 50+, networking and crickets No, really. To listen to that conversation just click here. 

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The Business News Headlines & More 7 June 2019

You would think...think that because of the lousy job numbers posted this morning from the Labor Department the stocks would react would think.  It's the business news hour for Friday the 7th of June, thanks for coming by.  Today:

  • The reason the markets soared today;
  • Let's talk tax cuts and working families;
  • Parents who work for Nike are mad...really pissed;
  • A bookseller to be sold;
  • Another state to sue over the opioid crisis;
  • A burger that "bleeds" beet juice;
  • Why universities are shutting down their MBA programs.

Those stories and, because it's Friday we've got Stuff to DO in the Metro with Cityview Magazine Jeff Pitts and his "faithful companion" Trevor Babcock. Have some fun deserve it.  To listen in, click here. 

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