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The Business News Headlines 2 November 2018

Each weekday, just ahead of 5pm Central we offer up the business news headlines so you can listen on YOUR time. And, BTW you can join us on Twitter @IOB_NewsHour. Let's Here are some of the stories you can click through to hear:

  • Who's on first? Mixed signals from the White House on China;
  • Apple had a dismal earnings report and then Warren Buffet;
  • Starbucks to open 2,100 more stores next year...that's a bunch of coffee;
  • UPS is facing a possible strike;
  • Small Business and 22 ways that you can WIN this holiday season;
  • The markets today...yikes. If you liked roller coasters... 

Those stories and some fun with Cityview and Jeff Pitts as he takes Friday into Funday and lists out some Stuff to DO in the Metro this weekend into next week.  We got us some arts and entertainment. You can click here to listen.

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The Business News Headlines 1 November 2018

We were told today that the talks with China went well. How well and the details we don't know but just that small bit of hope sent the markets up. Who says we don't live in a global economy. Some of the stores you'll here today:

  • Google employees walk off the job at locations all across the globe;
  • Sears to license manufacturing of some key name brands to third parties;
  • The White House says the federal minimum wage is a bad idea;
  • The sad story of farming in America this time it's the dairy industry;
  • Voting has already happened on Wall Street and there is a big surprise;
  • What happened today on Wall Street and why.

In for The Interview is the principal of Valley West High School in West Des Moines, Iowa. Recently the Jewish Community Relations Commission offered yet another of their lecture series and this time it deals with implicit bias.  What is it, how to combat it, what it means for education and business and finally how do we control our own bias.  David Maxwell is here for The Interview


Business News Headlines 31 October 2018

Busy day on the Business News Hour. It's not only Halloween but it's also the end of what we predicted was going to be a tough month for Wall Street and...yep, we were right.  Today the headlines look like this:

  • The S&P 500 had the worst month since 2011;
  • Denny's stock surged, what's going on?  We'll share;
  • L.L. Bean sees greater sales growth coming from...Canada;
  • General Motors announced they will be cutting jobs...ouch;
  • America, you've got a problem and it's getting bigger each month;
  • Could tiny Windsor Heights, Iowa be the home of something dramatic?
  • And, of course we've got the numbers from Wall Street.

Those stories and a conversation about trash with Tony Colosimo (click to listen) of Sparta Waste. What he has to share about our current recycling will surprise you. Like...did you know that most of the items you carefully put in your current recycle bin ends up in the landfill anyway?  Yeah...that and more. You've got to listen to this short piece.

Also today we'll chat with former Maryland governor Martin O'Malley (Click to listen) as he was in Iowa stumping for a whole bunch of fresh face candidates for the Iowa Statehouse to Congress. Why do it and what have Democrats done for decades to their own demise?  We'll talk about it. 


Business News Headlines and More 30 October 2018

We open, once again, with the Wall Street Report. Why? Because it has been so crazy over the past several weeks and we'll shed some light on what might be coming tomorrow...from history that is.  In other news stories today:

  • The Costco "Black Friday Circular" was...ahem...leaked today and we'll share what's in it;
  • President Trump, in an interview, said he would end birthright status. The impact?
  • Business and Politics mingled today as a major corporation said "goodbye" to a congressman;
  • Jared Bernstein is the president of the Jewish Federation of Des Moines we asked him a couple of questions regarding antisemitism growth escalations in the nation and Des Moines.

Those stories and for The Interview we'll introduce you to Mom, Wife and now Candidate Heather Matson who is running for the Iowa House of Representatives District 38 made up of parts of Ankeny and northern Polk County, Iowa.  Heather Matson (Click for her website) for The Interview.

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Business News Headlines 29 October 2018

Each weekday we offer up some of the top business news stories on your time. No more having to wait in your vehicle you can listen in at any time. And you can subscribe here on Podbean or on any of your favorite podcast channels. On tap today:

  • The Markets started off OK but, in the end, it got ugly;
  • Consumers are holding on to their smart phones much longer...why?
  • The disappearing cashier and store line Sam's Club to open a new concept in Texas;
  • Wells Fargo says, "Hang on a bit longer you'll get your money...";
  • Not Chicken and the Egg but Chickens and Courts.

Those stories plus this conversation with Sen Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) who was in town stumping for candidates including Amber Gustafson who is running for the Iowa State Senate out of Ankeny. Meet Amber as we continue our profile of various candidates around Iowa. You can listen to our conversation here.

Also today Laura Kinnard from Drake University and joins us to talk about business networking and education events happening in the DSMUSA Metro this week and into next week.

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The Business News Headlines 26 October 2018

Hey, before you go "Full Weekend Mode" check out some of the big stories from the world of business. And the markets....don't ask! On tap with just a click you'll hear about:

  • If the economy is clipping along at 3.5% growth how come the markets are in the tank?
  • More troubles for Tesla this time it's not the SEC but the FBI;
  • Once the darling of teens Snap is losing users and today suffered a market setback;
  • Speaking of about Amazon today;
  • A stunning report about small businesses and are not going to believe it.

Those stories and we've got Jeff Pitts from Cityview Magazine in to talk about some fun stuff going on in the Des Moines, Iowa Metro this weekend into next week. Click HERE to listen!

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The Business News Headlines 25 October 2018

We've got the business news headlines on your time. Rather than have to sit next to the radio our daily podcast brings you the business news and the interviews that you need to know...when you want it. Today we're checking out these stories for you:

  • It was a party on Wall Street...but what happened yesterday?
  • Ford Motor Company has been in trouble but could they turn it around?
  • Southwest Airlines says fuel costs are going up and investors don't like the sound of that;
  • So, now another tax cut from President Trump and it has the GOP scrambling;
  • The drug crisis in this nation is real. Last year it cost the lives of 70,000 people and there is more;
  • Bikes and package delivery...UPS is going back to its roots in its home town.

Those stories and in for The Interview is Christina Moffatt from the Greater Des Moines Partnership. Coming up in early November the Partnership and their partners are putting on another Small Business Success Summit. What can you expect to learn and what are the programs that will offer you some take-a-ways for your small business? We'll share all right here.

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Meet Tim Gannon for Secretary of Agriculture

In our continuing series of profiling some of the candidates for office today we're going to focus on agriculture and Tim Gannon who is running for Secretary of Agriculture for the State of Iowa. Tim is a farmer from Jasper County who spent eight years working for the USDA under then Secretary Tom Vilsack. Join the conversation as Tim highlights his commitment to agriculture his answers for the rural and urban economy, the impact of trade disputes on farming as well as soil and water issues. Answers to some tough questions. Meet Tim Gannon: 

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Business News Headlines 23 October 2018

It was quite a day on Wall Street and we'll have all the numbers. Also on tap today a Small Business Spotlight and our continuing look at Iowa Legislative races this time House District 39 with Karin Derry. In the news:

  • Malls say "No!" to "Going Out of Business" signs for Sears;
  • Harley Davidson U.S. sales tank...but gain in Europe;
  • Yahoo to pay $50 million for that massive data breach;
  • Easter Lake to get "connected" to the DSMUSA Trail System;
  • The Markets?  Yikes, don't ask!

Our Small Business Spotlight features Peterson Painting a family owned company that started decades ago and has always made a deal with their customers, "We'll do what we say and what you expect". We like that. Meet Cary Peterson of Peterson Painting in our Small Business Spotlight.

Then we'll continue our look at various Iowa Legislative races. Today we'll spend some time with wife, mom and candidate Karin Derry who is running for the Iowa House in District 39 which is north of Des Moines in Johnston, Grimes and Jefferson Township. Meet Karin Derry.

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The Business News Headlines 22 October 2018

Today we've got the business news headlines and something extra. As many of you know we don't do politics on a daily basis. However, it is the season and we are based in Iowa. So, today, along with some of the headlines we've got a press event from today with Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) who is in Iowa stumping for various democratic candidates. In that section we'll talk about the Justice Kavanaugh hearing and the potential backlash, the economy and who is winning, her support for Iowa Secretary of State Candidate Deidre DeJear and more.  Also:

  • Sears is trying to find some cash so it can stay around for the holidays;
  • Dating and spending money;
  • President Trump wants to cut your taxes...
  • What happened today on Wall Street and why.

Also we'll talk about an event coming up with RDG here in Des Moines. The design firm is holding a major event called Design Atlas for Climate Resilience and it runs all this week. So much to learn about the event, the speakers the vision and building for the future. Our guests are David Dahlquist, Renee Thomas and Graham Hanson.

And, because today is Monday it's time for Laura Kinnard from DMBizMixer and Drake University in to talk about networking and business education events in the Des Moines Metro and beyond.

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