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The Business News Headlines & More 24 June 2019

Welcome to Monday and the business news headlines for the 24th of June...thanks as always for being here and clicking through. Today we've got these stories and a click away for Laura Kinnard.

  • Along with everything else Midwestern Farmers face big hurdles;
  • Gaming is gambling you are into throwing $ at them;
  • The fast food world has a new star;
  • Fresh beef and McDonald's a good investment;
  • Legal issues between two big companies over a name;
  • Supreme Court and tariffs;
  • New issues with Iran;
  • Robots at Casey's?

Those stories plus Laura Kinnard from joins me to chat it up about art as a business, the Des Moines Social Club (not to be confused with the Social Media Club of Des Moines...which we also talk about), the DSM Magazine event and networking for women. To hear all of here.

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The Business News Headlines and More 11 June 2019

Each day we bring you the business news headlines on your time. Today we've got a bunch of interesting stories. Let's go!

  • The Dow opened higher but will it last;
  • The most valuable brand in the world is...
  • Stuff you didn't know: Shutterfly sold;
  • Will they stop the Sprint/T-Mobile merger;
  • Iconic products, you know, that are no longer made in the U.S.A.;
  • Might want to wait to fill up;
  • President Trump Tweets more attacks;
  • Did you "smile" for the candid camera?

Those stories and a conversation with the Editor in Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine, Jason Feifer. He is all about sharing with businesses owners and managers that thinking like an entrepreneur will pay big dividends. To hear that conversation just click here.

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The Business News Headlines & More 7 June 2019

You would think...think that because of the lousy job numbers posted this morning from the Labor Department the stocks would react would think.  It's the business news hour for Friday the 7th of June, thanks for coming by.  Today:

  • The reason the markets soared today;
  • Let's talk tax cuts and working families;
  • Parents who work for Nike are mad...really pissed;
  • A bookseller to be sold;
  • Another state to sue over the opioid crisis;
  • A burger that "bleeds" beet juice;
  • Why universities are shutting down their MBA programs.

Those stories and, because it's Friday we've got Stuff to DO in the Metro with Cityview Magazine Jeff Pitts and his "faithful companion" Trevor Babcock. Have some fun deserve it.  To listen in, click here. 

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The Business News Headlines and More 6 June 2019

Today the markets opened lower, gained some steam but then fell a bit. You can keep up with the latest market news by following our Twitter Feed @IOB_NewsHour.  Today here are the stories we've got for you:

  • Bernie Sanders and Walmart;
  • Walmart and the Minimum Wage and new vests;
  • What states will hurt the most if the tariffs get placed on Mexico?
  • The science of stopping a bullet;
  • That vehicle merger?  Forget about it;
  • Cars, car loans and what folks are willing to pay;
  • Some of the worst cities in America are...

Those stories plus a conversation with one of the founders of the Iowa Asian/Latino Coalition a group that is punching above their weight in the first in the nation caucus state. Our guest is Mitch Henry. Click here for that conversation.

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The Business News Headlines and Gov. Jay Inslee

Welcome back to Insight on Business the News Hour for Tuesday the 4th of June. Thanks for coming by. Today in the business news headlines ahead of our conversation with 2020 presidential hopeful Gov. Jay Inslee (D-WA):

  • Trade tensions dissipate and tech rallies;
  • Tesla gets $ from who???
  • CVS expanding even more into the health care arena;
  • Imagine an airplane where the seats are in the wings;
  • How much must you make in a year to
  • New toys for millennials seeking comfort in the past.

Those stories and a conversation with Governor Jay Inslee (D-WA) as he makes his case for the Democratic nomination for president in the 2020 elections. While you may have heard of Gov. Inslee and his stand on climate change we didn't start there but on the surprising economics of Washington State. Here is that story. 

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Business News Headlines 30 May 2019

A different format at a different time of day. The business news on your time. Today we've got quite a list of interesting stories and you'll be able to track what happens on Wall Street by following our Twitter Feed @IOB_NewsHour.  Today:

  • The bond yield and you;
  • Wait, Payless Shoes still open;
  • Careful what you promise;
  • Pssst Google says is it "confidential";
  • Who, other than consumers, gets stung by the trade war?
  • Ultra-Prepared Food - It could be killing you.

Those stories and we go deep into a conversation about firearms with Tom Hudson a partner in the Johnston, Iowa based Crossroads Shooting Sports. We talk gun sales, gun laws, training, responsibility and the odd reason why firearm sales are down. What he says might surprise you...listen in right here

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The Business News Headlines 29 May 2019

Welcome to the Business News Headlines for Wednesday the 29th day of May...where has this month gone? We've got a quick programing note...we're trying something a bit different and putting this up well before 5pm Central. Why? We noticed that getting the news headlines in advance of the end of the day seems to be the right thing to do. So...we're going to try this for a bit.  Meanwhile today:

  • That "Trade War Thingy" just got more interesting;
  • The markets take a bath on worry;
  • IHOP pulling our leg...again?
  • That Galaxy Fold the wait ain't over;
  • Lordstown, Ohio back in the news;
  • So, you're "optimistic" about the that a good thing?
  • Putting ear plugs on smart speakers;
  • And the favorite airline is....

Those stories plus we go Out to Lunch with our guest Brad Anderson from AARP-Iowa. But before we settle in to order we always do "Quick Bites" three questions for our guest. Let's see how Brad does: To hear that segment click here. 

Out to Lunch is a weekly segment where I get to take a thought leader Out to Lunch and you get to listen in on our business conversation. Click through to learn more about Brad, his passion about public service, the new programs being rolled out and how they will impact every family...not just AARP members. Enjoy. To listen in click here. 

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Out to Lunch with Brad Anderson of AARP-Iowa

Each week I get to take a thought leader "Out to Lunch" and we talk business. The only difference is that YOU get to listen in. Today I'm Out to Lunch with Brad Anderson the State Director for AARP-Iowa. Now, before you figure there is nothing here for you...hang on. Brad has information about a number of programs that will touch each member of your family and, you'll also get to learn about him, his "dream job" and more. Click ahead and listen in as we go Out to Lunch with Brad Anderson at our host location, Trostel's Dish

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The Business News Headlines 24 May 2019

Welcome to the Friday Edition of the Business News Hour. Today, because it's Friday and we know where your head it at...sort of...we've got some interesting features we're sharing:

  • McDonald's and Politics;
  • The Harriet Tubman $20 bill? Don't count on it;
  • Technology, China and Trade;
  • Reparations - A history of a struggling nation;
  • Harley Davidson take a gamble.

Those stories and, because it's Friday we've got Jeff Pitts the managing editor of Cityview Magazine with Stuff to DO in the DSMUSA Metro this weekend into next. Enjoy that fun stuff here.

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The Business News Headlines 22 May 2019

It's the "Vacation Edition" of the Business News Headlines. Today as stocks struggle with trade concerns we've got these stories:

  • Department stores struggle and their stocks fade;
  • While some retailers sink Target gets a bump up;
  • Lowe's disappoints but Home Depot...nope;
  • Good news for Apple computer fans;
  • Want a Tesla? New pricing;
  • Just in case you've run out of stuff to worry about we've got a looming story;
  • Want extra time to do the SAT? Move to a more affluent school.

Those stories plus an amazing conversation with author and 2020 presidential hopeful Marianne Williamson. We talk about economics, families, working folks, the system and so much more. And, at no time did it seem like she had to talk...politically. Very interesting and to hear right here

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