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THe Business News Headlines 12 February 2019

The word "hope" helped Wall Street bounce up. Now the test will be if that hope is realized. Here are the top business news stories from today:

  • Hope and Wall Street;
  • The IRS and the Partial Government Shutdown;
  • Bill Gates has no problem with the wealthy paying more;
  • Prices at Whole Foods are going up;
  • Katy Parry shoes pulled. Why? Concerns of "blackface";
  • Amazon may be going to NYC after all;
  • Wall Street and the Numbers.

Those stories plus a conversation about communication with Wayne Bruns of Tero International. Did you know that the first step in effective communication can be "active listening"? To hear that conversation click here.

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The Business News Headlines 8 February 2019

It was sort of a "Meh" day on Wall Street. Why?  We'll share that with you in today's edition of the Business News Headlines that include:

  • Is Amazon pulling out of New York City?
  • Wells Fargo another day of woes;
  • Wisconsin based Shopko to close hundreds of stores;
  • Finland and the Universal Basic Income report;
  • What happened on Wall Street and why.

Also, that list of store closings for Shopko is right here.

In addition we're talking with Del Marion from the ZTL Foundation about the upcoming Black & Gold Ball that happens next Saturday. To hear that conversation click here.

And, because it is Friday, Jeff Pitts from Cityview Magazine is with us to chat up Stuff to DO in the Metro this weekend into next week. We've got sports, home shows, RV's and the arts... Here is that conversation.

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The Business News Headlines 7 February 2019

The business news headlines of the day deals with what happened and why on Wall Street, notes about the economy and stories of basic interest for people who are interested in what business is or is not doing. On tap today:

  • The meeting between President Trump and President Xi Jinping off;
  • That sent shock waves through Wall Street;
  • Twitter, for the first time, tells us how many daily users they have;
  • Wells Fargo customers not happy, for the second time in a week;
  • A growing slug of renter are....
  • Sears has been sold which could save 45,000 jobs;
  • What happened today on Wall Street and why.

Those stories plus today we're talking with Dr. Mark Finkelstein the director of the Jewish Community Relations Commission of Iowa about the troubling rise in hate groups and in particular anti-semitic groups. What is the cause and what can you do about it. To hear that conversation click here

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The Business News Headlines 28 January 2019

Each weekday we check out the top business news stories and share those with you along with our long-form business interviews. Today we've got these stories on tap:

  • Eleven billion dollars means...what?
  • The markets opened lower and stayed that way we'll share why;
  • Apple products being made in the U.S. - We have an issue says the NYT...screws;
  • The Sears deal ain't over;
  • Medical Bills and GoFundMe a shocking story of health care in America;
  • Facebook getting tough with disinformation;
  • What happened and why on Wall Street.

Those stories and we'll sit down with Georgia VanGundy the CEO of the Iowa Business Council and talk about how Iowa competes nationally in five very important areas. It's an economic report really worth hearing. To do that just click here

And, because it's Monday Laura Kinnard from Drake University and DMBixMixer is in the house talking about upcoming business education and networking events in the Greater Des Moines Metro. Click here to listen.

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The Business News Headlines 16 January 2019

Welcome to the Business News Hour coming to you today from beautiful, and warm, Mobile, Alabama.  In the news headlines today:

  • Big Banks Big Profits;
  • Sears will remain open...for now;
  • Netflix boosted their prices but know will happen again;
  • The number is 29 and it has to do with women;
  • Ford sees some dark days ahead;
  • The housing market hit a wall in December;
  • Those stories the real retirement of a DSM CEO and Wall Street.

Also today we'll shine our Small Business Spotlight on the Quill & Nib located in the Historic Valley Junction of West Des Moines. It's all high quality and owner Rob Beers also makes pens for discerning individuals. Oh, and the reason he started the business years ago?  It was on a...dare.  To hear that conversation click here.

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The Business News Headlines 8 January 2019

It's the business news headlines for Tuesday the 8th of January, thanks so much for coming by. Just a click away you'll learn more about....

  • Three days in a row? Are we catching a trend with the Dow?
  • Apple is trying to woo customers with an attractive trade in program;
  • Sears catches a break from the judge;
  • Meanwhile nearly 68,000 Sears employees are looking for some protection;
  • Day 18 of the Government Shutdown a look at the SBA and the IRS;
  • Wall Street had a good day and we'll give you the details in our Wall Street Report.

Those stories plus a conversation with Georgia Van Gundy the Executive Director of the Iowa Business Council. The IBC is made up of the largest employers in the state. So, what's on their minds as we enter into a new year?  We've got that answer plus a bunch more. Georgia Van Gundy for The Interview. To hear that conversation click here

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The Business News Headlines 4 December 2018

It was a shocking day on Wall Street as the Dow tanked by nearly 800 points. What's going on?  We've got that story along with some others that will have an impact on business:

  • The ingredients are all here for a slowdown;
  • Over 500 people lost their home due to a Wells Fargo...glitch;
  • Thompson Reuters to cut up to 3,200 jobs;
  • Big business is about to enter the pot market. So long Mom & Pop growers;
  • China says they will curb the export of Fentanyl but a U.S. company has their own trouble;
  • Slow economic growth is happening all across the globe. Why Trade wars;
  • What happened today and why on Wall Street

Those stories PLUS a Marketing Tip for small to mid-size businesses. I call this "The Wrong Messenger". That's all just a click away...

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The Business News Headlines 15 November 2018

The markets snapped a five day losing streak today on the hope that there might be some headway in the trade talks between the United States and China.  In other business news:

  • A housing trend that we bet you knew nothing about but it is surging;
  • Sen. Bernie Sanders and his bill to force Walmart to pay $15 an hour;
  • Wells Fargo to cut 1,000 workers many in Des Moines, Iowa;
  • Tesla cuts the price of their home solar units;
  • What happened and why on Wall Street.

Those stories plus a conversation about the health of the rural economy and healthcare. Dr. Keith Mueller from the University of Iowa joins us for the ups and downs of the rural economy and why healthcare plays such an important part.

Then we're talking about another health care issue facing Iowa and many other states. Dr. Thomas Gruca joins us to talk about a new study about Physicians Assistants and their contribution to the current health care delivery model. He's from the University of Iowa Tippie School of Business and what he'll share may shock and surprise you.

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Business News Headlines 13 November 2018

Another volatile day on Wall Street as the Blue Chips rose by 100 points only to fall 200 points from their session's what we have on tap for you today:

  • Amazon made it official NYC and Arlington, VA - Not everybody is happy;
  • Americans are finding it harder and harder to get ahead...we'll tell that tale;
  • Six weeks ago oil prices were climbing today oil lost yet again we'll share why;
  • What happens when you don't embrace technology? Ask Burger King;
  • Nationwide Insurance to lay off 1,100 employees;
  • What happened today on Wall Street and why? We've got the numbers.

Those stories and a conversation about Davita Kidney Care which just opened another facility this time in Windsor Heights, Iowa. We'll talk about what the firm does, why it's expanding at a rapid rate and more about your...kidneys.  

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The Business News Headlines for 6 November 2018

It's the Election Day Edition of the Business News Hour...mostly politics free. Today we've got these stories waiting for you:

  • Hundreds lose their homes due to a "glitch" and Wells Fargo says they are, "sorry";
  • The votes are in and the best online grocer is...
  • Add one less flight attendant on United Airlines to your list of why you love traveling;
  • Papa John's is having trouble winning back customers;
  • Some big news out of little Jefferson, Iowa;
  • The markets did....what today?  We'll share.

Plus were going to talk about your voice and some tips from Wayne Bruns of Tero International about what to do to enhance your verbal communication skills and why that is so important.  Wayne Bruns is in for The Interview.

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